A lot of companies are advertising for property citing nearness to Dwarka expressway corridor.

Shilas, Indiabulls Centrum Park and Ramprastha Edge Tower come to mind.

Does anybody have news on when this construction will start and when it is likely to finish? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?
Date of completion and start of operation will be vital news for evaluating the pricing of flats sold in this corridor.

Last I heard was that a few houses in Palam Vihar were slated for demolition for this expressway in May June 09 or thereabouts.
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  • Originally Posted by Bala2107
    How bad and factually incorrect reporting. God save people who read these and base their decisions on. One report says that NPR meets NH8 at IFFCO Chowk. The other report says that alternate plots have been allotted the compensation has already been paid recently. Whereas the allotment is still stuck due to HUDA goof-up and our dragging legal system. The third report says that a solution to Delhi side NPR is found whereas the first one says that the problem is serious as landowners are asking for 1000 crores in compensation which is impossible for the govt to pay.

    With such careless reporting what do we do. Except to believe only when things happen and materialize in front of our eyes. It's a bleak future for Indian journalism.

    Bala ji,

    Agree with you very hard to trust any news till we see progress with own eyes.

    Gov looks serious to resolve this issue, some kind of deals must be going on behind the doors.
  • 2015 close to an End.
    What can we expect in 2016?
  • Originally Posted by manuvihaan
    What makes u say next year end ? Some concrete info ??

    Its my estimation based on the information available, my earlier estimate of June 2016 could also supposed to be proven correct if sector 110a settlement doesnt took uturn.
  • There are some NEWS on Delhi side discussion as well.. Again those NEWS were/are/will be popping up at regular intervals..But end of the day, something is better than nothing..
  • Sobha launched their new project in Sec 108... 7995 psf.. Received txt from one of the Prop Dealer.. Don't have specs and rest of the details.. Please share if you have more details around that project..
  • Check out Brisk Lumbini 4700-5200 PSF (Sector 109) or Indiabulls Centrum Park 3800-4200 PSF (Sector 106)
  • For the investors / endusers at DEW TOMORROW i.e 22 NOV SUNDAY a few of us are meeting AT 10 AM Sector 109 (intersection of 60 m sector road nd 24 m rd ).your presence for this meeting is going to help support the cause - push for NPR development.. high level agenda will be 1) focus on existing roadblocks, 2) our options to push speedy development of NPR/DEW, 3 ) functioning of this association/group.. Your participation is going to help support all of us including you.. so please try to join if u r in town and available..confirm ur availability.looking forward to meet...

    Spread the Message. Everyone who's already shifted in DEW properties should join in.
  • to keep people happy


    Good luck guys in the meet ..Hopefully you can make a difference and I wish you well ...but I still think 2019

    it is 2019 the next step .

    Plus one way its good as its better to live somewhere when the infrastructure has been developed so I can understand why builders are stuck and I sympathise with quite a few of their issues as well as the issues of Government . I find this keeps me hopeful for a better tomorrow

    I maybe proved wrong regarding 2019 -- but : with the current A Kejriwal and AAP fiasco in Delhi , The Bihar debacle --just see how is health and irrigation minister let alone deputy CM . Seriously just which modern advanced country can hand on heart agree with the people in these posts --what credentials entitle them ?! . And I still haven't spoken about UP Bengal etc


    2019 --maybe then just maybe things will be different
  • Rohit1975;

    How is what you have said relevant?

    Besides the fact that it is plagiarized


    The Source of Economic Success in the 21st Century - Fair Observer

    I suggest that we stay focused
  • Agreed with Bala2107; Indian journalism is equally bad as many Indian politicians.
    A month back there was a news in TOI about 1.5 KM of DEW disconnect between Delhi and Gurgaon
    However instead of showing correct location a map was attached and the location was shown between Rajokari flyover to Uppal Orchid Hotel (a narrow lane via Peer)
  • Kharish 655 Dude ..I am glad you have an opinion , its good to see . After all we live In India --still a free society unlike a few countries we can name . For you :

    I will take it on board for the future . Thank you for pointing it out

    However ::

