Another new project in Noida :

Website is excellent, no idea about ground reality..Even could not find the builder details..But the concept and amenities are excellent..

Has anyone got any clue about builder and any completed project by him.

Surprisingly no broker is also talking about this project.
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  • Mr @ragela info could be beneficial for any future buyers of this society. This is the info that helps and guides end users to plan and buy the right property!
  • Originally Posted by pravira
    Mr Ragela.
    from your post it's certain that you are residing in the complex. So you should have the courage to face & set right all illegal activities there rather than Washing dirty linens of your complex in public.

    Completely ridiculous logic

    Firstly there is nothing like linen washing in public - that is a proverb designed to stop people from telling the truth as it is

    Secondly - Everybody talk about his or her society's positives- Somebody sharing the cons of his society should be encouraged as it bring transparency .It also helps the prospective buyers in fairly evaluating the society.

    And as far as 'courage to face ' is concerned - when you buy something you expect pleasure and peace of mind , and not needing courage to face .

    Your argument is like if you buy a car and its breaks fail , you should have the courage to drive the car without breaks - and not complain about car being faulty. Absurd

  • Hi Guys,
    I am thinking of purchasing one flat in Helios. But looking at the posts it seems to be a sorrow state in society. Just want to know if transfer, maintenance and Yadav's son's thing still in sad state.
    • mbhatia7 months ago
      The residents are constantly making efforts for the registration to start. We are hopeful that it will start soon. You can wait till that time. But be ready for some hike in the price if that happens!
  • Yeah, but the investors would offload as soon as registry opens as no Investor would register and sell flat later, so in conclusion, rates would remain stable and in fact the condition this society is in, rates would not go up so soon!