Another new project in Noida :

Website is excellent, no idea about ground reality..Even could not find the builder details..But the concept and amenities are excellent..

Has anyone got any clue about builder and any completed project by him.

Surprisingly no broker is also talking about this project.
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  • Agree with the comments about completion certificate not being issued, yet maintenance is being demanded. As per UP Apartment Act 2010, builder is obligated to provide maintenance free of cost for a period of 1 year from the date of completion.

    However, there is no point in deliberating upon these on this forum or any other forum for that matter, unless residents of SS are prepared to form a RWA and talk to the builder using that body. Only a registered RWA will be taken seriously, if at all. Protests of individuals will be brushed aside.

    Having said all this, 2 psf is not high,, given that there are some high maintenance items involved such as the Gym and the Swimming pool, which are indeed maintained to high standards. The maintenance in this society is at par with what exists in comparable societies at comparable prices.

    Once again, if price is a concern, then also RWA is the only way to go.

    If the RWA is formed and takes over maintenance with itelf , then it may be able to provide a somewhat cheaper rate, given that there will be very minimal or no margin built into the charges.
  • Cost increase is ok if the facilities are also provided on par with it. The gym has only 2 running machines, lobby area is deserted with no seating arrangement, finishing work in society is going on a snail's pace, basement area is dirty and water keeps on leaking from the roof. Current facilities are more of a way to be counted and ticked off to prospective buyers at sale time, on actual usage, quality sucks!
  • meteor; bhai
    Absolutely agree. Defending Sunshine is the last of my intentions !! I was just trying to say 2 psf is the norm in similar societies, of course that is not to say that those builders are not fleecing their customers, they must be.
    If SSH residents wants cheaper and better service, RWA is the only way to go.
    It is actually quite easy to form... all that is required is a meeting which is attended by more than half of the residents.
    That meeting can decide upon a temporary body, with a mandate of 6 months only, to accomplish a specific set of tasks namely, to get the society registered and adopt the UP Apartment Act model bylaws 2010.
    Once the registration is complete, the temporary body needs to be formally disbanded, and formal elections need to be called to elect a permanent body (Apartment act stipulates yearly elections thereafter).
    There are plenty of lawyers who can facilitate this for a consideration... I know one such who can guide you through the whole process and get it done.
    Completion will progress at snail's pace only, this builder is starved of money (what's new!!).
  • Maintenance @2psft is very high.
  • check stylome at rs 3 psf. some people bragging that is it cheap. 2psft is blessing.
  • Hello Friends,

    Could you kindly let me know:

    1) What is the exact distance from the project to Noida City center by shortest route ? Google Map shows it as 7.6 Kms, which seems to be large.

    2) How may flats are occupied by residents?

    3) Does all school buses reach SS ?

    4) What is the scene of Gas Pipe line in the flats ?

    5) Does the project will get attraction from tenant, as the sector is already coming with many projects.

    6) I was there last week and found the air quality very poor due to constructions around. Public transport to reach sector 50 market is missing here, however available near Prateek Wisteria.

    Would appreciate the views of brothers on this thread.
  • (1) around 5 km... there are internal roads which Google Map will probably fail to identify
    (2)Around 2/3rd of the 400 odd flats
    (3) Not sure about "ALL" schools, but the buses for major ones do.
    (4) No IGL gas yet. Builder says infrastructure (as in underground pipeline) is in place. For some reason IGL connection has not happened.
    (5) Rentals are at rock bottom... a 1685 Sq.Ft unfurnished flat will not fetch more than Rs.15000 per month in rental
    (6) Public transport is non existent. Air quality is poor, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, owing to never ending cycle of construction.
  • For the last 15 days, entire complex is running on diesel generator backup power. This is because Daw & co have failed to pay UPPCL their dues, so they have duly cut the power line. Not long before the diesel supplier turns up asking for his overdue payment. Guess what happens then? :-)

    When will this daylight robbery end? Will the real estate bill come to the rescue of Helios residents anytime soon?

    The new law will definitely bring Solaris into the focus... and Daw will have to find money somehow to progress that project, else he is now truly doomed. What it means, is, Helios will sink into further abyss, as there will be absolutely nothing left for spending on Helios.

