Hi Guys,

Enough of upcoming projects, PROPOSED roads, proposed night safari, proposed stadium, proposed international airport, proposed #$!$#$&%*&^*^%* %$#%#%#% blah blah blah!!! I don't know if this is true but one thing is sure that its not gonna happen within 5 years (if true) and then again a new government new policies new complications and I am really sick of all this.

I understand the risk involved in all the good investments but here I want to discuss about HOME and not investment, a good reasonably luxurious house where you get the peace of mind, healthy breathe and most importantly a good neighborhood which can energize you for a better day next morning..!

Please can you help me list down some good projects on the basis of following criteria:

1- Quality of the construction and surroundings
2- Reputation of the builder
3- Location (distance of the metro stations, railway station etc.)
4- Value for money
5- Experience of the occupants and feedback
6- Significance of the project based on proposed (;-)) plans in the close vicinity


Thanks much for you time!!

PS: I myself am a prospect buyer for the same with liquid (reasonable) cash in hand.
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  • SilverCity 2 by Purvanchal Construction. Great if job is in Noida..otherwise GN is far off.
    One can get 3 BHK for ~45L. Society already 70% occupied.
  • ...seems good!! Worth considering!!!

    any other better options guys?
  • where exactly this society is located?
  • Originally Posted by WhiteTiger
    ...seems good!! Worth considering!!!

    any other better options guys?

    In Greater Noida I have seen 2 Top societies..which I have not been able to match till date..I am trying hard to get similar property on Noida expressway, its very difficult though.

    1. Jaypee Greens Greater Noida ..has a very HIGH price tag...definately out of my reach..but is one has a budget of 1.50 crores..its really worth it. Unlike "Planned" and "Proposed" features...it already has everything up and running...the buildings are being constructed now
    Its a five star property..top constuction quality...but a very high end premium project...Huge developemnt area and high maintenance
    But worth it if you have 1.50 crores to pay..truly world class

    2. Nri City by Omaxe...Right at Pari chowk...Probably the Best located society in Greater Noida.I have visited my friends there and its like a resort. In 10 acres it just has 300 or so appts...and the smallest flat is 1600 sq.feet or so..its 80-90% occupied and has good gantry...The central park is massive...around 5 acres maybe...
    Construction quality seems good..because my friend living there for past 2 years but no complaints except a few small issues, the price is around 3500 psf...but since its fully ready..need to pay upfront

    Both are Top end properties in Greater Noida in terms of location, quality and living standards
    Almost all your needs are within 1 km or so..plus Metro coming to Pari chowk ion 2013....so that will be an added bonus

    I havent seen anything like them in Noida..but i saw similar property called "Central Park" in Gurgaon...but its very expensive there.

    Wishing for a similar property on noida expressway which i can pay for on construction linked plan....I cant pay 70-80 lakhs upfront..
  • Jaypee Moon court at Pari Chowk

    Hello Zohaib,
    How do you rate moon court apartment of Jaypee greens. They are less the 1 crore.
  • Originally Posted by ajng
    Hello Zohaib,
    How do you rate moon court apartment of Jaypee greens. They are less the 1 crore.

    I have seen the project and here are the facts:

    1. its NOT less than 1 crore...after discount..paying all charges plus registration it costs around 1.20 crores. Thats the actual cost you will pay from your pocket (the super areas have been increased as per latest plans)

    2. Jaypee Greens Greater noida is without a doubt an exclusive project...but somehow i didnt like the apprtment layout of the Mooncourt appartment..the view (which is the nmain feature of Jaypee Greater noida) is only from Master Bedroom and one will see the road and swarn nagri plots from the other 2 bedrooms. For the vuew one has to go either to living room or master bedroom

    3. Even though the project is very exclusive but i dont see much appreciation as its in Greater Noida. Jayee Nioda will appreciate more (but too much wait time there..expect at least 4 yeasr for completion)

    4. Maintenance cost will be around Rs 3 psf and all facilities from maids, etc etc etc will be managed by Jaypee only...and charges will be on high end...I know someone buying a 1.1 crore appt will not think about it..still just for info.

    5. The Jaypee Greens Greater noida is a premium project and targets a very elite class....but things are on chargeable basis

    6. One little issue which i found with both Jaypee noida and Greater Noida that with so many projcts inside their project here are no boundries...i know they will spoil the look aesthetically but at the saem time..anyone who is inside the jaypee Greens (noida or Greater noida) is free to move about anywhere he wants...and with construction continuing for years...its quite easy to get in.

    On the whole the Jaypee Greater Noida is an Excellent project without a doubt...i rate it as A-Grade...but its for elite and overall costs are higher there. Appreciation will not be so high compared to Jaypee noida...if you buy in jaypee noida at 5500-6000 psf (Golf course facing properties)then when its complete...its going to be the most prime project on noida and rates would be on top...rental and sale both... BUT JAYPEE HAS TO COMPLETE IT FIRST...A WAIT OF 5 YEARS IS SURE.

    I personally didnt like the appt layout for Moon court....the vuiew shoud have been from more places in the appt..kyunki usi ka main paisa hai...
  • Go for unintech societies if looking for ready to move in Gr Noida. location wise "Unitech Height" is better options. I would not suggest Omaxe. must see Unitech once.
  • Originally Posted by silvercity2
    SilverCity 2 by Purvanchal Construction. Great if job is in Noida..otherwise GN is far off.
    One can get 3 BHK for ~45L. Society already 70% occupied.
    Picasa Web Albums - Marmaduke - Purvanchal Si...


    Are these pictures from Noida or Greater Noida?
    I have gone thru picasa pics ..really nice one !!
  • kendriya vihar 2bhk: 40L

    best value for money.

    compare this to Gaur Grandeur, 2bhk: 42L. and location is beyond compare