I am invested in this project. It has a great location and the developer Splendor is quite active in the area, but this particular site has not seen any action so far. Looking for some light on this project by senior members and others in the know. Thanks in advance and wishing everybody A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013
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  • I don't know about that project but I know company is not that great. They have collected money for "Splendor Galleria Sec-83, Gurgaon" in 2009 and now they are telling they can't launch the project
  • Lack of Information leads to bad decisions

    Thank you bringing this information to the public domain. Better late than never. Otherwise, the developer looks reasonable, what with some completed and very visible projects.

    If I had this information, I would have given the developer a wise berth, what with the plethora of options available anytime.

    One generally looks for information online because that is the generally a relatively reliable forum, because of the wide base of respondents, otherwise, the information is just coming from biased sources.
  • Finally some action on project site

    The Projects has a phrase following the name now - Splendor Epitome - Work 'n' Stay.

    Cheers, the developer seems to have finally woken up on this project and cleared the site of all wild growth. The old hoardings have been torn down and a few new ones have come up. The site is all cleaned up and some technical people have been coming regularly for soil and level survey work. It is the normal precursor for excavation, so that the contractor knows exactly the dimensions and levels for excavation.

    Let us hope they go full steam ahead ahead now.
  • Latest on Splendor Epitome

    I am in touch with their office and marketing team for last 20 months. They have been giving assurances that they are launching this project next month.
    Can someone from the forum or officials of the company give a firm date.
    pkkhokher .... Do you have any additional information.
  • Dear all, Any updates on this particular project ? I had invested in 2006 but there was no movement for a long time. Digging activity has been taking place at the site over the past couple of months. How is the builder and what are the views on this project ? Some listings on 99acres have come up.
  • All, would request your views on the builder/ project potential etc. Have invested in this, hence the concern.
  • Some News

    Dear All,

    The site is now dug up roughly for the last 6-7 months. No further action since then.

    Subsequently, I have heard from reliable sources that a group of investors had gone to meet the developer at their office, a certain Mr. Bhatia, and enquired in very clear terms about the future of the project. Everyone was assured that the delay was only due to procedural matters and construction work on site would definitely start in November. If nothing happens, the group, which is now much bigger, is planning to again go & meet the developer for a final solution.

    Let us hope work begins on the site this month and everybody is avoided further hardships
  • New Year but nothing new so far

    Hi all.........

    The site has seen no real work but have seen some personnel on site doing final excavation, the type done at sites just before construction starts, but knowing the past track record, hardly any consolation. Till we have the site being occupied by the contractor with men, material and equipment flowing, we cannot term it as start of work.

    But, as the contractor is the same as on their other project, which is on the verge of completion, we can hope that was the only reason for the project to have been held up.