CHD Vann is a new project launched by CHD Developers at sector 71 in Gurgaon.

CHD VANN GURGAON - Sector-71, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, 1258 - 2505 SqFt, 2 / 3 / 4 BHK Apartments:
CHD Developers Ltd. latest project “CHD VANN” is created with a vision to surround you with opulence, and overwhelm you with beauty.
It's a premium multi storey project strategically located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, and spread over 10.5 acres.
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  • I also noticed in their payment plan but i feel its typo ..i mean EDC+IDC =375...
  • I have not recieved BBA but I have mailed to CHD anyhow. I am not able to PM my number to anshul as his PM doesnt seem to be activiated. Incase we are meeting tomorrow can we decide where and whom we are meeting
  • It's really a big dhokha. Pl. include me in your list.
  • I too sent a mail to Manish Handa against the EC two days ago, but no response.
  • I applied for HDFC loan. I spoke to the HDFC person, but he seemed not very keen to take up this matter. He told me that only about 6-7 cases of finance are there. He also said that he had gone to CHD office and CHD has prepared about 250 BBAs and are in process of sending it.
  • Booked 3BHK in CHD VANN, Paid 3rd Installment, BBA Not received, Add me in Group
  • Looks like they have already planned this and in their website in Pricelist page they have removed that escalation free word now.Please see two attacheents to notice the difference.Also some thing fishy in EDC and IDC.At the booking time the Price List had i believe the EDC + IDC mentioned Rs 375 per sq ft and I think its mentioned in Account statement i recieved.
    But on the website and BBA as somebody is mentioning EDC and IDC are mentioned as Rs 375 per sq ft each......There is something fishy going on....Guys check your BBA for EDC/IDC charges also.Check the attachments
  • Agents log.

    Bhai Brokers --- Pls guide us.
  • This is Crazy.

    As everyone has pointed out 'Escalation Free" clause was main attraction and I somehow trusted CHD Developers. Turns out that trusting anyone in Real Estate is a big mistake. Wonder if they have decided to go the DLF way, spoil their reputation and also get on to the wrong side of law.

    This is going to be a long fight ! Consumer Courts and CCI will have to be approached. Developers take consumers only as cash cows and they will wake up and oblige only when a SUITABLE AUTHORITY will rap on their knuckles.

    Time to get together and act ! Please don't sign till this escalation clause is removed ! People taking loan should also resist since this will impact them long term !
  • Originally Posted by ak4net
    Planner- what is the last e-mail id.....
    have you created a yahoo or google group?
    If not can You do it?
    and If so should we all send you our mail id as private message?

    It is g_m_a_i_l (.COM)

    There is some filter on IREF so accepting the address.

    Ladies, Gents and Brokers
    Need support on this price escalation issue.
    This is direct Cheating...

    Please plan forward for next step.

    One of my source has informed me that they have done it purposely and planned way.

    Plan for our next move from now only.

    Upbhokta forum or Court or what to do??
    Flat # 534 ---You have good contacts with lawers ---pls suggest----help pls
  • Fight tooth & nail with the builder to remove escalation clause.Otherwise approach consumer forum.
    Do not sign BBA with escalation clause.
    Jago Grahak Jago
  • Originally Posted by Krazy Yuppie
    Fight tooth & ail with the builder to remove escalation clause.Otherwise approach consumer forum.
    Do not sign BBA with escalation clause.
    Jago Grahak Jago

    I am bhukt bhogi of terror of escalation clause. I ended up paying 33% more on the actual price on a unit which I bought in 2009 which got delivered in 2014. Builder cited change in rates of steel and copper and charged 10% more on BSP over illegal admin charges, stp/ess charges, labor cess, meter connection charges, 17% increase in super area. They did not even pay the penalty and openly said that go to court if you want penalty.

    And that super star builder is Puri Constructions. They boast of quality and crap but in reality they are thieves. Isse bada nanga koi kya hoga ki mooh pe bol de ki court jao penalty ke liye. Never buy under construction properties of Puri Constructions. Infact NEVER BUY ANY BUILDER'S PROPERTY WHICH HAS ESCALATION CLAUSE IN BBA. Its simply put there to trap you.

    Boss dil dukhta hai jab mehnat ki kamai jeb se jaati hai.
  • I m not able to understand why ppl prefer to go in fresh market with absurd pricing , no clarity on possession , last minute surprise at the time of possession , litigation issue , super area increase , escalation clause , hidden charges in terms of electricity and fire fighting , high maintenance , high electricity unit ..
  • Hi Miketest,

    Very sorry to hear your experience with Puri constructions. But, I am surprise on your comments. If I recall correctly, I highlighted the ethics issue and modus operandi of Puri construction on Faridabad chapter. I am sure you would recall....what type of statements were made by you and you were asking for the proofs. That was something two to three years back. I was in Hyderabad.

    But never the would have got the lessons learnt. Actually, it is reality of NCR reality that ....every invest and expect that they will get the best experience. However, when anyone share its bad experience of that builder or highlight its point of view based on the interaction with the builder.....the first timer investment guys bashes that person.......but later on they gets in their trap and faces the same situation....

    I have happily moved to Indraprastha Apartments - I on by pass road.....Faridabad.

    Thank you,
  • Yesterday I got the BBA with EC. I have called up Manish and he told me to drop a mail, which I have done and marked a copy to all the management team and to CHD Vaan buyer account. Also I have not signed the BBA. I am in if representation at CHD office is required.