I am planning to purchase a flat in the new proposed Carnation Residency Apartment in Gurgaon. If forum member's can confirm the builders diligence I will be happy. Please do write openly as this will give great confidence to us.
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  • me also thinking about the same..
    kindly do post here whatever info u could dig up
  • Peekay ,

    Have you booked flat in carnation ?:
  • Be very careful

    This project was launched couple of years ago but due to lack of buyers it never picked up. Now they have sort of 'relaunched' it. Hopefully there would be able to sell this time.
    I would go with big names like DLF in an area which is not developd yet.
  • Guys! Going with big builders is simply foolishness to me as they charge you more because of their name in the market, I have seen big builders not completing the project on time after making n no of promises, moreover, they take undue advantage of their big name in the market. Afterall, these big builders were small when they first came into picture.

    After the new laws coming into picture for FDIs there are many new international players coming into the market to get a fare share of RE market in India. Projects like Crescent Park in sector 92 is a live example of it. do invest in a property which is newly launched so that you may get good rate but before that go deep into it to take an insight of the project.
  • rkuma,

    can you please suggest us on orris projects !!!
  • Orris is yet to go a long way to start the project. Launching is one part, and starting the project is what a buyer would be interested in. I would check out Crescent Parc in sector-92, they have started the excavation and would start the construction in September. also if you book now you might get a good deal.
  • Orris Carnation Residency

    I have booked a flat in orris carnation residency, we got corporate discount on bulk booking. 25 bookings already done by us.
    Bhoomi poojan for the project is done, builder is awaiting floor plan approval, they have committed possention by June 2013.
  • which company u are in ? 25 Bookings is a big number ... at what rate u got the corporate deal ?
    Orris had launched its project way back in 2008, but due to recession its business centre and housing might have been kept in cold storage...
  • Jatin ,

    Would like to book one flat in Aster court . Need your help to understand Orris credibility and ability to deliver both projects on time.

    I am sure you have done lot of home work on Orris. Pl share your experience.

  • Orris builder

    Company looks solid with land bank of 1000 acre in new gurgaon
    as per info shared by orris it is backed by haldiram group although nothing in license
    we are awaiting land papers from them
    although there first project but they have hired experienced architect and construction contractor
  • Orris builder

    I agree that carnation is delayed by 2 years but so is new town heights and casa bella, vatika india next
    senior members to comment
  • Jatin,

    It was confusion on carnation launch :

    As per orris :

    " I'd like to make this clear to you that Carnation Residency was
    not officially launched in Nov. 2008. It was officially launched in August
    2009 at TIMES PROPERTY EXPO 2009, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi"

    So u can count one year dealy in carnation .

  • Orris builder

    I could find carnation sale dated back to 2008 on propertywala.com but with different specs
    actual dt on license is july 09 so some confusion
    may be relaunch with nelson new architect
  • Do you have any insight on Aster Court .
  • Delay for all project was due to New HUDA Policy.

    By which all builders DLF,vatika,Orris,Mapsko,ramprastha,ILD were impacted. Orris is zero debt builder with huge land bank, Orris has sold land Vatika, mapsko, DLF & Ramprastha.

    Even Emmar has launched the Plam hills 2 years back and this project got stuck due to clearance. Hence we cannot say Orris is a small builder and we cannot trust them.

    Being investor one should check the background why the project got delayed.