I am planning to buy 2 BHK flat in Ajnara Sector 74 project. Can anyone support me with the best price available for the project. Also Kindly inform me abpout the reputation of the builder.
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  • Originally Posted by mt0587
    What is the best price being offered as of now for AGH...???

    I have got some interesting rates & compared with other dealers & also from builders, till now best i have got is 2800/- (10th floor) inclusive all. still waiting for better pricing. I am not sure about better then this but still any if body is having better then this pricing please let me know.

  • AJNARA Grand Heritage Plot is now a registeered plot.

  • Manish,
    May i know from where you got this information...about GH plot registry and any other update ? is the project bankable ?
  • Villas

    Any news about villas?
  • Sir, the land is still not registered only the stamp duty is finally paid by the company.

    Originally Posted by Jhonty29
    AJNARA Grand Heritage Plot is now a registeered plot.

  • Difference b\w Lease deed and Registry?


    I know that Lease deed has been done for AGH but i don’t know what are the actual steps for finally registering a new project in noida authorities as ajnara guy's are saying that Lease deed is same as registry in noida so according to them registry has been done but you are saying that only stamp duty has been paid.
    Kindly put a clear picture that was have done and what has to be done in order to register the project and have you seen the Lease deed copy for AGH?

    Thanks in advance and any expert comment from peoples related to other noida new projects are highly welcome.
  • Yes Lease deed has been done for this project but cluster plan has not been yet approved by noida authority and it will take atleast 2 months annd then only construcation acn take plae.I have seen the lease deed copy of this.

  • banks approve the projects only if cluter plan/layout has been approved by Noida Authority.

  • Updates for AGH

    Current updates related to AGH from a guy who went to Ajnara office on saturday to pay his rest of the 10% initial amount are

    Ajnara peoples told him that within one month project is bankable and showed him the lease deed copy ( the total plot size divided between supertech and ajnara).

    Bhumi poojan is likely to start by dec.

    HDFC persons are saying that this project is in there pipeline so likely to be bankable within month...

  • Good News.
  • Best rate

    What would be the best all inclusive rate for 4th floor, park facing ?

    Thanks in advance..
  • Today i got a call for a HDFC guy for bank loan, who told me that he took my no from Ajnara peoples.
    According to him this project is bankable with HDFC and Ajnara will start sending Allotment letters by this month end.
    Does any body else got such type of call?
    Do any body confirmed from ajnara about sneding allotment letters?
    I will try to visit the Ajnara site and their office on this weekend and update you all if got any details from them.
    :bab (6):
  • Bhumi Pujan

    Hi all..

    Frnds latest news about AGH is that just now I got a sms from my broker with invitation for me and my family to attend Bhumi Pujan on 24th Oct (sunday) at sec 74 noida AGH site. Timings are 12 pm for Bhumi pujan followed by Lunch.

    So i expect all my future neighbours to meet there :))
    :bab (6)::bab (6):
  • I also got SMS from Ajnara that "Bhumi Poojan" will be held on 24th Oct and the others who booked in AJNARA got the same sms .

  • Went to site today. Bulk of land is still under cultivation by farmers.