CHD Vann is a new project launched by CHD Developers at sector 71 in Gurgaon.

CHD VANN GURGAON - Sector-71, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, 1258 - 2505 SqFt, 2 / 3 / 4 BHK Apartments:
CHD Developers Ltd. latest project “CHD VANN” is created with a vision to surround you with opulence, and overwhelm you with beauty.
It's a premium multi storey project strategically located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, and spread over 10.5 acres.
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  • Due date for Excavation work is 29th September 2014 ?? Did anyone else also received the same ?
  • Originally Posted by rocky6
    Due date for Excavation work is 29th September 2014 ?? Did anyone else also received the same ?

    Ya I have also recieved the same.
    It is earlier then what I expected..
  • Originally Posted by shane13
    Which project a project?

    Originally Posted by rocky6
    Due date e same ?

    Originally Posted by gauravsh
    It is earlier then what I expected..

    In fact I am very upset with this unseasonal / unexpected / earlier than planned demand letter. I was expecting this around Deewali.
    Very difficult for me to arrange this much money at such a short notice.

    Friends can anyone help me to guess the cash flow chart for this project I mean expected dates for the installments ---- This will help me to plan to arrange the money from my mother in-law.

    Really serious.
  • @planner, you sure do have a sense of humor:)
  • I am expecting atleast 5 more demands in next 1 year if not more as surprise like this.CHD 106 was also done same way and same is true for Karnal projects also which is also ahead of schedule.So Get your money ready......
  • Dear Sir ,
    Can you please ellaborate those 5 demand in 1 year

    Basement slab work to top floor completion demand in 1 year ????

    You mean to say CHD Vann can complete building structure work in a year ....
  • One more question ...

    What will be the payment plan in case of fresh bookings if opened by CHD by october or november ?

    Will CHD ask buyers to give money for excavation work demand along with booking amount in that case
  • I am assuming that what I heard from a buyer in CHD 106 where almost structure was complete in one year.Any CHD 106 buyers in this forum can confirm this....No idea if they plan to chnage the payment plan for fresh bookings
  • As the gurgaon market slow and lot of projects planned / huge inventories of apartment in new gurgaon area.. would it make sense to buy in tier-2 city like Karnal in plotting..

    Wondering how other see in 4-5 years if we compare gurgaon flats vs karnal plots (or any other tier-2) city.. Alpha G Corp is another option i remember there
  • buying in Vatika G21 and giving this at 6375.
  • Is any of you looking for loan for this project. Who to get it from? Any views?
  • HDFC bank has already approved this project, i got a couple of calls from them.
  • Dear all

    What's the resale rate for RTM units (if available).

    What are the pros and cons vs CHD avenue 71?
  • Originally Posted by Radhadesh
    @planner, you sure do have a sense of humor:)

    Life itself is humor for me.....

    Enjoy the life .....(For me only few years balance)
  • pLS ADVISE - wHICH BANK will be good ---Low interest

    We at CHD live the experience before delivering it to you and attempt to go beyond your expectations. To begin with, we give you an incredible benefit of availability of easy home loans from country’s leading financial institutions. It’s a pleasure to share that we have received “In-Principal Advance Processing Facility” from HDFC Home Loans, Axis Bank Ltd., ICICI Bank Home Loans, DHFL, Tata Capital, and PNBHFL for our project “CHD VANN”, Sector- 71, Gurgaon. Now you can avail home loan from the aforementioned housing finance institutions easily. However, the disbursement of individual loan is subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down by the bank.

    Appended are the contact coordinates of the officials concerned at the mentioned banks:-

    HDFC Home Loans Mr. Sunil - 9818120626
    Axis Bank Ltd. Mr. Anup - 9582279024
    ICICI Bank Home Loans Ms. Priyanka - 7042291513
    DHFL Mr. Gurjeet - 9717769333
    Tata Capital H F L Mr. Jitender - 9868140799
    PNBHFL Mr. Varun - 9560001792

    Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any of the services including loan counseling. Feel free to drop in to our corporate office to discuss your further needs with our experienced staff. You can call Binit Narayan at +919717855447 to fix an appointment.