People who have become rich by investing are the ones who have been able to identify and capture THE TREND across asset classes.

In the last 6 months GOLD and USD have been the best asset classes. What do you think will be the asset class to see the next rally:bab (45): -

Will it be USD again from 65-70
Will it be Gold from 30-40K
Or will it be INR from 65-60

Will Debt funds see a spike if RBI cut rates (less likely) or when Govt withdraws liquidity tightening measures.

RE looks unlikely to see major run up in the next 9 months so is Equity.

Please come forward and give your views with appropriate reasoning as to why an asset class can see 20% run up in the next 6-9 months.

Thanks in advance.
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  • usd again..
  • My Vote goes for Debt fund...
  • I see 10-15% growth in USD in next 6 -12 months time frame.