CHD Vann is a new project launched by CHD Developers at sector 71 in Gurgaon.

CHD VANN GURGAON - Sector-71, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, 1258 - 2505 SqFt, 2 / 3 / 4 BHK Apartments:
CHD Developers Ltd. latest project “CHD VANN” is created with a vision to surround you with opulence, and overwhelm you with beauty.
It's a premium multi storey project strategically located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, and spread over 10.5 acres.
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    Residents of CHD Avenue condominium in Sector 71 are facing a tough time in commuting from their residence as the only approach road to the condominium has been dug up for over two months for strengthening work.

    CHD Avenue 71 condominium is in Fazilpur village and is spread across 16 acres, and consists 861 apartments. As many as 550 apartments have been occupied since 2014, but residents are waiting for the authorities to deliver basic amenities.

    Residents said that the cemented approach road, built two years ago, has been dug up without a concrete plan. The road leads from CHD Avenue condominium to Sohna road.

    As per the details displayed at CD Chowk on Sohna road, the strengthening work was to commence in October 2016 and scheduled to be completed in April. However, the work on the ground was started only last month and has been abandoned halfway, residents said.

    Debris and potholes due to uneven digging are creating numerous problems for residents.

    “This is the only approach road to reach home. It was in a good condition but the government agencies decided to reconstruct it without considering its impact on the 600 families (that live in the condominium) and Fazilpur villagers. It is as if we are living on an island; schools have denied to pick and drop our kids; radio taxis also deny our bookings due to the condition of the road. It takes an hour to cover two kilometres on this stretch during the peak hour,” Ravinder Shekhawat, vice-president of the CHD Avenue RWA, said.

    “We have paid external development charges (EDC), value-added tax, registration fees and most of us are salaried individuals in MNCs, so we pay hefty income taxes. However, we are not given basic infrastructures such as sector roads and sewerage connections. We were promised urban infrastructure but are being made to live in an area with bad infrastructure for three years,” Shekhawat said.

    Sanjay Mathur, a resident of CHD Avenue condominium, said, “The road does not have streetlights, which increases the risk of mishaps in the night. The road was in a good condition despite handling the heavy traffic load of ready mix carriers, dumpers carrying stones and other commercial carriers. Basic repairs would have been sufficient.”




    Good day

    Today at 11.30 AM seven buyers (Two along with wife) of your CHD Vann project visited the site in Sec 71 due emotional attachment with future house.

    These seven salaried customers booked first flat with hard earn money and paying bank EMI & Rent in Gurugram.

    Site in charge refused the entry as prior intimation was not given of their visit.

    I request you imagine “You visit along with your spouse under similar circumstances”

    Customer is Security Risk?

    Not required after getting order?

    CHD is afraid of Customer Inspection due to Sub Standard Material used or bad workmanship or delay in project?

    Pl think.

    I will appreciate personal letter from you


    Malik SK

    “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

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  • We have started a buyers group...we have 50 customers already in the group who are regularly voicing their concerns with the builder. I am sure there are many other buyers who want to join the group. If yes, please PM me and I will get you connected...thanks
    • RajMona2 years ago
      Hi Dharmpal,

      I hope you are talking about Anshul group? Kindly confirm


  • My Dear Shri Gaurav Mittal jee,


    It is understood that at 11.30AM on dated 23july,2017 seven buyers (Two along with their spouses ) of your CHD Vann project went to visit the site due to emotional attachment with their future place of living( a flat in some of the towers in CHD VAAN and to also see as to how the project wherein they have booked for their future house is progressing.

    These seven salaried customers booked their respective flats in your project with hard earn money and now paying bank EMIas well Rent . By seeing the progress , these people wanted to know as to when they will move to their flat and stop paying rent at their present place of living and thus be saved from double expense of rent and EMI to their financial institution.

    What to talk of welcoming these investors , Your Site in charge was discourteous enough to refuse the entry on the ground that prior intimation was not given of their visit..This has happened in the past also as has been reported by other investors/visitors . At that time refusal was on the ground of security. This was not the case in past when work was in progress at good pace. This is not good Mr. Mittal . It is these and alike investors in your various time to projects that has brought you to the level where you are standing today.Please do not ignore them. They are you company's bread earners.Their used to be saying in our country that GRAHAK BHAGWAN HOTA HAI. I thing things have changed which is unfortunate.

    As I understand that there is practically no progress and work has virtually become standstill and to hide all this, entry of investors has been practically banned giving one or the other reason when some one comes to visit the site.

    I request you imagine that if you as one of the investor visit the along with your spouse under similar circumstances and you are not allowed to enter, what will be your state of mind?.

    I am also one of the persons who has booked in your instant project. Hence I request you to change your approach by immediate picking up the work at site so that you can deliver the project to the buyers on time( At present pace , it is almost impossible to deliver all the towers on scheduled date ie dec, 2018 or march,2019) Please make it possible to keep your image high in the market . With work picking up , you will also not have to say no if some one comes to see the project of his future place of living and people will be happy to say in the market that CHD is a transparent in working .


