How to deal with CORRUPT and DISHONEST OFFICIALS of HUDA :bab (36):

I have been dealing with the corrupt HUDA officials since the last 5 years. Despite the fact that the Haryana government introduced some stringent guidelines for Citizens Character, the office staff (peons/clerks) operate with the same old rotten corrupt mind set.

In 2009, HUDA office at sector 56, Gurgaon had an honest Estate Officer. He had set some strict ground rules and one could get the job done a bit easily. No Touts/Dalals could enter the HUDA premises at Sector 56 and some were even threatened with dire consequences if they showed up inside the HUDA premises.

However, as is the case with any inefficient government office, the Estate officer was transferred due to his honesty and work ethics.

Now you will find “Touts/Dalals” who work closely with the HUDA officials to cheat customers in everyway they can. These dalals are always seen inside the premises walking from one room to another as if they are officially appointed by HUDA.

There is a price tag for everything. If you want to get even with someone who has a plot in HUDA, Gurgaon, just spend a little money and the file will be misplaced/lost.

If you want to stop any sort of documentation being sent out from HUDA that is also possible. Be it a Re-allotment letter, Possession Certificate or a Plot Transfer, HUDA officials know how to make life miserable for the plot owners.

Real Estate Agents also work closely with HUDA officials and can get all the inside information on any plot. These days you will find hundreds of letters being sent out to plot owners, in case they are interested to sell the plots. Where do these real estate agents get the addresses from?

HUDA officials are super rude and have no class. They are not even third-class. They seem like some blood thirsty ZOMBIES waiting to exploit you. :bab (45):

Two years back, the Vigilance department had taken some HUDA officials to task but these corrupt Huda officials are just unwilling to change. :bab (39):


1. Instead of visiting the front desk of HUDA, always send a registered post to them. HUDA is bound to respond to your letters.
2. Just pay one visit to your sector’s clerk. Don’t show any sort of helplessness.
3. If your job is not done, no need to meet or chat with your sector’s clerk again and again. He is not going to do the job if you show him your helplessness. Just meet the Estate Officer directly.
4. Do not take any sort of verbal communication as an official notice from HUDA. If the clerks tell you that there is some issue with your plot, just ask them to send an official notice by post. If they don’t do it, send a registered letter to HUDA office and address your concerns.
5. You are not supposed to pay any sort of bribe to any of the TOUTS/DALALS. Even if they do your first job for a fee, they will inform the HUDA official that this plot owner has contacted the DALAL and now nothing should be done free for the plot owner.
6. These Touts/Dalals, along with the HUDA sector clerks will only make your life miserable and charge you for every little thing.

G O L D E N Rule: If your sector clerk does not help you in your first visit, just meet the Estate Office directly. Sometimes, even if the Estate Officer assures you that your job will be done, the sector clerks will not move your file. So in any case, send a letter to HUDA as they are bound to respond to that letter and it also serves as an evidence for you.

If you take your letter to the front desk, they will again ask you to get it marked by concerned HUDA official and you will have to run from pillar to post to get it marked. Better to just send a registered post.

There are some time lines under which the clerks are supposed to do the job. Do not pester them to do your job, before the expiry of the time line. If your job is not done by the time line, just send a registered post to Estate office, HUDA, asking them why the job was not done by the “TARGET DATE”.

If you start visiting the HUDA office before the “TARGET DATE”, they will would happy to “frustrate you” and then the Touts/Dalals will corner you. :bab (61):

    Enquiries regarding installments/dues 5 working days
    Mortgage permission 18 working days
    No Dues Certificate 18 working days
    Conveyance Deed 18 working days
    Transfer permission 18 working days
    Final Transfer 5 working days
    DPC Certificate 8 working days
    Possession Certificate 7 working days
    Demarcation plan 3 working days
    Sanction of Building Plan 25 working days
    Completion Certificate 12 working days
    Refund 10 working days
    Water/Sewerage connection 15 working days

    HUDA Gurgaon Address

    -Office of the Administrator & Estate Officer-1 is located in HUDA building, Sector 14, Gurgaon
    -Office of the Estate Officer-II is located in HUDA building, Sector-56, Gurgaon

    HUDA PLOT OWNERS BEWARE - WE ARE WAITING TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD :bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA:bab (59): HUDA
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  • Thanks. It was quite helpful.
  • Good stuff, Abhi. Keep it up.

    Best is not to go near HUDA at all !!!
  • The way you have elaborated and suggested methods to deal with HUDA shows that how much you have run from piller to post and how much concerned you are for others ...Excellent piece of information and insight ....
  • Wonderful Post


    Thanks for the wonderful post.I have someone close who can use this post. Nice way of making people aware.

    That's why I love this forum that houses honest & responsible people like yourself.

    Keep e'm coming & TFS.
  • Amazing advices and nice research.