A lot of companies are advertising for property citing nearness to Dwarka expressway corridor.

Shilas, Indiabulls Centrum Park and Ramprastha Edge Tower come to mind.

Does anybody have news on when this construction will start and when it is likely to finish? Has the contract been awarded and to whom?
Date of completion and start of operation will be vital news for evaluating the pricing of flats sold in this corridor.

Last I heard was that a few houses in Palam Vihar were slated for demolition for this expressway in May June 09 or thereabouts.
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  • Originally Posted by dilbag
    Dear Sir,
    Can you also through some light on the following link.
    Four flyovers to come up on Dwarka E-way - Hindustan Times
    as per this there were four flyovers which were supposed to come up on dwarka expressway, and no litigation on the proposed land of these flyovers ....what is causing the delay in this case or any update on the same.
    any body have any update when the residents of these area will get the relief from the jams on the railway fatak.........

    Claim is fake that there is no litigation on flyover land, the litigation is already at intersection of Daultabad and Bajghera Road intersection. The factory owners at Daultabad has not vacate their land so far and Bajghera road intersection the crucial litigation of NPV is still alive.

    And surprisingly now they are considering the releasing the tender of flyover, the road at both side of Daultabad intersection has already been constructed than what they do? Will the demolish first the road to make suitable distance for constructing ramp.

    What the foolish planning first construct road than demolish it for constructing flyovers.

    Further atleast 4-5 years must have to be considered for constructing these flyovers from the date of awarding the tender than anyone can assume what would be the fate of DEW?

    वाकई भगवान भला करे द्वारका एक्सप्रेसवे पर दाँव लगाने वालों का..

    सब ९९ का फैर हैं ......
  • good to know that Tenders for the flyover will be awarded very soon , I was under the impression that they are still in planning stage
  • Hi

    It would be a very good news if the ROB tender is allocated.. this would be the biggest achievement.

    hope they have finalised the design.. 4-5 years down the line east west connectivity will give respite to people suffering from jams at the fataks.

    With this we achieve 500 pages, 5000 replies, 610000 views, 3yrs 2months from start of thread:bab (6):

  • So far there is no solution of the existing HH crossing, I seriously doubt if these new flyover to DEW would even come. HH crossing is a mess during rainy season.

    Should be done something urgently for that.
  • Originally Posted by amit.bhalla
    good to know that Tenders for the flyover will be awarded very soon , I was under the impression that they are still in planning stage

    There is sequence of workflow for any infrastructure project like:

    (!)Tentative Proposal->(2)Feasibility report->(3)DPR->(4)land acquisition->(5)Tender award->(6)Construction->(7)Commissioning of project

    Now HUDA is trying to achieve the step 5 before completing the step 4, how it is possible when the land for constructing the 2 flyovers are not available.

    Again they are inviting another hurdle, if they would have envisaged these flyovers earlier than pattern of land has to be different from constructing simple road.

    Daultabad a single lane flyover took more than 5 years to construct and these flyovers shall be much wider (min 4 lane i believe) than how many years they required?

    DPR for this road was finalize in 2007 and after almost 5 years now they are awarding for tender.. really sucking **t..

    Sab 99 ka feir hain...
  • water pipeline tender awarded for sec 58 -115 by Huda

    The tender for laying waterpipeline has been awarded by Huda. This
    There is a intermediate pumping station in sector 72 also being created. excellent effort by Huda .

    Homeowners in upcoming sectors along the under-construction Northern Peripheral Road (NPR), also called the Dwarka Expressway, have a reason to cheer. The Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has awarded the contract to lay water pipelines along the link road.

    Work on the 30-kilometre-long project, which would cost about R176 crore, will commence anytime later this week, a senior Huda official said. A reputed Hyderabad-based private infrastructure firm, Sai Sudhir Limited, has bagged the contract. Through the pipeline, Huda has plans to connect Sectors 58-115 to the newly-developed Chandubhudera Water Treatment Plant.

    "A separate intermediate pumping station, in addition to the ones currently functioning at Sector 16 and 51, would be constructed at Sector 72 for distribution of treated water," said the Huda official.

    Construction work is expected to be complete in two years' time and about 66 mgd (million gallons daily) will supplied to the upcoming sectors.

    At present, one water supply plant at Basai has a capacity of about 60 mgd. In the next two years, Huda will supply 126 mgd from both plants in total.

    The new sectors (Sectors 58-115), which will an extension of the fast-growing Millennium City, currently lack all basic amenities such as roads, drainage, sewer connections and water supply lines.

    "People who have invested money in the area have faced disappointment for the past five years. Slow progress on Huda's part had led to delays," said a senior member of the national real estate developers' council (NAREDCO), adding that the water pipeline news is a breather.
  • 18 किलोमीटर है एनपीआर की कुल लंबाई14 किलोमीटर

    Dec 5, 2012, 08.00AM IST

    18 किलोमीटर है एनपीआर की कुल लंबाई
    14 किलोमीटर हिस्से का दिया गया है टेंडर
    150 मीटर चौड़ी होगी यह रोड
    25 मीटर चौड़ी रोड को हो रहा है निर्माण
    45 पर्सेंट काम ही किया जा चुका है पूरा
    4.8 करोड़ का लग सकता है कंपनियों पर जुर्माना

    पहली डेडलाइन

    31 मार्च 2012 थी
    दूसरी डेडलाइन

    30 सितंबर 2012
    तीसरी डेडलाइन

    31 दिसंबर 2012
    कहां से कहां तक बननी है रोड

    यह रोड दिल्ली के द्वारका से शुरू होकर एनएच 8 को खेड़कीदौला गांव के पास जोड़ती है।
    क्या होगा फायदा