  • Any idea, What is the resale price going on in CHD?

  • Dear Neeraj Kulshreshtha
    Head CRM
    CHD Developers Ltd

    Thanks a lot for your mail informing CHD Vann project progress is as per plan and possession will be given according to Builder Buyer Agreement time schedule of 42 months.

    I congratulate the team “CHD Developers” for construction progress with no time overrun.

    Sharing my project understanding, if some gap in my thinking please corrects me.

    Construction of 569, 2 BHK/ 3 BHK/ 4 BHK flats in 12 towers, 101 EWS (social living) flats, Nursery School & Community Building over 10.5437 acres land.

    Booking Apr, 2014
    Bhoomp Pujan Sep 25, 2014
    BBA Signed Nov, 2014
    Completion 42 months from signing of BBA ie May, 2018 (max grace of six months under special circumstances)
    Time Left 10 months (Aug 17 to May 18)

    Thanks again for holding project progress review meeting at site on Friday Aug 4, 2017 with flat buyers. I will appreciate, you bring filled enclosed format to evaluate progress with some real specific measurable milestones.

    Meeting will be more fruitful if beside CRM team Vann Project Manager, Finance Manger & Contractor Construction Manager also present. (most of project delay problems are due to money flow & contractor performance)


    Encl Blank Format

    OF CHD VANN (As on July 2017)


    No of Floors
    No of Roof Slab Casted
    Plaster done in number of Flats
    Flooring completed in number of Flats
    Balcony Grill fixed in No of Flats

    No of Flats
    Date all will be Casted
    Date when all flat will be plastered
    Date when all flat flooring will be complete
    Date when all flat grill will be complete

    T 1

    T 2

    T 3

    T 4

    T 5

    T 6

    T 7

    T 8

    T 9

    T 10

    T 11

    T 12

    EWS Flats
    Construction Started YES/ NO Completion Date

    Nursery School
    Construction Started YES/ NO Completion Date

    Community Building
    Construction Started YES/ NO Completion Date


  • Dear Gaurav Mittal

    MD, CHD Developers Ltd

    Good Day & Greeting for Independence Day

    I am one of stakeholder in your project CHD Vann. You must be aware about news & development in reality companies.

    Bad News are hurting to all partners.

    In interest of all stakeholders I request you to register CHD Vann under Haryana RERA, upload all disclosures as per act & open an escrow account urgently. Without RERA percentage of defaulters for payment will increase. Next demand shall come with compliance of act & escrow account.

    This will built confidence among all and enhance CHD Brand & Business.

    Periodic transparent personal communication to buyers on the subject and schedule of construction milestones planned versus achieved will help the company.


    Sahil Malik

    I will write again even in past no response from your side.

    Copy to all known buyers

    • skmalik2 years ago
      Dear Manish Handa
      Customer Relation Management Officer
      CHD Developers, New Delhi 110066


      Good Day,

      Please refer to your demand letter, Invoice No: CVNNT/06J0001411 Date 17/10/2017, Booking No. : BOVN/02210)14-15, Customer ID: APCVN/05298/14-15. You have charged GST @ 12 % in invoice.

      According to BBA builder will bear the following Central & State Taxes and are included in Basic Sale Price of flat.

      Central Excise duty, Additional Duties of Excise (Goods of Special Importance), Additional Duties of Customs (commonly known as CVD), Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD), Central Surcharges and Cesses so far as they relate to supply of goods and services, State VAT, Central Sales Tax, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax (all forms), Entertainment and Amusement Tax (except when levied by the local bodies), Taxes on advertisements, Purchase Tax, State Surcharges and Cesses so far as they relate to supply of goods.
      Buyer will pay
      Central Service Tax (at time of change to GST @ 4.5 %) and Haryana VAT @ 1 % at time of possession.
      GST include all the taxes referred above paid by builder & buyer. You have billed me for all the taxes paid by you as per contract.
      You have unilaterally altered the BBA in your favor. Novation, Rescission or Alteration of a Contract under Section 62 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 can only be done with the agreement ..... of both the parties to the contract both the parties have to agree to substitute the original contract with the new contract or rescind or alter the same based on this decision.
      Meanwhile, the government has told developers to pass on any benefits that they may avail under the new tax regime to the homebuyers. Clause 171 has been inserted in the GST Act which provides that it is mandatory to pass on the benefit due to reduction in rate of tax or from input tax credit to the consumer by way of commensurate reduction in prices.

      Sahil Malik

      Your Customer
  • The project is at a standstill. What should the buyers do? It is sad and worrying. I request all the buyers to join me to represent our case to the top management and find a viable solution.

    Join me in this discussion to get in touch with me.
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  • No new update except NCLT. Also, the association is formed and I am still balance to send the contribution.
  • Can someone please share information about the buyer group? I would also like to join the group as I am also one of the effected buyer.