Hi Guys

I need ur opinion on First Floor. Do you feel, It has security risk as anyone can climb to the balcony.

In case if someone has stayed on first floor , then please share ur experience ...

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  • DONOT buy GF in any High rise.....

    With Low ceiling heights...even 1st floor is not recommended

    With the Present scenario of RE in noida....one has ample options to choose from

    Idea is Floor 2nd and 3rd....

    In a congested society with Small central greens...Go for road facing flats....basically go for any flat which IS FACING LARGE OPEN AREA...be it central greeen, road, etc etc doesnt matter

    Higher floors are A BIG NO.....untill unless you have 1 lift for every 25-30 flats...which is RARE in noida

    Reason....Pathetic Lift ratios...ENSURE that waiting time for lifts will be HIGH....and in case of breakdown of any lift (which will happen for sure)....it will get worse

    As i said Before.....WITH A BUFFET LAID OUT IN FRONT....and Sellers Begging Buyers to buy.....Buyers should Be extremely careful and make choices Properly...else KOI CHIPKA DEGA apna kabaad

  • Hi zohaib2012; , any specific reason to not look for 1st floor? Please enlighten the lesser mortals like us. :)
  • true i used to think first floor is ideal and so bought 1st floor in 19 story tower and this is road facing.. the only issue i see is security..
  • I think if it is road facing unit then 5th / 6th floor is ideal so that you are away from the hustle bustle, noise, dust etc,
    For garden facing units within the society 2nd /3rd floor may be ideal
  • As my flat is bang near the front gate i think it is highly unlikely someone will enter via balcony as the guards are always at gate. Unless someone targets to kill me or there is a riot i think all flats are equally vulnerable with GF and FF getting more secure due to reasons provided
  • In lower floors, problem of sunlight getting obstructed by the adjacent high rise building may arise.

    Also if the balconies are facing each other, lower floors may give a claustrophobic feeling.

    In addition, in lower floors you may have to confront, noise, dust etc.

    If lift-flat ratio is decent (25-30), higher floor should be preferred.

    Higher floors are more preferable from these points and less from the security requirements.
  • On the contrary, lower floors are much safer in high rises. The flats are always in best view of security staff and other residents and difficult to breach.

    The records of thefts in gated societies last year in Delhi NCR are a reflection that robbers find security in middle/higher floors easier to breach.
  • 1. I have not said that 1st floor is BAD...

    2. 1st Floor in 20-30 storey buildings lined up in front of each other in super congested complexes....has More chances of being in shadow area and hence no sunlight....also Lack of privacy and other issues like disturbances from flying cricket balls, etc etc....

    I would give preference to 2nd or 3rd floor units as they have better chances of getting more sun.....have more privacy...and ARE NOT depending on lifts

    3. GF is definitely BAD...until unless its a 3-4 floor building with just 3-4 flats above ur flat

    4. Higher Floors are ONLY good IF lift ratios are good...1 lift for 30 flats....Otherwise Dont go for it....not at all worth it...specially when TONS of inventory is piled up all over. Pick the best...leave the rest.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NO positive in a tower where there are 2 lifts for 100-150 flats...and You pick a 15th floor !!!!!!

    Upto 5th Floor is THE LIMIT......

    5. Yes ofcourse as someone said..they have picked up 1st floor road facing...is quite good....there should be no shadow and enuf sunlight and ventillation....yes certain privacy issues...but once you encraoch the balcony or make areangements like mirror screen glasses etc etc it will resolve that....

    6. Regarding security....Please DONOT go for any statistics.....and having in constant monitoring of guards is more a negative than a positive as MAJORITY of thefts etc in societies are involving Private guards...who act as informants.

    For security....My suggestion.....

    - Get your glasses tempered....will cost a bit but cannot be cut...

    - Encroach useless balconies and make them a part of ur rooms....

    - Put grills on open balconies...not only safe from security reasons...but give more space for random things like pots, drying clothes. etc...save from monkeys and other random issues..and above all Safeguard ur kids

    - Extra grill at main gate is a must....if u can afford get the good ones from everest company types...they are very good...

    - CCTV at All Entry points with recording facility a must, video phone etc


    When You hire a maid, driver.....make a dummy form from your own computer ..preferably in hindi....and ask them to fill it with their own hands...or u type in and ask them to read and then sign...
    Take a finger print on that form
    Take Photos and put one on that form

    Tell them its for submitting in local police station...

    This will Keep them in their limits....

    - Also a Lot of people have started putting dummy Cameras inside their houses and tell the maids generally "dhyan se saaf karna ..camera hai..."


    Majority of crimes in societies are not because of Gangs of theives roaming around and breaking in....But after careful profiling and planning

    Maids, drivers, guards, mainetnance staff. cleaning staff, Milk and paper suppliers, etc etc etc who have excellent access to societies play a significant role in such break ins

    Thats why these societies are NOT SAFE as projected to you by buidlers.....Your safety is in ur hands...not the Screwed up Maintenance agency or the RWA