This particular project is foresighted and planned on upcoming Dwarka-Gurgaon-expressway which might be operational by 2012 and Delhi metro extension along with the expressway. As per the location it seems to be a very well located and well planned.

Looking at the prices being offered it is a bit at premium but still I hope it will be liveable by the end of 2011 while express-way and metro will be under construction.

I am sure, but is Raheja offer a good credibility and timely completion record.

What is your view for the same ??
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  • Hi Webcheetah. I also saw their big ad. Location seems good. Pricing seems high - further on same corridor, much cheaper projects are coming up. So rental values may not be good going ahead.

    Raheja should be good for quality of construction and premium finishings - can be good for self occupation.

    Sizes offerred seemed small for the price
  • Forgot to mention - metro will come only by 2015. We are paying premium price upfront - amenities will come only in the long run.

    I am also shortlisting this project as a good one.
  • Hiii

    Rahejas have delivered 4-5 residential projects in Gurgaon- Sohna- Manesar belt along with some commercial projects. The credentials are pretty good,location is going to be an asset after 4-5 years. Delhi metro may still be far off both in terms of time and distance. They are demanding a steep price. Better wait and watch!!As regards SP doing the civil work for Shilas...let me check up...
  • Shilas

    Well I am also looking at this project for one 3 BR unit. When you add all up, the price goes to 40 lacs. Is it not a little pricy?
    Is it a must to deal with the Broker?
    What is the buzz in the market about the per sq foot rate as of today?
    Are these rates negotiable?
  • Price definitely seems to be on higher side !!

    Visited the site on Saturday and found the site to be a agricultural and uneven land currently. For it might not a be a preposition uptill 2-3 year atleast till the express highway or some good road comes up.
  • Good input

    Thanks for visiting site and sharing it here
  • When is the northers peripheral road (Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway) slated for completion?
  • Completion has been differed by 2 years.
  • Activity on Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway construction has started near Basai Road - saw it with my own eyes. What is the progress at the Dwarka end and near palam vihar?
  • Not all Raheja properties are premium...its important to know this we have been extensively researching Gurgaon and have talked to several brokers and residents. Raheja Shilas is infact a mid segment property as compared to raheja Atlantis . Infact in Atlantis itself they have two types of towers , one which is selling at around 1.7cr for 2311 sqft and another which is selling at 1.2cr for the same area but these are in the other towers which are not considered premium. The difference among the two is the finishing, flooring etc . In between all this we also understood that withing atlantis there are flats that are under a society and in this case you pay lesser maintenance charges and you donot get full power back up. So pls dont invest merely on the name ...infact we were told that Shilas etc will not take off for another 2-3 yrs atleast and the quality of construction isnot likely to be great .

    Same with vatica , the first phase took 7 yrs to complete , we went there to see an apartment , we couldnt believe the seepage , fungus had grown on the walls , so you can imagine what quality it is .

    You need to be careful about builder floors I read on a website that HUDA doesnt allow these type of floors although I couldnt understand the full gist of it , i am wary of builder floors . Pls DONOT believe brokers completely and try to talk to several people before making a final decision.
  • Good points, Stars.

    Floors were recently made legal, but I dont recommend them, quality is suspect and no amenities of a condo in a row house.
  • Any update on raheja shilas????
  • Hi All,
    Pls advice some good property , i have budget of 75 Lacs and looking for 3 BHK and can wait three year possesion.
  • People believed that Dwarka Expressway would be there by 2012 and metro by 2015.

    The word "PROPOSED" is the most dangerous word in Indian RE
  • Originally Posted by manu
    People believed that Dwarka Expressway would be there by 2012 and metro by 2015.

    The word "PROPOSED" is the most dangerous word in Indian RE


    Faith and belief can move mountains.. See now the projection for "PROPOSED" date will be comfortably be moved to a future date:)

    Regarding metro, ph 4 will kick off by 2016 and take a couple of years for execution, hopefully dway will be included. Nothing heard from DMRC or the PPP from Haryana govt.