I think NO!

Let us have some facts reviewed:
Total number of houses to be delivered in Noida in next 3-4 years = more than1 Lac (source Times property plus 7 Aug and other research firms).

As per WAPCOS Assessment with the presumption of 6.85 Lac (very old data, might be several years old) population and will be around 15 lac by 2021 (calculated by water consumption)

Noida population is increasing at 4% around per year.
If current population is assumed to be 8 lack then hosing is required for 32 thousand people every year. if we take an average of 3 people per house then 1100 thousand homes are requires per year.

Now in 4 years required houses are 50000 Approx.

Demand = 50000
Supply = 100000

So you might be ending up with a home in which you don't get rent and possibly you would also not live there if nobody is living in that building.

Note : I have not considered the homes which are built personally at noida.
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