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NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

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NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

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  • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

    Reality of Realty

    Originally posted by sohnaroad View Post
    Let us all - say NO to DEW.. Say yes to capital protection.. Say NO to risky projects.. Say NO to Litigation marred expressway.. Say yes to peace of mind and a good night sleep.

    Say NO to DEW ….
    Say YES to most sought-after expressway having strategic connectivity to DELHI after NH-8.

    Say NO to risky projects…
    Say YES to decent builders of present time in Gurgaon like TATA, Mahindra, Ramprastha, Godrej, Raheja, ATS, Gurgaon One, BRISK and say NO to builders who failed to deliver projects on time …

    Say NO to Litigation marred expressway …
    Say YES to infrastructure development wherever it’s happening. We still need more such expressways radiating from national capital of Delhi other satellite town of NCR.

    Say yes to capital protection... Say yes to peace of mind and a good night sleep...
    Well planned and self studied decisions on Best builders & best locations within the reach of your pocket are always the reason behind foolproof capital protection and peace of mind with a good night sleep to you and your family.

    Enjoy your Weekend….
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    • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

      The recent diminution of returns in luxury property might have a parodoxical effect on MIG flats.

      Interest is in the Sub 1 Cr flats - and in GGN, that means only DEway.

      All projects in resale on DEway between 4000-5000 psf rate might see a lot of interest and all new launches between 5000-6000 also might see a lot of interest from investors.

      Prices might stay stable despite all doomsday scenarios on DEway because of this paradoxical shift - because big investors who can take a 7 crore flat can easily buy up 10 flats in the 70-80L range flats.

      They can also sit on most of the resale flats of Sohna road and GCX despite their 1.2-1.4 Cr price tag - because they are bigger investors who were so far concentrating on the luxury flats.
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      • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

        firstly to moderators/admin
        this mp3 recorded from property guru programme on haryana news

        friends/ members/ guest who don't believe me please ignore and who believe me
        then only read

        there is channel STV HARYANA NEWS on every Saturday at 10 am there is programme property guru in which we can ask questions

        i am in training center of my bank one of my good friend he is also in my , he is bank clerk, he is my good friend
        i had requested him to ask a question of property of gurgaon in haryana property guru . i had requested him to record also and send it to me .

        MEMBERS/ guests/ friends please see i had attached mp3 file my friend has asked a question the mp3 audio file is of 6.42 minutes my question camed after 3.40 minutes is over

        it is recording total 6.52 minutes please ignore first 3.40 minutes it was not my question please listen mp3 audio after 3.40 to the end

        those who are not able to download i will write question with answer

        i had asked i want to buy a property in gurgaon, my budget is around 1 to 1.5 crore only for investment i had finalize 3 property
        1 chintels paridso sector 109
        2 mahindra aura sctor 110
        3 emaar mgf palam hills sector 77

        property guru expert asked again 1 question - ur looking in primary market or secondary market and what rate u r getting ??

        i had asked i am looking in secondary market i am getting rates
        chnitels 5500
        mahindra - 5200
        emaar mgf - 4800

        now their answer - abhay ji u have choose excellent properties as well as builders i will say sector 110 mahinra aura construction is going on full speed the area will take 2 years to develop and sector 109,110 will give u much better return than nh8 , u should choose either sector 110 ( if u have large upfront money ) and if u have less go with chintels sector 109 . and emmar mgf is also good builder but chintels and mahindra aura is best location because of connectivity to delhi and 5500 is good rate

        ( ignore who don't like )
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        • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

          Thanks Abhay Jee, Nice link
          Best bets on DeW (location/builders/infrastructure/current rate all taken into account):-

          1. Mahindra Aura 110A
          2. ATS/Chintels 109
          3. Indiabulls 110
          4. Puri 111


          • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

            Originally posted by abhay1991 View Post
            emmar mgf is also good builder but chintels and mahindra aura is best location because of connectivity to delhi and 5500 is good rate

            Thanks for the effort for bringing the telecast bites

            Please inform when/what connectivity with Delhi will/is available?? Anybody on the forum??

            Any news?? please produce anything in this regard recently.

            (Mahindra is the most ethical, transparent and deep pocket RE corporate, with huge cash reserves therefore is THE safest bet.)



            • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

              Originally posted by ag00001 View Post
              Which licenses are you referring to ? Department of town planning Harayana website indicates that most of its licenses are on, atleast till the middle of 2013

              My reference is to the same source available on DTCP website with status upto Aug 12. Most of the licenses have expired as per the source.

              please confirm

              Year of license, License No, Sector, Acerage, Valid upto

              for the licenses which you find as valid

              Also put some effort into licenses which have expired prior to June 12, but not delivered till date, from your source.



              • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

                Originally posted by DS1970 View Post
                I recall the days when attending the court room at 12 noon and informed at 5 O clock evening that hearing postponed to later 3 months date. A case running parallel with mine with more serious matter and was expected to resolve within two year took almost 12 yrs to clear. Judges got transferred and every time there was unusual delay. If HUDA is serious on the issue than they have to settle the matter out of court otherwise it will only stretch and delayed for indefinitely.

                Legitimate to ownership of illegal colony doesn't matter, if the land is private and owners has sufficient ownership records. Here the main important thing is how to compensate the house owners, this might be deciding factor and under any circumstance as per clip none wants to loose their house.

                I feel HUDA had lost the opportunity and now crying for foul play, why they didn't settle the issue at the beginning when the land was grossly undervalued, this is obvious that after declaring such mega infra plans the land value has to appreciate by every day pass and bad part is still their intention seems not genuine.

                Investors shall found themselves lucky if HUDA get able to resolve the matter within next 5 yrs through court considering status and complexity of case, which in my opinion quite conservative target, normally life span of this type of cases are anywhere 15-20 yrs if both parties not agreed upon any resolution.

                Honestly I did not have to even search real hard for relevant examples. This is of todays news


                quick facts about how things were handled in the case
                - about 197acres of HUDA acquired land in 90s worth 100s of crores,
                - paid for and compensated by HUDA WAY BACK in the 90s
                - Farmers are enjoying three crops for decades on HUDA Land
                - Land still not in physical possession of HUDA despite High court order
                - Farmers turned down by High court since 2011 still possession not taken
                - Farmers enjoyed for 20 years by filing a simple court case individually delaying the process, which latter on got clubbed

                Reading from your example, in this land case, many judges might have got transferred, many times the dates may have been postponed due to other PRESSING matters and overloaded judiciary. Therefore in case of such complex legal matters, average time taken is more than 5-10 years.. easily.

                It is therefore important for buyers to accept the fact that the litigation patch will not be available soon. It would be a good idea to be content with connectivity on DEW in PATCHES and through intervening Sector roads for which luckily tender is being executed. Master water line if does not miss 5-7 (on an avg for huda projects) deadlines will probably be in place earliest by 2016-17. Earlier option of ground water is no long available for feeding the residents because of high court order, hence habitation not possible until then.

                Apart from Litigation issues- Delhi connectivity, East of Dlh-Rewari railway line connectivity through ROB and NH8 connectivity will be desirable within the next 5 years due to huge inventory and traffic.

                Please add political uncertainty to the above and weigh your risk perspective.

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                • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

                  Originally posted by abhay1991
                  dear blessu ji the mp3 file i attached it is of today recording only . dear i know most ethical and huge upfront u r saying but blessu ji my friend just asked question which i attached and regarding progress ( when and what ) haryana is slow i am not marketing i just attached what my friend asked

                  sorry blessu ji if u think anything i write wrong or soory again if u don't like
                  Do you know, who is the owner of this news channel and favoring to whom?

                  Please ask the question with much reliable source to get unbiased reply.
                  Sab 99 ka fer hain............


                  • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

                    Kaash DLF ka bhi koi project DEway pe hota.. But anyways, I think the DEWay investors and other builders should learn from DLF. Offer few of their premium properties at throwaway prices to Mr Robber at interest free loan.. I am sure all DEWay problems would vanish in a matter of days. This is called ethical bribing. :-)


                    • Re : NPR - Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon Updates

                      As of today's situation, we may conclude two scenarios:

                      1 . HUDA settle the matter out of court and construct the complete  NPR in next 3 yrs

                      2. Court verdicts come in favor of HUDA after next 5 yrs  and with unusual delay the entire NPR get constructed by next 7 yrs. 

                      Now with both these scenario, is it advisable to purchase the property here? If yes than at what rate ? And  how much appreciation anyone can expect under both scenario. 

                      Which sectors are least affected if exway never come and shall appreciate regardless of situation. 

                      Is there any another possible scenario which I missed out. Let's say the entire matter settle by this year end and road get constructed with in next 6 months, the most optimum scenario than how much appreciation shall be on table 50%, 100 % or more than it.  Someone told me that we may expect 20k rate by 2014 if exway get built.  Is it correct or prices can appreciate further or may hover around present rate or go down ??

                      Will alternate connectivity serve the same purpose and solution of NPR?

                      Is it acceptable to satisfied with alternate connectivity while the prices paid up for the property situated on NPR?

                      What are the obligation and responsibility of authority towards investors? Are they bound to provide this super exway?  

                      What happened if litigants refused the compensation package and circumstances forced authority to close this project? This is worst case scenario but can't ruled out at all.
                      Sab 99 ka fer hain............


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?