Let's put our thoughts at various arbitrage options available for end users/investors. I believe users can gain a lot by putting in money to locations/projects which do have room for appreciation compared to their peers.

1. SPR compared to Sohna/GCX: With Sohna road residential prices in range of 8500+ and GCX also commanding good value, its only one road that separates GCX and Sohna to SPR. Once created, the current difference may fade away. At SPR, there are properties from Tulip, Unitech, Tata, Todays etc which are quite cheaper than their peers at Sohna/GCX. Pricing point of view, projects which were launched 2-3 years ago may be available in 5000+ prices and increase depending on location and specifications offered. Even if there is a match of pricing in next 3 years, these projects may command 10k levels or so (Am I being too optimist?)

2. Sector 103 vs Sector 104: Sector 104 is commanding 6000 and more whereas location of 103 is far much better with an existing connectivity option available. I guess the main price difference reason is that projects in 103 were launched earlier which created a benchmark of pricing. However with construction happening in various projects, the difference may recede. Currently projects are available at 3900 and above in sector 103. Various builders like Sidhartha, Era, Spire, Ansal etc have projects in this area.

Please feel free to add more to the list..
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