    इसके बनने से गुड़गांव शहर के ट्रैफिक जाम पर काफी असर पड़़ेगा। दिल्ली का ट्रैफिक शहर के अंदर आने की बजाय एनपीआर से मानेसर या जयपुर की तरफ निकल जाएगा।

  • Originally Posted by amit.bhalla
    If you dont mind sharing , which airline do u work with ??
    I believe ur atleast a TRI or a TRE

    Tre, my friend thanx. Airline i'd rather not share as annomymity is good in this forum. You seem to know a bit about aviation. Any aerial info you want about the expressway just let me know. Cheers!
  • Looking to invest in Dwarka Expressway but wondering where to go? Sector 109 offers ample investment opportunities in several new projects with apartments in the price range of Rs 4,500-6,750 per sq ft. The locality is expected to provide high returns on investment as the prices have been appreciating at a fast pace.

    “The locality has witnessed an appreciation of almost 50 per cent in the last two years,” says Dipakk Vadhera, Director, Connexions Abroad, a city based realty firm. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, adds Vadhera.

    At present no ready-to-move-in projects are available in the locality due to lack of proper infrastructure. “Several projects are under construction in this area. However, possession is not expected till proper infrastructure is in place,” says Harsh Juneja, Director India Gold Properties. This has resulted in the locality developing as an investor destination with prices expected to hike when these projects near completion.

    Sector 109 also has an added advantage over the other sectors owing to the commercial belt in this region. This is expected to be up and running in another 3-4 years substantiating the residential development. If one remains invested till that period, high returns on investment can be expected.

    Some of the upcoming residential projects that are in demand in the sector include Raheja Shilas and Raheja Atharva by Raheja Builders, The Paradiso by Chintels Group and ATS Kockoon by ATS Developers among others. These projects offer 3, 4 and 5BHK units in the price range of Rs 4,350-6,000 per sq ft. The sizes of these units vary from 1300-4000 sq ft.

    As per the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) the expressway is tentatively expected to open for public by September 2014. “In the next two years the locality is expected to witness an appreciation of 50-60 per cent in the capital values of apartments,” informs Vadhera. It is thus, an ideal time to invest in this area as the prices are expected to shoot up once the expressway becomes fully operational.
  • Delay

  • Centre asks DMRC for new plan

    Metro link: Centre asks DMRC for new plan

    The Union minister of urban development on Friday asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to prepare a revised detailed project report within one month for a proposed 12-km high-speed Metro link between Gurgaon and Delhi airport.

    "We have been asked to prepare a revised DPR (detailed project report) for the Iffco Chowk-IGI Airport metro link in 3-4 weeks time and to incorporate the changes in the traffic pattern and ongoing development along the proposed alignment," said Mangu Singh, DMRC chairman and managing director.
    The DMRC was told to work out the possibility of integrating the alignment of the under-construction Northern Peripheral Road (NPR), also called Dwarka Expressway. The instructions were issued in a meeting attended by the officials of the Union ministry, DMRC and the Haryana government.

    "The ministry has indicated multiple bids would be invited for the proposed project. The DMRC has been told to look for the possibility of integrating the proposed link with the existing Airport Express Metro line," said SS Dhillon, the principal secretary Town & Country Planning and Urban Estates, who was representing the Haryana government in the meeting.

    Since the proposed route does not cater to the needs of the Old Gurgaon localities, the state government has urged the DMRC to look for the possibility of altering the alignment to address the issue, Dhillon said.

    Metro link: Centre asks DMRC for new plan - Hindustan Times



    If anyone can guess the route please share!!! Most excited to know possible alignments.

  • DMRC told to revise Gurgaon IGI link plan to see possibility to incorporate under construction NRP

  • Things seem to be moving at a brisk pace with regards to NPR offlate...Definitely Very good signs...
  • Originally Posted by amit.bhalla
    Things seem to be moving at a brisk pace with regards to NPR offlate...Definitely Very good signs...

    ..........one aspect could be that the Brokers & the biased parties r again looking to make a kill everywhere including this forum .

    I said, maybe . I hope, i am wrong for the sake of the end users .
  • Originally Posted by amit.bhalla
    Things seem to be moving at a brisk pace with regards to NPR offlate...Definitely Very good signs...


    Hail Lord Lotus (Kamal Nath ki jai!!:D)

    Hopefully, Airport Metro will start soon to the relief of millions who have been shut out of connectivity. Amazingly the First PPP has been brought back into life from the verge of closing down while the matter appeared to be moving into arbitration..

    Its quiet possible the adog Ltd will get PPP of ggn-dlh airport link as well..

    Fail to understand
    What will Commissioner of Metro do with inspection of Airport Express Line?? &
    What will DMRC do with alignment ggn-dlh line and why waste 4 weeks??

    Alignment between lord Lotus and adog ltd seems to have been achieved

    On a serious note, ADOG ltd will again do a bad job, if given Ggn-Del airport PPP agreement.. Very poor antecedents of Spanish collaborator..Quality will be badly compromised.. unless line is developed either as PPP by a better credibility company or DMRC type consortium bidding pattern for specific jobs.

    Regarding Dway alignment, it seems that Old Ggn cannot be overlooked and Jan DPR will not be tinkered with, in any major way. Lets wait for 3-4 weeks