Debating between these 2 projects.. Kocoon in resale with price tag of 5600 with 90% upfront payment. Tourmaline at 6500 with 36 months subvention. I went to the site last weekend. Kocoon structure is ready. Looks like, they will be able to deliver by end of next year 2016. Tourmaline completed till 15 floor and that to basic structure. Company claim 2.5 yrs however doesnt look possible. Looking at both as an end user. Few questions.
Any difference between these 2 projects?
Which one to go for based on location?
Normally DP plan is 87% of CLP. Diff between Kocoon and Tourmaline is coming almost the same. However Tourmaline is subvention?
Not very good at finance and finance related topics.. heard people calculate NPV/IRR to check which one is financially better DP vs Subvention. Would love to get some help here pls.
I am paying rent and would like to move to my own house ASAP after possession. Will expressway be connected with Delhi by end of 2016?
Appreciate your inputs in advance!!
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  • Did you decide on Kocoon or Tourmaline, I am on same boat and not able to decide? Please share your experience. Thanks!!
  • Both, Kacoon and Tourmaline, are good projects.. I liked Tourmaline better however settled for Kocoon.. As I mentioned in my post, I was looking for early possession.. Gap of 1.5 years b/w Tourmaline and Kacoon.. PM me your number and we could discuss in details..
  • Anyone bought tourmaline??? I m planing to buy there.any WhatsApp group ?
    • raghav.iitdelhi3 years ago
      Me too looking for tourmaline WhatsApp there any...
  • Originally Posted by HelloHi
    Did you decide on Kocoon or Tourmaline, I am on same boat and not able to decide? Please share your experience. Thanks!!

    Which one u decided to buy finally ?
  • I am deciding between ATS Kocoon and ATS Tourmaline for investment purposes. After reading threads on both Kocoon and Tourmaline, here is what I have figured so far.
    ATS Kocoon
    * Good location close to DEW access through 60m road, price advantage compared to Tourmaline.
    * Possession within next year.
    * Not as luxurious (split ac etc.). Not big issue though.
    * As per brochure, green area looks small and cramped towers. No of unit per acre slightly high compared to Tourmaline.
    * Even though faster possession but no rental market at least 1-2 years (correct me if wrong). With 90% payment invested, no rental cash flow.

    ATS Tourmaline
    *Subvention available but higher price (builder has built in the interest cost)
    *Late delivery time frame. As per builder end of 2017. I doubt that. May be more like end of 2018.
    *Project aesthetics, water body and greenery is more appealing.
    *Location is not as good as Kocoon with access through back access road of 24m wide only
    *High tension wires passing through the project over green area, which could be serious health concern (surprising builder has not addressed it)

    Please feel free to correct my assumptions and I am sure I am missing many things from my analysis. I would like some feedback as which is better project for price appreciation, rental income for the next 2-3 year time frame.
  • What have you guys finally decided?
  • This may be good time to actually enter the project. Going by the reputation of the builder and the current stage, looks like it will definitely complete. So entry will be at a relatively lower cost than when it is fully complete. My preference would be for Tourmaline, will always command a better price as it is a more premium property.
  • BTW, what's the current price for both the projects?
  • what is resale price in both these projects
  • Any update on ATS Tourmaline? The project has been delayed and I don't think we will get possession any time soon in next 18 months.