"Heritage" is the name of Ajnara's new project.
BSP 2700 is base price of 10th floor in flexi.
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  • I am also looking for a good deal in this project.
    The project location seems to be good and the layout plan is also fine.
    Anybody geeting good discount on bulk deals can include me in the list,
  • Hi Amit,

    The deal you are getting is good.
    I would be interested to be in your group.
    You can get in touch with me on nitinkt at rediffmail.com
    Other interested people can also be a part of the group.
    Please drop me an email. :)

    Originally Posted by amit3535
    The layout and location of this project very impressive for me, Visited the site yesterday dealers offering me 2675 psf in flexi for 8th floor.

    We we can form a group then we can demand for further discounts and get best possible deal for this project.

    Any suggestions are welcome. Reply guyz
  • I had also made up my mind to go for this project but waiting till dewali , may be chances of some discount offer n festive season .

    Prices may drop or may increase , anyway include myself too so that we can go for bulk booking.


  • Manish,

    Please share your email id so that we can include you in the list
  • Originally Posted by dkmca80
    I am alos intrested in this project can anybody suggest the reputation of ajnara and location of sector 74 project? hws the construction quality of ajnara and posession time,please share theb deal if anybody is getting,,,,

    Here is my opinion :
    1. Builder have launched 4 project in last 10 months. (Sec 121, Sec 137, Noida Extn, Sec 74) (Visit them and review work/quality/progress)
    2. Seems like intension is to collect 40% amount in Flexi and launch another project.
    3. Already 3-4 another project running in NCR.
    4. Try to find good deal in CLP. (much safer).
    If you are interested then meet any of their Sec 137 project buyers and review their buyer agreement for detail knowledge about Builder's intension/policy about delivery date/penalty etc and go ahead and book by paying 1 lakh.
    Builder was good when have only Sec 121 project but after that used that money to launch another project then another. Who know he will launch another one after that...
    But still if you book in CLP then are bit safe. If next 3-4 years are good for reality then will deliver all or might be delayed.
    Remember until unless you will not step into something you will not learn.
  • Originally Posted by dkmca80
    2675 is including the PLC as well ? plz clarify because i am intrested upto 5th floow with size 1440 ,3 BHK,,Any idea about the builder and location i swa the noida map and can see the big city park..any idea?

    has any one verified status of land? what abt agreement beteen authority and supertech and again between supertech and ajnara? i understand entire land is with farmers with full cultivation going on. be sure of this aspect befpre committing elsse u willland up in gardenia kind logjam.
  • Yes these things need to be verified first and if found ok then this seems to be ok project.

    If we make a group of atleast 10 people who are potential buyers then we can directly go to the builder and can get some discount for bulk booking.

    Mail me if someone is interested and if yes then decide the date and time to meet the Ajanara guys.


  • I do agree with Jhonty.

    We are now a group of 7 and can form a bigger group.
    Thanks for the support guys.
    Interested people can mail nitinkt at gmail.com
  • In today's market senerio Rs.2700 BSP is very costly, in noida extention people are selling bsp of Rs. 2000, and many reputed builders are there like Amrapali, Nirala, Patel, Supertech, Gaursons etc and they all are givuing all the modern facilites with very affordable price.

    Originally Posted by RoyalMax
    Lay out looks good.

    Pls post location plan, site lay out and cluster plans also for more clarity.

    rate of Rs. 2700 is all inclusive in Flexi?
  • Hi Rahul,

    I do agree with your point on the price.
    But Sec 74 is just opposite to Sec 50 which is a fully inhabited sector with rates ranging from 4500-5000 psf.
    Noida extension might take a long way to come up.
    In sec 74 is the apartment is ready today you can move in.
    Moroever these projects do come in a premium category and the gentry would be better than that in Noida Extn ( as per my perception)
    Regarding the metro there is no clear blueprint if it will go to Noida extn or through sec 78 but in any case it is very near to sec 74,77,76 and 78.

    Rest the decision is truly yours coz its all your hard earned money. :bab (6):
  • Hi Nitin,
    I am also interested in this project (layout was it's looking good) but yes the land allotment should be clarified before. i have sent you the PM with my details
  • Good to see as 1o potential buyers has agrred to meet on sunday . We welcome more buyers .

  • I spoke to awantika.....any second dealer is giving better rate than her for Grand heritage:bab (59):

    QUOTE=santosh.pratap;96339]this time they are with fixed rates......go for the bookings and talk to Awantika 9582888315 ..she can gve u sme discounts on this price..
  • Ajnara 74 booking

    hello all,

    i am also looking to buy a flat in Ajanara 74. But now i am not in NCR.
    But regularly visiting this forum is very useful.

    Can anyone let me know approxmiatly how long is it take to get Allotment letter, Builder-Buyer agreement, Housing loan etc. What is step-by-step process.

    Is there any dispute in Ajnara 74 project??
  • Need input about Ajnara builder

    Hello friends,

    Please share your views about the Ajnara builder. Kindly share pros & cons of this builder.