Dear members,

I want to know if anyone of you have some update on Spire South project if they have got the required licence and approval or not.

Also please advise if I should continue with this project or not.


Millennium Spire Ltd presents its new residential project Spire South in Sector-68, Gurgaon. Presenting a unique and new concept in housing, Millennium Spire South offers apartments customized to your lifestyle and desires, means it is you decide everything about the interiors from the colour and type of the tile to the type of paint on wall and ceiling and the fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Millennium Spire South offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 900 Sq ft to 1500 Sq ft.
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  • Site visit

    Friends, yesterday I had visited site.

    There are no major construction is happening at site. At this time they are doing PCC for T-1, 2 and 3. For T-4 to 6 PCC has already done, you had already seed the photo which somebody has already posed few weeks back.

    The excavation is completely done it seems.

    The major bottleneck is the approach road to site. As the villagers made few pits on the roads to restrict the entry of the construction vehicles from Sona Rod.

    I checked with the site in charge from ERA responsible for Spire project;

    He told me that the they are expecting to resolve the dispute any day, but since last few days the situation got complicated as few local politicians has started taking interest from both sides.

    ERA is now leading the discussion/Negotiation for both the projects, but the site in charge informed that the demand is around 20Cr from the villagers.

    I tried to find something from the villagers, but could not find any relevant reply.

    Friends I think the situation is not as bad as Noida extension till now, but in case the dispute is not settled for next few days, it can be worse. Because here there are only 2 projects effected now, as there are no prompt government action expected as number of effected buyers and too small as compared to Noida extension.
  • Kumar did u find out whats the exact issue.

    What my source told me is that the villagers have dug out the approach road to spire because of some accident involving an accident?

    I think this is the only issue?

    Whats ur view?
  • Amit, what you are informed, may be the the ignation of the conflict, but I have not heard the same.

    But now it is almost more than a month the Road is blocked.

    Even I went to ERA's site, there also I heard the same type of information
  • Originally Posted by VBstrategy
    Good that buyers know that there are land issues and wait for it to resolve before buying in SPIRE project in resale.

    Once the issue is resolved this project will benefit.....but when will the issues get resolved ? It has been years already.

    VB one of the cheapest option on Sohna Road but never ending issues with builder.Not a good time to buy in Spire south.
  • Originally Posted by Abhi 07
    If there was no big issue, then why the loan has not been approved by the bank for so long now, despite CRM saying will be done soon.
    Can anyone get the inside story from the concerned banks ( which have been approached by Spire, ie. HDFC/Axis/LIC )
    They will tell the true picture regarding finance..

    But as per some forum members all the approvals are in place and no issue with bank loan. This was confirmed abut 6-8 months back. But as per you bank loan is still a problem.
  • You can call spire 's gurgaon office and ask for finance options available..
  • Originally Posted by Abhi 07
    As suggested by someone, not to sell. But uptill when,
    the loan not being approved
    next demand would also come
    huge cash component already involved ( premium-- not easy for everyone to pay in cash without finance )

    It seems you are even not aware about the basics, else would not talk so childish. If loan is not approved...4th installment can't be raised. 30% is already paid.
    Secondly, even if loan is available one has to arrange for the premium. since when do you get loan to pay premium.
    Simply misleading...
  • Originally Posted by rs2507
    It seems you are even not aware about the basics, else would not talk so childish. If loan is not approved...4th installment can't be raised. 30% is already paid.
    Secondly, even if loan is available one has to arrange for the premium. since when do you get loan to pay premium.
    Simply misleading...

    Hi, I think this is not correct, there is no rule that builder cant raise demand even if loan is not approved. Eg - AEZ Aloha ..almost ready for possesion but no home loan as on date. Reason - builder had himself taken a loan by pledgeing the land on which apartments are being constructed.
  • Bhains ????? Kiski ?????.............

    Originally Posted by amit001
    Let me get the facts straight (This is through Spire CRM confirmed by a frnd visit to the site as I dont trust the CRM)

    Some animal (bhains/cow) of the villager had died due to some construction equipment of Era, due to which the angry farmers had blocked the road leading to the Era site, which is infact the same road leading to spire site.

    Its a very small issue and will be settled soo
    n between Era and the villagers.
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Bhains ????? Kiski ?????.............

    I am sure MR Singh ( son of retired TCP-Haryana) with his contacts in Tashee would be able to help you with your query. Why dont you drop him a PM.
  • Gaye Bhains paani mein.

    After a long wait of 2 years they had barely started and now again the work is stopped???

    what a bad luck. it can't get worse than this.
  • Has any one spoken to Spire Central 106 guys recently ?

    What is the update for the current project ?

    When is Next installment or Allotment ?

    So far 18% paid for my unit size of 1359, no information after that.
  • Any updates on the construction status? Is the dispute over with the villagers?
  • I just had a talk with CRM, construction is on and issue resolve.
    Can someone plz confirm this? After visit the location.
  • Pls can people in gurgaon go and cross check this.

    I also received the same feedback from CRM. They also told me that Bank Funding will be done from HDFC/SBI in 15 days.

    But honestly I do not trust these morons anymore