Dear members,

I want to know if anyone of you have some update on Spire South project if they have got the required licence and approval or not.

Also please advise if I should continue with this project or not.


Millennium Spire Ltd presents its new residential project Spire South in Sector-68, Gurgaon. Presenting a unique and new concept in housing, Millennium Spire South offers apartments customized to your lifestyle and desires, means it is you decide everything about the interiors from the colour and type of the tile to the type of paint on wall and ceiling and the fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Millennium Spire South offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 900 Sq ft to 1500 Sq ft.
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  • Which meeting you are referring to? If it was a meeting of SS68 buyers then I would be interested to join any such meetings in future.
  • Originally Posted by anshulg1982
    Also hear spire mellinium has sold its state to some other PE fund and there has been some cash infusioin in the company


    MITRON, sarkar ke saath saath partner bhi badalne zarooori hain is project ke liye...

    Hopefully things will now head towards completion...

  • Do you have any concrete info on this partnership change. Earlier it was also told about this project that it is a FDI funded project therefore the possession have to be there in 5 years (by end of 2015) but that doesn't look like builder's focus.
  • Some of the members were very active to sell this project 3 years back. They have appeared now with new avatar.

    They lured many members to buy this project. Marketing theme- 4800 mein easily bik jaye ga.
  • Some members were hell bent that Spire will run...they will never start construction...will not deliver kind of non sense. Now they appear here after ages and have the cheek to tell what others were doing 3 years back.

    Sahib apni kaho...
  • May be the construction got started and picked up pace but it doesn't seem that builder is serious about this project. Construction progress is very slow.
  • Hello Everyone

    I own a 2208 sq ft unit in T-8.

    I wanted to know the realistic position of the project?

    What is the status of all towers?

    What is the expected possession timeline that you guys think?

    Last time I visited site, some workers were working in T8 on internal stuff like wiring/balcony railings etc. Wondering what is the status now.

    Any helpful response would be really appreciated.
  • The work progress is very slow. If builder moving on this pace. Structure is not yet complete of many towers...
  • Guys, any news on what has been the response received by spire from buyers on the customisation? Are most of them opting for customisation or not? Or whether most of the buyers are silent and not chosen any option? I have not yet given any option in written form. As of now, in the customisation letter sent to me, it is written that if I opt for customisation, then the agreement clause on timelines of possession would be void. I want to take up customisation option but only if Spire gives a revised timeline for completion (they can't simply have indefinite timeline).

    I want to take up customisation option but only when the builder gives a date by which
  • You will get customization if you are getting flat. Dont get in to this . I would advise to choose without customization. Pace pace of construction is very slow...timeline is any way void.
  • Hi what is the resale of Spire South and at what stage is the construction ?
  • 4500/sft and structure is complete. Finishing and brick work yet to be done.
  • When would be possession ?

    What happened to penalty clause?
  • Any updates as i could not visit the site. Is the construction happening any idea on demand for T2
  • Hello, is there anybody interested in getting new people joined to the Spire south owners' watsapp group? All I've seen is people asking others to PM them for joining the group, but nobody seems to offer any help on how to PM someone.