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Real Estate Companies in Gurgaon with Politicians Money

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Real Estate Companies in Gurgaon with Politicians Money

Last updated: October 27 2014
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  • Real Estate Companies in Gurgaon with Politicians Money


    It is a Long Known fact that Politicians money has been invested in Real Estate Companies In Gurgaon.

    To facilitate these investments state bureaucracy, executive, police and administration are used by the ruling party.

    SOME OF THE ACTS/LAWS Mended/misused include
    - Haryana Developemnt and Regulation of Urban Areas Act Rules / Acts
    - Land Acquisition Act
    - Manipulation of circle rates by the adminstration Revenue Department, Haryana
    - Societies Registration Act
    - Haryana Apartment Owners Act 83 Rules / Acts

    Few examples are
    - Not allowing Cooperative Group Housing Societies to do undertake projects in smaller area, (we have examples of many successful state/central/semi govt/pvt sector employees CGHS in gurgaon)
    - To issue notices u/s 4, 6 to secure preferred builders land banks and subjugate those with pucka houses with all govt amenities and facilities albiet unauthorised, causing long and unwinding litigations,
    - Creating an entry barrier by increasing minimum land requirement to 10 acres for GHS to favour builders,
    - Relaxing Requirement of Income tax clearance certificate for builders seeking licenses with dubious antecedents.
    - Relaxed interest rates for REPUTED BUILDERS for delays in statutory payments like EDC/IDC etc while allowing builders to charge from buyers any rate,
    - Compounding of all/most offences of builders under the HRD Act
    - State Monopoly created by legalising projects approved by DTCP and misused by builders,
    - No clarity and loopholes in ascertaining Financial and Project Execution capabilities of companies being bestowed with CLUs/licenses.
    - No audit and enforcement of Undertakings by builders in license pertaining to environmental clearance, adherence to approved building plans,
    - Loop holes pertaining to Carpet Area, Super Area, Balconies and misuse entitled FAR
    - Charging of Parking inspite of Equivalent Covered Space as per HUDA bye Laws to be provided with each apartment as part of unit and Supreme court and CCI orders.
    - Rules pertaining to DELAYS while RBI has strict guidelines for on providing housing loans to builder projects to be completed within 3 years. To make this as strictly enforceable law to be adhered by licensees and banks authorised by NHB for selling home loan projects. This is important as tax benefits on home loan becomes ineligible due to delays by builders in project handing over
    - Rules pertaining to UNETHICAL , Arbitrary and ILLEGAL Charges and clauses.
    - Rules pertaining to compulsory completion certificate by builders after occupation certificate has been obtained
    - Enforcement of transfer through conveyance deed/"Deed of Declaration", in a time bound manner, of common areas as required under Haryana Apartment Ownership Act and NO COMPOUNDING of such offences. Compositon policy under section 24C of Haryana Apartment Owners Act
    - Compulsory formation of RWA and simplification of rules pertaining to Societies Act,
    - Non provision and massive delays in provision of Basic and Essential common and community facilities by builders, as required by the act,
    - No control and check over cartelisation by builders and enforcing, unilateral, arbitrary and unethical trade practices.
    - Non provision of basic public infra enabling habitation in a stipulated time frame, while providing licenses to private builders allowing them to sell residential units. Resulting in massive cost overruns and subsequent hardships of escalation, uncertainties and lack of habitability on buyers
    - Frequent transfers of police, dc, town planners, administrators reducing efficacy and continuity of rule of law and developmental process
    - Non utilisation/lopsided use of funds under various development schemes and revenues eg JNNURM, EDC/IDC collected etc.
    - Offer of Possession without obtaining OC thus creating 100s of CAMPA COLAs
    - No action and audit against builders abusing green areas for creating third party interests and commercialisation, sometimes after OC.

    The idea is to make a proposal to the new BJP govenment which has come on the promise of Good Governance and inclusive growth.

    Further, to push the state and central BJP government to have a Regulator in place. A Petition shall be sent to Mr Khattar to repeal all such narrow, short sighted and arbitrary changes and plug loopholes.

    Request members to provide more such examples with specific sections of various acts which have been meddled with with singular objective of favouring politician sponsored builders.

    Last edited October 27 2014, 11:18 AM.
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