A lot of companies are advertising for property citing nearness to Dwarka expressway corridor.

Shilas, Indiabulls Centrum Park and Ramprastha Edge Tower come to mind.

Does anybody have news on when this construction will start and when it is likely to finish? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?
Date of completion and start of operation will be vital news for evaluating the pricing of flats sold in this corridor.

Last I heard was that a few houses in Palam Vihar were slated for demolition for this expressway in May June 09 or thereabouts.
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  • 1. the Fore most question ---- Are we all sure whether this craze for infrastructure development in NCR would still contiune after the CWG 2010 .

    This is the time taken for any Express Highway project per the latest from NHAI

    2. 48 month is the time frame for the completion of the project from the date of award of Contract .Add a delay for 6 to 18 month in this .
    3. Bidding and Contract awarding takes nearly 6-12 month after the land acquistion has been completed by the Development authoritiese .

    Some hard facts

    KMP(Kundli , Manesar and Palwal ) (137 KM) - Western periphery of Delhi was started in 2004 but is going to get open to public only by feb , March 2010.

    The work on Eastern Corridor (from Kundli , bagpat , Gazhaibad , Noida and Faridabad towards Palwal ) has not merely started and will not be completed before 2013-2014 .
  • Gaurav, do you mean that this Dwarka Gurgaon expressway is also going to be delayed? Do you have specific information?

    Makes a lot of difference to Shilas - They are selling very big sized properties at a reasonable psf rate - total cost of flat is quite high.

    If this expressway doesnt come, Shilas is junk.
  • Activity on Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway construction has started near Basai Road - saw it with my own eyes. What is the progress at the Dwarka end and near palam vihar?
  • The expressway will come for sure, only issue is the time frame and central govt support. All govt infrastructure projects are more than 50% delayed.
  • Metro route from Dwarka to Gurgaon: Reality or Sapna

    what about the metro, will it be running parallel to the express highway?

    ........most of the developers USB along this area is proposed Metro route & proximity to express way.
  • The Western expressway will come for sure!! Only in 2011.
  • Thanks for the information guys.

    Any idea on whether the route of the expressway is same or has been changed?

    Tentative time of completion is 2011??
  • The metro is coming later, only by 2015 or so. It will run parallel to the expressway. It will surely come.
  • No significant change in route of the expressway as far as I know. Check out the Ramprastha web site which has posted pictures of the expressway being built near Basai Road - I have observed the construction myself
  • Thanks for the information again.

    Do you think that Rahejas projects like Vedaanta, Atharva n Shilas will be liveable in next couple of years?
  • I dont think delivery will take place till 2012. By then road at least will be in place and it will become slowly livable.
  • I am also expecting them to deliver the project by early 2012, but still not sure whether the expressway work has started or not. If the expressway gets functional than things can improve fast.
  • Have you booked in this project? If so, next time you visit the area around palam vihar, try to see whether there is any progress that side on the expressway.
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  • I don't stay in NCR so not sure when I will be visiting the site. Whenever I go next will try to get some info.
  • Hello, I have searched Metro site but there is no mention of the above mentioned route anywhere. Yet I see this in all builder brochures... Can someone point me to some govt site that talks about this metro line?