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Recently there have been so many flats launched in Sec 75-78. The count may be close to 50000 with about 16000 in Gardenia + 8000 in Silicon City & Princely estate etc. Add to it about 1,00,000 flats in Noida Extn.
Almost all of them will be delivering by 2012 end (best case scenario as promised).
Here is a different view I have adopted to avoid entering the booking game:
1. Everything is in the Air - Barring a few, even Bhumi Pujan hasnt been done for most of the plots. No Bank funding yet (which sets the timer of 30 months). Who knows when the work will start and when would it complete.
2. No clue of the final look - everything is promised to be a dreamland but what if things turn out ugly later on. May be another shabby Indirapuram in the making
3. Infrastructure - About 1.5 lakh new houses would mean 6 lakhs+ people. Are we ready with Electricity, Water, Schools, Hospitals etc?
4. Price Wars & Confusion - Even though things are a bit cheaper today, there is so much of confusion. One can never be sure to get the best deal for the best apartment.
5. Supply and Demand - With about 1.5 lakh flats coming up and being delivered at almost the same time, there would be a huge supply around 2012. It will definitely bring down the price of all flats, even the ones in developed areas like sec 50, 51 and 62. One might get a better deal then.

Hence I am planning to take the flat only later on in 2012. It might cost me a bit more, but atleast I will have all the options available. I can view the societies, their facilities, their finishing, location, flat location, metro existence etc.

No offenses meant to people who have already booked, but its just a lateral thinking post which might interest some members.

All the best to All

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