A lot of companies are advertising for property citing nearness to Dwarka expressway corridor.

Shilas, Indiabulls Centrum Park and Ramprastha Edge Tower come to mind.

Does anybody have news on when this construction will start and when it is likely to finish? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?
Date of completion and start of operation will be vital news for evaluating the pricing of flats sold in this corridor.

Last I heard was that a few houses in Palam Vihar were slated for demolition for this expressway in May June 09 or thereabouts.
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  • Hi niknit, I am also referring here to the same project. I am also invested in Satya Hermitage. But this issue of charging excess amount on account of increase Super Area.is quite ambiguous and almost all builders practice this trick.

    Any inputs from real estate experts are welcome.
  • Also there could be a possible issue of over charging of EDC based on the super area. EDC is supposed to be a flow through for the developers. They should be charging EDC that they are paying to TCP Haryana. EDC is supposed be calculated on 1.75 FAR i.e. roughly 76,000 sq ft per acre. EDC paid should be divided by this figure to arrive at the EDC to be charged per sq ft. However, if the EDC is charged on super area, then the developer is over charging
    • ashok19841 years ago
      Hi Sir. I just want to convey that as per my information EDC will have to be charged on super area because other than the carpet area of the flat, every flat holder also has pro rata based undivided ownership in land beneath the building so edc will have to be charged upon super area only. Correct me if i have missed out on something.
  • Hi hitesh 1975! Can you pm me your number so that I can get in touch with you.I have discussed number of issues with the builder.I have even filed a RTI to Director journal town planning chandigarh asking for drawings with increased super area and the initial drawings with wich the project was launched so that I can arive at increased super area.also extra EDC has been charged by the builder.Indiabulls have reduced there EDC and IDC charhed.VAT is another issue..we all must get together and fight against this builder.
  • Hi @niknit , are you a member of the whatsapp group for Satya Hermitage. I am a member in that group. We all have similar issues and trying to fight builder.
  • I hv been trying to be the member of whats up group for the same project.I hv even pmd my number to jainneetaj.kindly add me in the group.I am forwarding you my number in whats up group.together we can put a lot of pressure on builder.
  • Hi hitesh1975! Hv pmd you my number.
  • Thanks @niknit , I have got your message and will surely forward your number to group admin.
  • Thanks hitesh1975.:)
  • 31st July to October 30th all drama unfolded :) bola tha mat phaso deway ke chakkar mai aub le lo khambha :D
    Happy Diwali to everyone who listened to me and save yourself from being diwaliya who did not :P
  • क्या किसी को बजघेरा फाटक का current status पता है? कहाँ तक पहुंचा?
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  • I am a buyer in Ansal sec 103 since 2014 for end use. The endless wait is not getting over and most of the discussions on the thread are heart breaking. I am amazed to see Ulti's connections that he brings in the negative news before getting published but never offers any positive views. On the other hand hats off to Khals ji who has been very positive. Nevertheless instead of moving in circles can we all plan something to help our common interest.We all can join together as a forum and file in a joint case in EOW/Consumer forum....

    Is there any common platform like whatapp /yahoo group where we all can stay connected......
    • Sgoel12341 years ago
      We have a whatsapp group for Ansal Highland Park.
  • Seniors, any update from the ground please?
  • Need advice from member about Vatika One express city project in sec 88B:

    Anybody have any knowledge of Vatika One express city project in sec 88B at DWAY. Company did some prelaunch booking in this project and infect unit number was also alloted. Now company is saying this project will be delay and they are forcing me to shift to any available project.

    They are proving me few options such as Vatika Seven Elements, Vatika Turning Point etc. But I don't like these projects.

    I am receiving calls from Customer care to shift to any other project since this project will be delayed and how much delay will be they are not telling. although they have called me so many times but i have not received any single communication in written about the delay. They are not saying any clearcut reason for delay.

    So does anyone known the exact reason for the delay in launching this project.

    Any member plz help me

  • Was coming from this area, so thought of taking a detour and take some pics for everyone to see the status of the ROB.

    Latest view of the ROB from the side of the factory...couldn't get across to take closeups of the work going on.

    Concretisation of the section across the railway tracks is in progress.

    As per the workers on this side of the ROB, they think that the ROB will be operational in about one and a half months.