Does anybody here know about this aman phase 2...i didnt get the allotment in aman 1..and today got this call saying they r launching aman 2..if they already had land avl ..y did they refuse application 1st time..

also they say 1st floor in aman is complete..after 15 months only 1st floor? the payment plan this time looks better than last time sense it is actually linked to const and not duration...

can anyone suggest whether it will be good idea to invest in it?
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  • Hi All,

    May I know what was the original booking price of Aman 2 in 2011.

  • Originally Posted by sunny06
    Hi All,

    May I know what was the original booking price of Aman 2 in 2011.


    bsp was Rs. 2990 psf
  • Non delivery of possession of flat

    Dear Sir,

    Subject:-Information regarding non delivery of possession of Unit at Jaypee Greens Aman 2, Noida.

    1. As per provisional allotment letter dated 7.2.2012, the physical possession of the Flat was to be given to me within 27 months. This stipulated period has already expired on 6.6.2014 and the possession of the said Flat has not been given to me. It may also be noted that I have been paying Rs. 40000/- p.m. as an installment of the loan taken by me from the Axis Bank Ltd, for which nothing has so far been gained by me as I have not received physical possession of the said house property so far and have also not earned any rental income from the said Flat.

    2. I had specifically asked to jaypee as to where the amount paid by me has been utilized by you. No reply of any kind to this question has so far been received by me.

    3. The Company “Jaypee” has sent a letter dated 09.09.2014, which specifically cleared that they will provide the physical possession of the said flat by the end of November 2015.

    4. I have lost our confidence on the Company because there has been breach of terms & conditions laid down in the agreement duly signed by both of us. There does not appear to be any logic or sense to rely upon the company’s stated facts that I would be given compensation for the delay in giving possession of the said flat. In view of the above mentioned facts it is quite clear that every effort has been made by you to deceive me and deprive me of my legal rights to get possession over the said flat. Your this act has not only frustrated me but has cautioned me not to rely upon builders running in the same type of business.

    5. As I have already made it clear that I am a senior citizen, it is not possible for me to wait for the allotment of the said house. As the things go one cannot trust upon a person who has already shakened my faith for making investment in the house property. It is in the fitness of the things that a remedial action immediately be taken to refund me the entire amount paid by me on account of the allotment for the said flat together with compensation.

    It would be appreciated if an early action in the matter is taken to resolve the issues raised here in above.
  • Please do tell us once you get a response. It is unfortunate that you have gone through this but it is definitely a good move to ask for a refund.