BPTP Mansions 2764sqft duplex fully loaded apartments are launched at Rs 3,495 per sqft (with inaugral discount of Rs 250). Just wanted to know from the forum members if it's a wise decision to buy it. I know that the rate per sqft in that area or in surrondings are much more than what BPTP is offering, that's why I want to go for this project before they hiked the price.
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  • I would be vary about BPTP. They are not enjoying a good reputation. Faridabad projects continue to langish with delays.

    They have also done a project in Gurgaon, BPTP Freedom Park in Sector51/52. Though the project is comletely ready, BPTP is delaying handover. Buyers are citing that BPTP is asking extra money for giving possession which is not there in the agreement. Buyers had made a collective representation to the builder but to no avail. FYI, this came in a new channel. Also I think some litigation is on.

    I am also not too sure of their quality. It's better you go & check their Gurgaon project. Door/window frames look bad.
  • any idea what is current rate here for 3 bhk and when they are giving possesion
  • Waiting for BPTP Mansions Park Prime, Sectior 66, Gurgaon Possession since 2013. Anyone, please have any idea what BPTP is doing, I do not get any proper reply from custome rservice. Seems no construction since last 2.5 years. BPTP already took 90% hard earned money as payment. appreciate for any inputs !!
  • It might get completed in another 3-4 years if those bunch of labor keep working
  • Work is on , i went and checked the site about a month ago because i was also interested in the place. 1.6 CR is what i was quoted but more than that , there are many design similarities and fittings similarites betwen this and Park Prime... and PP is horrible in construction quality.. so i am weary. Kitchen so far looks exactly the same as PP as well, if it is only on the back of it being a duples they are asking for 1.6, then dont think worth it.
    • kumar19702 years ago
      any updates on possession handover?
  • Handover/possession updates on BPTP Mansions?

    Can anyone provide information of various BPTP Mansion existing forums/court cases ?