Dear members,

I want to know if anyone of you have some update on Spire South project if they have got the required licence and approval or not.

Also please advise if I should continue with this project or not.


Millennium Spire Ltd presents its new residential project Spire South in Sector-68, Gurgaon. Presenting a unique and new concept in housing, Millennium Spire South offers apartments customized to your lifestyle and desires, means it is you decide everything about the interiors from the colour and type of the tile to the type of paint on wall and ceiling and the fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Millennium Spire South offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 900 Sq ft to 1500 Sq ft.
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  • Hi. For internal plaster for T8.
  • Got this below message from an unknown number. Not sure what is happening. Has anyone else also got this message?

    Please surrender your booking in spire south , as company is completely bankrupt , only court case and police complaint can save your money.
  • amit001

    Hi amit001;
    It is very urgent u seems b old person in the group pl add me in whatsup group so that all the share holders come under one umbrella to sort out the problem otherwise we all will b in trouble
  • Where is all the action happening? Is anyone not concerned enough to speak in a common voice? Total silence in this forum is worrying..
  • Spire South now Orion


    Visited last month and only a handful labour a are working. Am visiting coming Sunday around 1. If anyone interested pls be at the site. Though I had a word with their staff and their answers are not at all satisfactory. We will have to push for possession as someone rightly pointed out. Pls share if any one is on a what's app group. If not I'll create one to add maximum members.
  • is it wise to buy 3bhk in this project ?
  • Originally Posted by suneet290
    is it wise to buy 3bhk in this project ?

    Risky investment.
  • Work is now moving at the site at a brisk pace. If any owner who doesn't have the update, kindly let us know
    we will add you to whatsapp group to share updates.
  • That's good news, atlast the work has started again.

    I have a unit in Tower 6, please let me know how to get added in whatsapp group.
  • How to be added in the Wahstapp group please let me know.
  • Can you send me a personal message
    Unit Number
    Name of the allottee
    Phone number

    We have formed Residents welfare association and can get you added in that.
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  • Hello - I had been frustrated with lack of communication from Gaurav (who refuses to meet even after taking appointment) and hence, went to the project site today, and sharing my conversation details with those struggling to find any information on this project:
    I met
    * Sunil Taneja, Project Incharge, joined in 2015
    * Sanjay Shukla, Administration , has been involved with the project for a long time

    They gave me some explanation. The company had problems with the earlier contractor, due to which there was no work for almost 2 years. The contractor was ERA group, which is almost bankrupt as the promoter was involved in some fraud, and is now in jail. They were finally able to terminate the contract in Oct 2015, and have now appointed INDSAO Infratech as the contractor, who has done work on a few projects in NCR (we need to verify). Work re-started end-2015, and currently there are 300 labour at site - it was hard for me to make out because it is a big site. Phase 1 is Towers 1-12, Phase 2 plans are being modified.

    The Spire group had been facing some problems. This land was owned by Tashee group (owner KN Shukla), which also has presence in other businesses like hospitality, LED, etc. They have few offices in Narain Manzil. Now Tashee group is taking more interest in the project - maybe they have bought a stake - these guys did not know.
    Name of the project has been changed to Orion Galaxy. These guys said it will take at least another 24 months.

    The big signboard at the site entrance said the following:
    Sales office: 18th floor, Narain Manzil 23 Barakhamba Road Connaught Place New Delhi
    Contact: 9899808607
    (I realised this is the mobile of Gaurav)

    Approach road process is on. There are certain procedures for govt. to acquire the land - 2 of those notifications have come and the next one is expected soon, after which govt will start paying compensation to the villagers.

    Gaurav Bhat is the guy to keep in touch. His boss is H.A. Farooqi, based in CP office.

    Overall impression: not great. We need to regularly monitor this, both at site and at office.
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  • Work is going on but it is very slow.