I am caught up in the Unitech racket and awaiting possession for a flat. Tricky bit is that I was given the possession letter about a year and a half back saying I will get possession in 45 days.

However, because of builder walk-outs and what nots, I still have not received possession because finishing is not completed.

How can I prove that the apartment is not ready for possession and the delays are not on my part?

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  • Dude, assuming what you are saying is correct, and thats a big assumption, get photographs of your tower with a current date newspaper showing the date- and send a legal notice to the company with those photos. Btw, which project, which tower - somehow get a sense that this is a bogus post.
  • May be bogus post..but I don't think unitech has delivered recently in past 1/1.5 years....valtyx - which project are you referring?
  • I personally can't recall any project where Unitech has dispatched possesion letters but have not given possesion for an year and half in recent past. Please let us know the project you are talking about.
  • Sorry guys this is not a bogus post. The property in question is Unitech Habitat in G Noida. Wasn't able to check back earlier.

    Posted here as a higher probability of response in Gurgaon forum.
  • Hi all,

    Please note that there is already a thread running Unitech Developers here https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/ncr-real-estate/gurgaon-real-estate/34771-unitech-developers-gurgaon?t=36559
    We prefer not to have parallel threads running on the same topic as this dilutes the information shared. Request you all to repost your comments on the above posted link.

    Thank you