...want to open forum to discuss updates for vatika iris floors.
1. do they have all required approvals?
2. registration of independent floors is allowed by HUDA or not?
3. will Metro run till Manesar in Phase III/Phase IV as per Masterplan 2021.
kindly share updates/information regarding this project.....
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  • Vatika new projects in 82 sec at 3500 per sq ft BSP

    Vatika has come up with a new projec in 82 sector,....."The Home"
    at BSP 3500 rs/ sq ft. on the super area(not sure).+ EDC/IDC+ Parking+PLC+..... misc....
    This means that the price for iris ff should cross 55L
    Any updates/comments are welcome.

    PLz Share if you have any information on Expreeway/Metro connectivity

    Dr Bhowate
  • Guys dont you think that in coming months there will be too much supply on NH-8 and there will be too many deals chasing many buyers....??
  • amit, u could be right, but most of these would be mediocre projects, only a few of them would be real good ones, with the best of the best location & with real decent builders . :)
  • One more thing i have learned that instead of understanding too much of demand and supply one should invest keeping in mind that mindset of consumers in the market.....

    so i have concluded that a project with a good builder like godrej and mahindra can be considered despite of slightly higher prices....but ofcourse not at the obnoxious prices of bestech and emaar :)
  • .............that looks to be a real good learning, for everybody concerned . :) :bab (56):
  • If there is an issue of over supply will it affect every builders or only to selective builders? In Noida and Greater Noida even projects like Jyappe Greens /3C/ATS are having impact on their prices because of over supply. I feel if there is over supply in market, it will affect each and every projects and will not leave the selective builders.
  • Yes, Agastya07, what u r saying is correct, but what i am saying is that decent builders with the best of locations would be least affected .
  • Agastya is that is the case NH-8 will have huge amount of supply so will E way..how are people expecting 5000 prices in both these location

    I actually agree with you that if there is oversupoply it will effect the whole area
  • Amit001, on NH8 and E way, there will be an issue of over supply for years. So investment appreciation will be a big??. With decent builder with good location entry will be at high level. In case of an oversupply they too will have impact on investment appreciation. I feel it will be a very good time for end-users not for Investors
  • With time property price only moves up see trends of last 10 years. With the price you could have bought duplex in gurgaon in 2005 you wont get a 2 BHK flat in 2011. Think wise & invest is what I can see friends.
  • Originally Posted by Agastya07
    Are you a investor in Vatika Iris floor?

    Any body have any update on the so called GAS pipe line

    Hi All,

    I recently bought IRSI SF at 42.5 Lacs in resale. Thought the investment would be great looking at the location and the fact that Vatika has already built up a few floor blocks .. viz. Primerose and Emillia.

    Recently my broker called up saying that the location of my IRSI Plots (floor) has been changed, I don't know if Vatika can do this. (Whats the practise)

    Any suggestions if i should continue holding it for next 1 year, as the transfer is still due. Or sell it at a premium. I have an offer at 45 for the same.

    Gurus requested to suggest and guide.

    Thanks. ... KS.
  • Hi,

    I don't know if it is in sector 82 or 83 (your iris floors) what if it is 3bhk, wherever it is, you got it with comparatively cheap price....Because some factors are going to affect this floor. 3BHK floors considered to be one of the hot sale when it comes to ready to move (when you get possession) & 2 bhk primerose 2nd floor price is approx 38-40 lac and 2bhk ground floor of emilia is touching 40 lac...so you got it with cheap price....

    Regarding location changes...this is vatika's usual exercise,
    don't need to be panic....and as per builder-buyer's agreement they have right to change the location if necessary (conditional)..

    Regarding time to sale..my personal opinion is that, it is not the right time, because sector 88 (fully commercial) (it is near by sector 82/83) will give you a huge return after two years (if you keep the floors) & (if the recession won't affect in real estate market).

    Sector 82 & 83 (some portion) will be fully ready within 2 years (MAKSO also will be ready) and the location preference and quality of construction will be an added advantage after two years and when it comes to ready to move, 3 BHK sector 83 price will be 65-75 lacs (if the other things remaining the same).

    Another thing regarding emilia, vatika will start giving possession of some portion 2012 mid and later portion after 2012 dec onwards....when it comes to iris 2013 starting I hope you will be given possession..So if you hold next 1 year apprecication will be some what 50-55 lac another one year (if recession won't affect); (when possession) you will get 65-75 lac....(if the other things remaining the same).....Now think it which one is best.....these are merely my calculations anybody can disagree (brokers excuse)......

    Negative impact of this project is till now vatika has not got full approval from HDFC and LICHF for full loan in some projects..(for last two years) nobody knows when they will get.....

    Think twice before approaching brokers.....

  • Thanks a Lot Thomas for your suggestion. This would definitely help me. I would like to add up a few things.

    1. IRIS SF is on a plot size of 300 sq. yds but they will construct only 2BHK and on SF and a terrace of 1BHK is not constructed. It remains a terrace for SF. FF will get 3BHK.

    2. My SF was allotted with the address as the plot is on 24mtr road. My concern is that can they relocate it on a narrow road of 12 mtr or this would only be offered on 24 mtr in case this is relocated.

    Thanks in advance for help.
  • location

    Iris Floors were being offered by Vatika in the Phase-I of the Project only and in Sector-82 only. Unless they have changed the location recently it should be in Sector-82.