A lot of companies are advertising for property citing nearness to Dwarka expressway corridor.

Shilas, Indiabulls Centrum Park and Ramprastha Edge Tower come to mind.

Does anybody have news on when this construction will start and when it is likely to finish? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?
Date of completion and start of operation will be vital news for evaluating the pricing of flats sold in this corridor.

Last I heard was that a few houses in Palam Vihar were slated for demolition for this expressway in May June 09 or thereabouts.
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  • I am told Experion Windchants, a luxury complex, is available at similar price in secondary market. Structure complete and possession likely to start in 12 months time. You may want to look at that.
  • Gents...K'ly KIV that the area has to support itself, which will take time..Also as highlighted earlier on this thread..its close to Dwarka and not Delhi..which holds no commercial value.......End users will take time to move in..Pls keep that in mind, why near launch rates are still available in secondary market for projects even close to possession..

    Rates r not running anywhere..So pls due ur due diligence carefully...Area will surely come as many expects it to be....Dnt buy just because your neighbor is buying.!
  • Arzoo --You are right Borther/Sister from another Mother as they say --Google translate it actually translates Hindi ! Kind of takes the satisfaction out of learning but I am all for progress ..you know Iphone Apple Liposuction etc

    Seriously dude thanks for that ..will use in the future
  • Originally Posted by Khalsa
    Dude, so now you don't have to wait till 2019.

    Also Dude in which project you have invested,if you don't mind to share.


    Hey Dude ha Yes yes I sincerely Hope You are correct ..ghee shaker moo mein and all

    On a practical note I guess it would be nice to have infrastructure ready by then too but that wishful thinking , crawl before walk before run mantra as its said

    I hope my project actually gets built properly and I can wait a little provided no one "cuts" corners and provides a substandard product just to give it by some deadline to avoid penalties
    The project allegedly has good people ..not modelesque pretty beautiful ones ..the brochures do though.....but good people you know . I just hope the Company holds up their end of the contract and are true to what they sold me and multiple others

    Until 2017 it is .....well if you will allow me I will keep 2019 in my back pocket ..Just gives me a little comfort zone
    Hope you keep well

  • Originally Posted by Bala2107
    Rohit1975; Khalsaji has a point, in India, nothing gets fully ready before people start using it. Its just the way this country has worked, I expected things to change, but changes takes time.

    If DEW opens up even partly in a few months, it will give great impetus to finish the rest, and bring a sense of imminence and urgency to it. I have seen almost all big roads in Delhi going through this sort of a phase. Rind Road, outer ring road, GT Karnal Road, MG Road, NH24 etc. there had been numerous impediments and bottlenecks, which were cured from time to time. Even today these roads are constantly in the making in some way or the other. Ask a resident of Lajpat Nagar, if he has seen Ring road without construction in the last 15 years... Look at NH8 for eg. its been constantly under construction, widening etc. even to date. There are still legal hassles in underpasses, petrol pumps in the way of flyovers etc. etc. but that doesnt matter. there is connectivity albeith with diversions or narrower stretches.

    you may be right that 2018-19 may be the right time to see the DEW fully developed with all the civic amenities, flyovers etc. but the recent development have proved the resolve of the government to make it happen and if the government is REALLY committed then nothing is impossible.

    In India we take the proverb too seriously - "basti yunhi basti nahin,.. baste, baste, basti hai" - for the benefit of non-hindi speakers - "settlements dont happen in a day, by settling and settling it settles. - the kind of "Rome was not built in a day"... types.

    Well Mr Bala2107 --hows life treating you Dude ..Going strong I read ,Keep it up

    Fingers crossed --it all Pans out for the best -I was hoping New India New Gurgaon New Indians Young Dynamic Go Getters Innovative ..you know the Types who develop and build .and are smarter clever and more modern in their outlook and approach ..just look at some of the Top people in the World and I am not blowing My Own Country folks and brethren its just true

    -so was hoping it would be different to the Chalta hai attitude and Aaj ka Kaam kal karo Kal Ka Kaam parson itna jaldi bhi kya hai agar jeena hai bahrason of yesteryears thought process

    Well let see maybe 2017 could be ---but as mentioned to the Good Khalsa I will still just keep 2019 as a comfort zone

  • 4000 PSF mein to L Zone milega shayad!
  • Govt plans to take over kherki daula toll plaza in 3 months......article in Hindustan Times Gurgaon edition......
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  • Trump eyes super luxury realty projects in India
    MUMBAI: Donald Trump may have issued a flurry of protectionist statements but the real estate tycoon and front runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States is eyeing growth in his business in India.
    His son and Trump Organization's Executive Vice-President Donald Trump Jr told ET that the brand has never been stronger in terms of work and expansion plans.

    Read more at:
    Trump eyes super luxury realty projects in India - Times of India

    I do not know if they will invest in NRR/ GGN? if this happen then definitely good for all of us...

    Let see
  • Trump doesn't invest his money, they just lend their brand name like Michael Schumacher/Maria Sharpova in existing gurgaon project.

    "The brand Trump will lend its brand name and technical expertise to the project in lieu of a revenue sharing. Trump will not hold any equity in the project. Company officials did not share the revenue sharing details for the project. "

    Panchshil launches 1st Trump brand project

    Marking Trump brand’s entry into the Indian real estate space, Pune-based developer Panchshil announced the launch of India’s first Trump branded residential project on Tuesday. Panchshil would develop the residential project under the brand name Trump Towers at Kalyaninagar.

    The projects will be spread over a 2.5 acre site and will have 44 units across two towers of 22 storeys each. The total project cost is being touted at Rs275 crore and Panchshil is targeting total revenue of Rs450 crore to Rs475 crore. With apartments priced at upwards of Rs12 crore each, the company is confident of completing sales in a year

    Read more at:
    Panchshil launches 1st Trump brand project | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
  • Any buyers from ATS tourmaline? Can some one suggest if ATS tourmaline is good investment? Thx
  • The shifting of Padmini Factory is in progress. Attached is Court's Interim Order.

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  • Want to see thinks happening practical in ground.Enough all this Newspaper noise.
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