    Daw's henchman Sandeep Bharti has now changed from a 1680 Sq Ft flat in tower C to a 3200 Sq ft flat in tower A. Not sure how, as Sunshine has not been exactly in the pink of health of late, so the source of funding for its employees is anybody's guess. A jump of 1600 Sq ft at today's rate would be in excess of 1 crore.
  • I totally agree with user73; The situation in Sunshine Helios is getting messier day by day. The CRM does not respond and builder is totally clueless about paying dues to UPPCL and Noida Authority. Check list of following serious issues in Sunshine.

    a) Our society is running on DG sets since last 20 days. No proper reply from CRM for this mess. They are coming up with stupid reasons like "UPPCL is asking for increase in load so file is pending at Lucknow office, electricity department is sending them inflated electricty bills by two or three times for which they have objected, etc. So the electricity matter has not yet resolved with Noida Authority and we are people are in state of clueless as what is actually happening.

    b) Constant running of DG sets are like hell to people living in E and F tower. I too have started developing the problem of headache due to these ever-running DG noise. The situation gets very worse during night and becoming impossible to come to our balcony. It is like we are living in Zoo in this society.

    c) Sunshine builder has to pay dues to the tune of 20 crores to Noida Authority just to only start the registration process. After this the builder would have to pay remaining 25-30 crores to the Noida Authority to get the OC from them. This news I have heard from some residents in the society but I cannot confirm its veracity. This is the reason the residents are telling that the sunshine flats are not getting registered with NA.
    Builder has no money left and is totally clueless about raising the money from somewhere else.

    d) If above news is true and I pray that it is not true, then we are heading for a ugly battle in future with the sunshine builder. It seems like another "Kesar Garden" is in making in Noida.
  • One thing I totally forget about Mr. Bharti. He is the most talked person in society after the builder.

    Everyone is totally surprised that how an employee who joined Sunshine in 2010 with less than six digits salary per month now owns a largest unit in the society (worth more than 2 crores). Not only that he owns a SUV worth more than 25 lacs.

    Is this possible without person getting involved in some shady deals with dealers, brokers etc. ?

    I do not know. The builder owes much of the explanation not us.

    We can only be surprised (or envy) and guess.
  • Flats not getting registered evn after more than one year of shifting will cause serious trouble to residents once NA decides to take action. Recently they came out with strict instruction with regard to this and are imposing penalty on buyers who are living without Registering their apartments.
  • we as sunshine residents now putting pressure on Daw and team to sell off Solaris units and pay off NA dues but what I heard is Solaris buyers are also ready to nail down builder.
  • Originally Posted by Akash1
    we as sunshine residents now putting pressure on Daw and team to sell off Solaris units and pay off NA dues but what I heard is Solaris buyers are also ready to nail down builder.

    Diversion of funds from ongoing project is now completely illegal. Solaris is just 210 units projects and most excepting top floors, bed locations must have been sold by now.

    Already the pace of work in Solaris is extremely slow and project Bhind by over two years. diversion of funds from Solaris to pay off Helios liability to Noida Authority will be suicidical for Solaris buyers. eVen the bank which has financed Solaris will not allow such diversion.

    Daw is a rich man and has made many tall promises. It is time for him to stand up and show character. Not very difficult for his standing to raise 20-30 crores. Else let him sell of his commercial project which is root cause of all financial problems.

    One thing is sure..Mr Daw and his Sunshine Group has lost all credibility and goodwill they built in initial years. The conduct of group and its high profile employees like Sandip is totally against buyers.
  • Daw and team: you cannot divert solaris funds to other projects..Get ready for consequences..solaris papers are signed by your wife..mind it !

    We innocent buyers are getting our personal
    Life hell becuase of you..Bank is pulling our collar to pay EMIs..
  • There is a real and present danger of current residents being evicted (or at least served legal notice) by NOIDA Authority as to why they are residing in a project which has not obtained completion or occupation certificate. As per law it is a serious offence. Of course it is possible to fight it out, as the culpability is as much on NA (for not realising dues from builder on time ) and the builder (for duping both NA and the buyers) as much as it is on the buyers. But at the end of the day, NA and builder are far more powerful than individual buyers, who will always be at the receiving end of such action by authorities, unless they stand up, get united (i.e. form an association) and take the fight to the builder and the authority. How did NA allow construction to continue when dues were not paid as per schedule? Why did they not take any punitive action, or publish any data in newspapers to say which builders are defaulting, by how much and since when? How is the common buyer supposed to know who has paid (or not paid) and keep track of the same? Is it the buyer's responsibility to track such information? Why do we have nodal authorities like NA if all such onus is shifted to the buyer? All these can be and will be asked in case things go legal.
    However, the situation is very grim. No one knows if Daw is genuinely bankrupt, or acting like one. There is seriously no taker for his stillborn commercial project. No one is wasting any more fund on real estate entrepreneurs. Not banks, not Venture Capitalists, no one. Sales are almost zero, unsold inventory is all time high. How will Daw ever pay off his dues to UPPCL, let alone NA ? How will he ever complete the project? No one knows. This situation surely has not cropped up overnight. It must have been building up over several months... yet he was not honest enough (like his early days) to share the difficulties with his trusted buyers who hold him to be an honourable man. That was his mistake. If he had communicated, he might have had the buyers by his side today, at least most of them. INstead, he decided to let thugs like Sandip have a free run and antagonise whatever remaining goodwill was left. The result is there for all to see.