Another new project in Noida :

Website is excellent, no idea about ground reality..Even could not find the builder details..But the concept and amenities are excellent..

Has anyone got any clue about builder and any completed project by him.

Surprisingly no broker is also talking about this project.
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  • Originally Posted by consumer
    is there any gud resale/fresh option in sunshine?

    Get in touch with the management. What price (and size) are you expecting?
  • 2050 sqft...
  • Originally Posted by consumer
    2050 sqft...

    price nahi bataya dost?
  • 2050 sq ft
  • sorry no idea of price...thats why i asked for advice
  • but i hv mentioned my budget anyway in the starting of this thread...thats arnd 1 cr all incl...max
  • Originally Posted by consumer
    but i hv mentioned my budget anyway in the starting of this thread...thats arnd 1 cr all incl...max


    ur first post on this thread is abut 10 hrs ago (post no 1877) and this thread was started on 21 aug 10- so u couldn't have made a post wrt ur budget at the begining of this thread. please reconcile. i think u hav got mixed up betn threads

    at least i hav not found any of ur earlier posts giving out ur budget. maybe i missed out.

    however, in this budget(1 cr) u can get a 2050 SF flat in this project as it comes to a rate of 4878 PSF as per the budget avble ands size being sought. while the current resale rate is anything betn 4300-4700.


  • thanks for your mail and info...actually its my mistake....i hv written abt my budget on other thread..

    but anyway thanks for advice
  • Hi,

    I'm new to this forum, I saw there were some discussion going on Sunshine new project on Expressway. Can any one give me some more details or some link through which I got more details..
  • Originally Posted by hemant021

    I'm new to this forum, I saw there were some discussion going on Sunshine new project on Expressway. Can any one give me some more details or some link through which I got more details..


    on the previous page itself, you can find whatever info is known to people here.
  • Originally Posted by fatichar

    on the previous page itself, you can find whatever info is known to people here.

    Thanks for the reply!!

    I have go through the information provided on previous page, but I need more info like launching date, for booking whom to contact directly builder or through some Builder authorized broker etc.
  • Bhai,

    no such information is there. Builder ne hi finalize nahi kiya hoga. Probably we are getting too eager :)

    Builder does not have authorised brokers. Best way is to visit them.
  • hi
    whats the resale process in SSH...can someone give a point wise detail...
    thx in advance.
  • Originally Posted by fatichar
    Investment purpose, right?

    Pune does not seem investment grade. Not below 1 cr levels at least.

    Noida can still do, but only for the long term. short to medium term does not seem worth the risk. If the full amount is cash, I would prefer stock market. For RE with loan, I would bet on smaller cities.

    Thanks Pravin. Yes, I was thinking abt some small investment, but Pune seems to be out of reach now.

    Looks like I missed the opportunity when 3 BHK was around 30L abt three yrs ago in Baner area. Hard to believe that they all are khokha+ now !
  • I have been following this thread for more than 2 years now. I bought a 2850 sqft in SSH in late 2010 for self-use. Think that was the right decision. Now I want to put some money in real estate for investment purpose. Considering that I understand Noida's market better than Gurgaon, I have decided to invest in Noida with a time horizon of 2 years.

    Pravin and other members please do share your perspective and advice on the following:

    1. Do you think SSH would be delivered within 2013?

    2. What is the most conservative price you can think of for SSH on possession?

    3. This investment I am considering would be a combination of my own savings (33%) + bank loan (67%). Do you think it at all makes sense to invest money in property in Noida where 2/3rd of the flat cost is from a home loan.

    4. The 2 options I am considering: 1575 SqFt in TowerB/C in SSH OR a 3BHK+servant in JayPee Kosmos. SSH's net per sqft cost (direct booking) is about 20% higher than JayPee Kosmos' net per sqft price in resale. If this SSH's cost was about 10% more than JayPee Kosmos then I wouldn't have even been considering Kosmos. But is 20% premium justified for SSH?? Kosmos has more or less similar ratio of carpet/super area ratio as SSH. SSH has bigger balconies but Kosmos has better layout overall. SSH surely has better specs, much lesser risk of timely possession than Kosmos. The other things that go in SSH favor are (i) bigger sized apartments on an average. (Infact if 1575 sqft apartments were not there then it could have been possible to position SSH in the luxury category.) (ii) Better gentry (iii)Ratio of "investors" to self-use buyers is much lesser. So the supply will always be limited. (iv) much lesser leg-work to buy the flat because buying in re-sale involves far more work than buying in direct booking.

    5. Purely from investment point of view is Kosmos better located than SSH? SSH surely has a narrow approach road. Leaving that aside is Kosmos better located than Sector-78?

    I would also like to share my own perspective on SSH since this is the only project I have studied in-depth:

    - Sunshine will put its best effort to make Helios its showcase project. Like what ATS Greens Village (93A) is for ATS.

    - The tower planning of Helios is surely inspired from ATS Paradiso Gr Noida. I wish the FAR and tower density was also same as Paradiso. The similarities are: (i) 2000 sqft flats are landscape facing and 1600 sq ft flats are outside facing. (ii) Flat sizes. 1600 --> 1575, 2000 --> 2050, 2800 --> 2850 and 3200 --> 2850 sq ft flats. Initially there was no plan for 2450 sqft flats in helios. Some calculations must have had forced the planning team to downsize 2850 sqft flats to 2450 sqft flats. (iii) In both projects, there are only 2flats per floor for size more than 2050. (iv) another similarity is that the woodwork in kitchen is part of the standard specs. But full modular kitchen (Hobb/chimney) is not and woodwork in bedrooms is not.

    - I wish tower B, C and E had 3 lifts in each tower.

    - Sunshine is among the very few projects in Noida which will provide an indoor badminton court. Outdoor badminton court doesn't involve any major investment but the indoor one does.

    - After completion, this project will put Sunshine among the most reputed builders in Noida.

    - The narrow width of approach road towards helios is certainly one of the biggest concern. Hope it doesn't turn out to be a big nuisance once the GHSocities on this road become fully habitated.

    - If you plan to stay in the house then it makes sense to pay extra for double glass door. More than the noise reduction the double glass door would result in heat reduction in summers and hence lesser electricity bills. The net waala sliding door anyway makes a lot of sense because it would certainily be needed and the market cost for individual purchase and installation is higher than what is quoted by Sunshine.

    - I am not impressed with the bathroom tiles options given by sunshine. The given options are too boring. Sunshine could surely have provided more exciting options in the same budget that they would end up spending on the current set of tiles.

    - Have any of you noticed the fire sprinklers are being installed in the flats. I haven't seen any other builder spending money on providing fire sprinklers inside the flats. But what I am curious about is how would the pipes for supplying water to sprinklers be concealed.

    PS: The reason I was not creating an account on IREF is to resist from spending too much time on participating in the forum. My fear was bang on :)