Does any body has any idea about the Price and amenities in this recently launched project in Sector -83. Need your advice guys ...
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  • Please share some more details and future prospects on this project.
  • SS group has a bad reputation and in Sec-83, there are other projects which are much lesser priced than them like Vatika's which is any day a better builder than SS. Better to go there.
  • Dear Miketest,

    I have seen properties developed by SS Group like Hibiscus, and I can vouch that the quality that they have delivered is unmatched. The project has been delivered and I have met people living there, who are more than satisfied with what SS Group has delivered. And more over the project seen appreciation of atleast 3 times on what they have sold. I would advise you that you should not go on hearsay and verifiy the details prior to mouthing some bad name for anyone. I have seen the Location of Sec-83 and its really good but I wanted to know more about the details of the project.
  • I think Vatika has fully built up project there in Sector-83 where the money outflow would be the complete cost at one go. I beg to differ with Miketest here as I have seen Vatika City and you can't differentiate between a hospital and a house if you see the apartments there in vatika city. Every one starts from somewhere and learns from the mistakes if done in the past. I am sure SS group is also learning and should be given its space, even Vatika would not have done wonders in the first instance
  • Hahaha fine guys. All on you. 7500/sq ft. Buying at 7500/sq ft in a project in sector-83 at the moment may be wise for you. Go ahead. Aviraj sir, if you were are so confident about the project, you should not have asked for advice in the very first place. Also, mind you, builder will be done with 85% of payment within an year and half of starting the construction. See the price difference, there is not going to be much appreciation when adjoining projects are lesser priced.

    Anyways enjoy!!
  • One side people seek advice n when people put the facts they them self try to convince...

    If they have already seen the existing projects go ahead why creating havoc here..,
  • Hi all,

    Please note that there is already a thread running on Hibiscus 2 - SS Group here
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