Planning to invest money in Tulip White project on Sohna Road. Can anyone provide any input about the reputation of this company?

Actual completion status & the location prospects in future?


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  • Have you invested in the project ? Please enlighten me with your research on the project.
  • Tulip have around 4 projects in sec 69 and 70. Out of these 4 in 3 construction have started. Tulip have a reputation of building on time. Tulip Petal in Sec 89 is getting ready.
    Builder is an experienced relative of Parsavnath.
    Have delived few projects and few are near to completion.
    Recently Tulip Purple prices were revised in which construction is not started yet.
    Location is within 1-1.5 Km of existing DLF Golf Course road Extension. And its also .5 to 1 km withing proposed golf course road extension which will join NH-8, with Proposed Metro Line.
    Also a commercial from Spaze is located. Unitec Sunbreeze and Unitech Vistas are some other costly projects nearby .
    To me this is the best place to invest and I still feel there is a scope of appreciation in this area with upcoming construction within few months.
    for more information (check Monthly update on Tulip Projects) at Tulipgroup.in
  • Has Tulip delivered anything yet ?
    I am not aware of any completed project of Tulip.
  • i have been suggested to avoid tulip as the promoters/builder is from faridabad and they have committed some scams there and fled from faridabad!
  • it seems they have left some projects uncompleted in faridabad
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Has Tulip delivered anything yet ?
    I am not aware of any completed project of Tulip.

    Till now they hv not delivered even a single project . Most of them r under construction....
  • Originally Posted by tinku2007
    i have been suggested to avoid tulip as the promoters/builder is from faridabad and they have committed some scams there and fled from faridabad!

    I was regretting 4 not investing in Tulip in their sohna road projects but after your message I feel good...
  • I am not much aware on Tulip . Anybody aware of the scams tinku2007 , is talking about ?
  • the above inf was given by a broker.. so everybody pls get details and im not confirming or vouching for the above inf....
  • Hi Everyone

    I indeed have invested in the Tulip White project after doing some research. The location is good but it will take
    atleast 2-3 more years to be properly habitable & to be at it's peak with all the proposed government projects in
    The returns are good so far, booking price was 2300 psf & currently I have buyers which are ready to pay as
    much as 3500 - 3600 psf. (net net gain of 1200 psf.) "Not bad in just 10 months"
    As far as the constuction status is concerned, it's little slow as only the basement slab is in progress now. The
    whole area (about 80 acres Tulip land) is being developed by Tulip with projects like Tulip White,Tulip Orange,Tulip
    Petals etc. etc.
    The company seems to be quite stable & transparent in transactions so far, I am recieving weekly newsletters,
    consruction photographs,approval letters,policy updates, (which I have personally verified with banks &
    authorities), my financial statements & they also have pretty good presence on facebook as well to get in touch
    with for asking questions etc with a quick response time.
    As far as the scams are concerned, I have never heard of it ,so no comments.
  • Real good returns. If u hold it for another 6 months or so , u can get returns of 1600 psf plus.
  • How good investment would be to buy tulip white in resale. Asking price is 3250. How much return one can expect in 6 months? Please suggest
  • From this point of time to the completion of the project & for a mid level builder on the Sohna rd., do not expect a price level , much in excess of 3900-4000.
  • Tulip in Scams???

    I am myself a investor in TO project. As per my experience with them, they are pretty transparent company.

    Once I have even checked their bank balances with PNB Delhi, they are maintaining a healthy balance, though high inflow and outflow of money was there, but its quite understandable as almost 3-4 projects are under construction.

    I reqularly get construction updates, and builder is ready to discuss about quality etc in detail...:)

    By saying this I dont want to completely deny scams rumour, as builder community cant be predicted. :bab (59):Hoping all goes well with in future as well.
  • Tulip Infratech Newsletter - June 2011

    Here's the link to download latest Tulip Infratech newsletter.

    • rpsingh18 months ago
      Sector road 60 meter wide is under construction and expected to comlete 2-3 months. I myself has visited this sector road in Aug, 17