CHD Vann is a new project launched by CHD Developers at sector 71 in Gurgaon.

CHD VANN GURGAON - Sector-71, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, 1258 - 2505 SqFt, 2 / 3 / 4 BHK Apartments:
CHD Developers Ltd. latest project “CHD VANN” is created with a vision to surround you with opulence, and overwhelm you with beauty.
It's a premium multi storey project strategically located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, and spread over 10.5 acres.
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  • Originally Posted by ak4net
    who said "hedge"?....hedge is very different from "beat"...I want to "beat" inflation as a simple investment case....not "hedge" against it...and please if you don't know the difference between these terms then don't use them...;)

    bet or beat? Dont get me started on shakunti mama from Mahabharat.
    How does real estate beat inflation? Can i have an explanation on this?
  • Second page of Application form says .

    Basic Price mentioned above is Escalation free and Exclusive of External Development Charges(EDC), Infrastructure Development Charges,Preferential Location Charges(PLC) if applicable,club membership,car parking of flat and other charges.
    Now how can escalation clause be added if they themselves have said the BSP is escalation free.I did not expected this from CHD.
    And escalation free was one of resaons of investing in this project.Please talk to builder and get this removed and dont blindly sign the BBA. 3C Greenopolis buyers had got vthis removed from BBA.
    And in this case this escalation clause is totally contradictory between Applicaion form and BBA......
  • Anyone got reply from CHD regarding this BBA escalation issue, I have also mailed CHD and waiting for reply
  • This is what the reply i have recieved from Manish

    Yes , Escalation clause is there in BBA , It is a management decision . Please go through the same once you get your BBA and get back in case of further clarifications .

    Manish Handa
  • But what can we do in this case? Third demand is already due from last one month and without BBA, Bank wont disburse the loan. It seems we are stuck and it would be counted as poor decision to move in this project.
  • Originally Posted by Reyanshbh
    But what can we do in this case? Third demand is already due from last one month and without BBA, Bank wont disburse the loan. It seems we are stuck and it would be counted as poor decision to move in this project.

    well you can refuse to sign the BBA with escalation clause and may take the company to consumer court. You have starting letter containing no escalation clause and most of the members did paid based on this clause alone.
    I guess CHD can also be taken in MRTPC (monopolies restrictive court) for misusing their market position and you as a buyer also liable to get compensation at current resale/market rate along with some bonus for causing mental torture by company.
    rest your wish to continue with the company and pay escalated prices or fight for your justice and make a landmark for other buyers/fraud builders both.
  • Yes you are right. i've dropped a note to them for this clause. Let's see what they reply to me.
  • I think we should put the pressure on builder collectively at their office
  • Yes, it makes sense. As they are taking ages in replying. I am okay with it. Please do let me know when to go there.
  • I can join if we collectivbely need to put pressure on builder by visiting his office or through some other means
  • Even we are 2 people we also own flat in chd vann we will be happy to join as well. Please plan a date and time please post it here we will also join you.

    I think this is really not acceptable feom builder.
  • I think meeting with manish at chd office will be useless ..we need to take appointment with their management people ..nd schedule accordingly ...preferably on sat or sun
  • I am also game for whatever tactic we decide to reverse the escalation clause. This was one of the key reason to invest in this project. Anyone has image / copy of the initial communication which said escalation free BSP
  • Also - which bank people are getting loan sanctioned. I used a third party DSA agent to get it from ICICI. Quite a hassle-free experience and the agent got me some handy discount on processing fee as well
  • Here it is.