I want some accurate information from people who have good experience of this.

My understanding is that Tranche EMI is meant for Construction Linked
Plan (CLP) - when for some reason (i.e. dont trust builder) you are
wanting to go only for CLP.But on the basis of your salary, you can
afford the full EMI calculated for your entire loan. So your loan is
released as per CLP demand letters only, but you start your full EMI
from day 1. In the beginning, you pay back a big chunk of principal
disbursed and of course the full interest of the disbursed amount.

When your full amount is disbursed in 3 years time, you have already
paid back some of the principal. So your EMI is based on a total
principal sum which is less than full sum of CLP. For example, suppose
full CLP price is 30L. You go for tranche EMI, they release 3L every
2-4 months. You pay back EMI of -say- 30,000 PM (for ease of discussion) which includes the interest and part of principal. After 3 years, your outstanding amount will be only 21L principal - because you paid back30,000 x 36 = 10,80,000 including - say- 9L of principal and rest interest. So now your remaining 12 years (for 15 year loan) you pay 21000 per month.

Of course, bank makes the EMI amount same for before and after the
full disbursal by doing an accurate calculation, this was just for
illustration, but the idea is same - you balloon your principal repayment in the first 3 years. So if for a 30L loan the regular EMI is say 1000 per
Lakh per month, then with tranche EMI, it will become less, say 900
per lakh per month.

This is my current understanding, subject to correction by those who
have actually taken the loan.

Has anyone taken Tranche EMI? What is the actual EMI per Lakh?

My query was to compare tranche EMI with Downpayment (DP). Since builder will give discount for DP, amount of loan will become less - which
will also make the EMI less. Suppose there is 10% DP discount, 30L
flat is now for 27L. So obviously EMI will be less.

I was wondering about the difference in EMI between tranche EMI - which is on CLP which is safer in case of delays - and availing DP discount and
thereby reducing EMI.

Since both methods reduce the loan size, in which method will we pay more to the bank?

Just an academic question to understand the financial implications - also, if Tranche EMI on CLP works out same or better than DP, then why should we pay the full amount to the builder and reduce his incentive to complete the work on time?

Would appreciate input from those who have analysed these situations.

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