I am planning to buy a flat in Max Royal project of Sethi group. This is their 2nd residential project, their first project is Max City, its in Ramprastha, Vaishali. Seeking advise from anyone who has booked a flat in Max City, about Sethi group and their project delivery. I want to know if MAx City project was started and going as per schedule or is there any delay in that. If anyone knows the planned start and actual start date of this project.

This information is basically to get an idea of Max Royal and Sethi group's way of working. Please share your experiences and contact info if anyone has some idea and advise for me.

Thank you..
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  • Nice tutorial on image upload. Thanks.

    Max Royal community at Facebook is at Welcome to Facebook.

    Pankaj Ji...thanks for updates. I prefer LIC as its ROI is fixed for 5 years. I have very healthy credit history and the amount of home loan required by me is very small compared to my annual income. Hence, do not foresee much difficulties.

    I think it is incorrect to think about appreciation at so early stage. Most Max buyers are for end use and therefore it is more important that the project gets completed in time and shapes as per expectations in terms of quality. Real appreciation will be in terms of satisfaction of buyers. Sector 75-78 has too many projects and too much supply over next atleast 6-7 years. So one should not expect much value appreciation. Projects which will get completed early (2013 delivery) may have slight appreciation advantage. Otherwise prices are likely to remain stable.
  • Originally Posted by malhotra1799
    Hi Chicago ,
    Initially I was also going to book in Amarpali silion Princeley State.
    They also insist me book a flat which is park facing. but later when I visited location then found there is Grave Yard instead of Park mean Grave Yard Facing Flat with lot of neigbours but approachable in night only.

    So Finally me & my brother Booked 2 Flats (1195) in Max Royal.
    Max is quite Far from STP & Cremation ground & till now I think location wise it is one of the best in sector 74,75,76,77,78. because
    1) Near to main Road & sector 50.
    2) surrounded by lot of residential projects
    3) Next upcoming Metro Station in Sector 78 will be hardly 0.5 kilometer distance (Refer Noida authority Map ).

    As per me you shouldn't worry about location. Apart from location evaluate other factors.

    One more thing I would like to share in 3 Bed Room segment Max's 1195 & 1385 sqft are the one of best layouts which provide you very good cover area.

    Thank you Malhotra sir.
    I fully agree with you on layout of 1385 sqft, which actually I am looking for. Most probably I will book a flat in max royal during my upcoming visit.
    Thanks again.
  • i agree with basant, we cant expect appreciation in near future but hope that project comes up the way we all have dreamt about and in time.

    hope the activity seen on the site leads to real construction activity soon in full swing. rest will follow.
  • Hi All,
    I am a end user & timely delievery with quality standords is more important for me as compare to appreciation.

    According to me Price will not be stable in near future. Definately It will increase but on what pace it will dpened on many factors ex:-
    1) buyers get posession of flat on time or little delay.
    2) Apart from Max other surrounded builders are also ready with their flats or little delayed
    3) Quality what promised same has delievred.
    4) connected Roads & other facilities like electricity , water connections facilities.

    If above happen then we can think that price will be around 4500 to 5000/- sq ft after 3 years.
    ( Didn't include Metro 78 station as it is proposed only & initial phase )

    Above is only my personal calculation.
  • bang on mr malhotra except that i will stay away from putting a number on what price is going to be 3 yrs hence. its a factor of multiple variables apart from project per se. you cant predict the actual supply avaialble at given point, state of economy etc.
  • current rate

    Any idea, what is the current rate in this project (Flexi Plan). I am looking for a 1385 sqft flat.

  • I think company is offering 5 % discount on 3150 (All inclusive)

    ifms & plc extra
  • pic

    Originally Posted by pankaj.punk19
    I think company is offering 5 % discount on 3150 (All inclusive)

    ifms & plc extra

  • Pankaj Yaar ,

    Quiz Shwiz naa khel ,

    Thorra description de de photo kis cheez di hai.
  • Per me Sethi is fine, I have met and spoken to Mr C Sethi and his son Mayank. The first project is on schedule in Ramprastha and would be delivered on time.

    I have not bought a house in Sector 76 as I had already booked in 78 (Morpheus) as 78 would have a metro station (per DMRC plan) and would have direct connectivity to NE also. Your balcony would have a view of the Golf Course just next to the place.:bab (35):
  • Mr . Malhotra thats a struvtur for site office

    Sample Flat work is started
    Site office would be ready by 29th of this month

    PCC work is completed in block C & D

    Its a good indication

    Batching Plant is installed

    Mr. SEEJO

    Sector 74 to Sector 78 all seems to be a good location in future in whole of noida
  • Hi I am planning to buy a flat in sec -76 Max royal, Can we trust the builder for good quality and possession on Time. Pls advice as I am almost about to finalize. Thanks
  • Can anybody answer the above query as I am running out of time.I see no activity in thread
  • Hi Anil ,
    Me & My Brother have booked 2 Flats 1195 ( "A" Building ) in Sethi Max royal.

    When Market is Good then every builder is Good.

    But when the Market is down then you can Judge the builder Strength & Sethi Launched Max City when recession just started & during the recession peak they launched first residential project succesfully & performed very well.

    At the same time DLF , Unitech builder delayed their projects even more than 2 year.

    So I decided to go with Sethi which do not have bulk of project & qulity wise feedback of this builder is also good. Overall Feedback of builder is also good.

    Rate is quiet good as compare to other builder.

    Till now I am completely satisfy with my bookings.

    Rest is upto you evaluate all factor & take decision.
  • Originally Posted by anil23
    Can anybody answer the above query as I am running out of time.I see no activity in thread

    Anil....have you finally booked? pls share details