    I do like to have the facts in front of me ..not in multiple places ...you know -ring a bell by any chance --ever tried getting things done in India for the average person not gifted with "sifarish , paisa , reservation, daddy mummy is a politician etc " ..its like running like a headless muppet -about to multiple offices multiple people when one place can do it all ..Its annoying frustrating pointless .... and I imagine this ethos runs all the way up to the top

    I will stuck to the point ...have a good meet tomorrow ,

    For what its worth I am glad I have never met you as a person ,I can only imagine you must be such a wonderful colleague to work with in a team .May you have an interesting life

    But lets stay focused , Let wait to see what develops

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Just for you Kharish655 :::::::::that above is a quote from Abraham Lincoln...and .just incase quoted from here:: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/12/11/cannot-fool/ -------

  • Rohit1975;

    Actually, you are right. I am a good colleague to work with.

    I cut through the crap pretty quick and come to a point. For a result driven organisation, it is an asset :-)

  • I am not passing ay predictions here, but my gut feel is if thing go well (which is a big caveat) NPV connection may be resolved within 2016 and Basai ROB will also be done during the same time frame. that makes NPR a single connected raod from delhi border upto 200 mts of NH8. Alternate connectivities are/will be in place to join NH8 and if DEW becomes a contiguous strech of 18 kms. it will be impossible to stop the NH8 connectivity. govt. will be under major pressure to resolve the issue and courts will only expedite resolution of any roadblocks. (literally).
    Cookie;, So in my opinion 2016 holds promise for the DEW. The following can be expected to be resolved in 2016 :

    1) NPV connection,
    2) Basai connection
    3) alternate conenctivity to Delhi / KD (these exist already, but will be more developed and sound)
    4) Metro line expansion from Dwarka to Iffco Chowk, almost touching DEW via Palam Vihar. DPR may be finalised with a compromise between Haryana/DMRC.
    5) atleast 1 or 2 more flyovers in the DW region (Bajghera road) and 102/104 sector crossings.
    6) atleast 7-8 major projects will be close to offering possession in sectors 111-106.

    some of these projects may only commence work, as they are 2-3 year projects, but a tender for construction is a good enough signal for the development of the region.

    It may be true that by 2018-2019 DEW will be in a better position with much better infra, habitation and civic facilities, as most of the current projects will see people having move in.
  • This article is copy from Dew whatsup group.

    Centre announces ₹3,250-cr package for Delhi
    Updated: November 22, 2015 17:41 IST | Our Bureau

    In a bid to ease mobility in the Capital, Union Minister of Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday announced special assistance of ₹3,250 crore for decongestion of roads and development of Delhi.

    Delhi Government will be provided with ₹1,500 crore, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) with ₹1,665 crore and North Municipal Corporation of Delhi with ₹85 crore for executing various projects, a statement from the Ministry of Urban Development said.

    “The Delhi Government will be supported for addressing different choking points through improvement of road geometry and construction of under passes and flyovers to enable traffic decongestion. Delhi Government will prioritise projects in consultation with Delhi Police, Municipal bodies and PWD,” Naidu said.

    DDA will take up construction of 1-km-long rail under bridge at Holambi and 1.4-km-long rail over bridge at Mundka, on Eastern Urban Road-I at a cost of ₹615 crore, the statement said.

    Apart from this, the authority will also construct 860-m-long rail over bridge at Narela on Urban Eastern Road-I for decongesting Outer Ring Road at a cost of ₹400 crore; 1.50-km-long tunnel near Bhagya Vihar and Meer Vihar on Urban Eastern Road-II at a cost of ₹300 crore which helps in decongesting Outer Ring Road; and complete the 3.50-km stretch of Dwarka Expressway between Urban Eastern Road-II and Northern Peripheral Road.

    North MCD will be provided with ₹85 crore to complete balance work of construction of Grade Separator at Rani Jhansi Road that will reduce travel time from Karol Bagh to North Delhi by about 50 minutes, the statement added.

    Naidu also announced sanction of ₹96.70 crore to Delhi Government for taking up Swachh Delhi works through Municipal Bodies and handed over a cheque to Delhi Government.