I am an NRI planning to make an investment of 60 Lakhs(approx) in a 3BHK flat in NCR region purely from an investment perspective only as of now. But for the past few days I am really confused as to where to invest in NCR???
1. Delhi is really unaffordable and expensive
2. Gurgaon and Noida both look promising

I am really confused between Gurgaon and Noida.

In Gurgaon only some of the new projects look lucrative. Likes of Vatika, EMAAR look good.
In Noida, apart from 3C and Logix I dont see value in investing in Jaypee considering the uncertainty and risks involved...

But the bigger question lingering is where to invest Gurgaon or Noida??

I have seen lot of posts on the forum here where people say Noida is good for longer term investment of 6-10 yrs whereas Gurgaon is for a immediate return property...

But want to understand what is in store in Noida/Greater Noida in the coming years apart from the express way project, cricket stadium, racing track etc.. considering only BPO companies are setting up their new offices in Noida whereas Gurgaon already has quite a good number of good companies not only BPO's.
I do understand that Noida has lot of future development happening in comparison to Gurgaon but doesn't that mean that Gurgaon will develop more and more as it is already in a developed state?

What is the value addition in investing in Noida/Greater Noida? considering Nodia has been developing before Gurgaon & in spite of that we have not seen the growth that would have been expected from this place.
Blame it to the govt. or the lack of companies but thats a fact, since Noida was setup in early 90's but still it has still not developed compared to Gurgaon? Why?

One can blame it on the UP govt. but if thats the case then how is the future different from the present or the last decade that has been so far?
I personally feel Noida might be a better livable place but is that it to it? since commercially Gurgaon may still be more viable..
Some people argue that this was done deliberately by the Central govt to develop Gurgaon first to ensure the infrastructure in Noida/GN is all in place before shifting the focus there. I dont know what to believe?

Everyone says Noida/GN is good in long run? But how can people be so certain? Is it because of influx of major co's not only BPO's coming in Noida/GN, the major projects(cricket stadium, racing track) being built? or something totally different?

Please advice as it will really help me in taking an objective decision..
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