Another new project in Noida :

Website is excellent, no idea about ground reality..Even could not find the builder details..But the concept and amenities are excellent..

Has anyone got any clue about builder and any completed project by him.

Surprisingly no broker is also talking about this project.
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  • Any update from Sunshine management on current situation?
  • What are expectation from Management?

    SSH cannot do anything its all to be done by Court / Authority or Farmers.

    Management is only thinking of construction, timely completion and money..they are correct at their side but Management should also think of buyers and current situation and should not pressurize people for money till the time issue get resolved.

    Patwari village issue is resolved, villagers had already collected the cheque and signed the agreement. Hopefully Noida issue would also get resolve soon.

    Originally Posted by neokhsr
    Any update from Sunshine management on current situation?
  • We more or less agree that builder has right intention to hand over project in time. even the buyers have right intention to pay.
    2 options that i think at this point of time-

    -Either bear interest till april 2012 till elections and dont pay. nett interest hit will not be more than 6-8% which is nothing compared to the principal amount that u would have paid.
    -Pay right now and take in writing from builder reg 100% money back if project gets into litigation etc. make it time bound from date of possession eg.

    All i know is that all these issues will suddenly vanish once elections are over. We will see another date after 17th aug deadline from court. court will again ask for an out of court settlement.:D
  • Guys, LB/LP are selling like hot cakes at rs 5000 psf all incl. our sunshine is selling at 3500 psf all incl. what say guys, after 3 years, how much will be the difference in price between LB/LP and helios?
  • rafa...once this uncertainty cloud gets over then we can think of rates touching 4000, Assotech rates are now 3900, Prateek rates are 3800 but currently looks like a disputed land...

    near to solution


    किसानों को 5 पर्सेंट जमीन देने के अल्टिमेटम के पहले चरण की डेडलाइन नजदीक आने के साथ अथॉरिटी में फाइलों का मूवमेंट तेज हो गया है। काम को फाइनल शेप देने में सिर्फ 2 दिन का वक्त बचा है लेकिन अभी तक कितनी जमीन पहले चरण के किसानों को किसान कोटे के तहत मिलेगी , यह साफ नहीं हो सका है। कमर्शल यूज वाली आबादी की जमीन और प्लानिंग के तहत आने वाले इलाके में आबादी बनी होने जैसे मामलों के निस्तारण के लिए 2 अलग कमिटी बनाई गई हैं। यह कमिटियां इससे जुड़े मामलों की पड़ताल करने के बाद फाइनल रिपोर्ट तैयार करेंगी। अथॉरिटी ने किसान संघर्ष समिति को आबादी और 5 पर्सेंट जमीन देने के मामले 15 दिनों में सुलझाने का आश्वासन दिया था। पहले चरण में 16 अगस्त तक सोहरखा , पर्थला खंजरपुर , बादौली बांगर , सदरपुर , आगाहपुर गांवों के मामलों को निपटाया जाना है।

    सूत्रों के मुताबिक शनिवार और रविवार को छुट्टी के बावजूद इन गांवों से जुड़े मामलों का निपटारा किया जाएगा। 80 पर्सेंट आबादी से जुड़े मामलों का निपटारा होने के बाद बैक लीज के आधार पर सर्वे कराकर 5 पर्सेंट जमीन की लिस्ट जारी की जाएगी। सोहरखा ग्राम प्रधान नरेश यादव ने बताया कि किसानों की दो प्रमुख मांगों का निस्तारण 16 अगस्त तक होना है। इनमें आबादी को जहां है , जैसी है के आधार पर छोड़ने और 5 पर्सेंट किसान कोटे की जमीन दी जानी है। मांगें पूरी नहीं होने पर पंचायत करके बिल्डरों का काम रुकवाने समेत अथॉरिटी के खिलाफ उग्र आंदोलन शुरू करने का फैसला किया जाएगा।

    सोहरखा के ग्रामीणों को मिलेगी जमीन

    अथॉरिटी चेयरमैन एवं सीईओ बलविंदर कुमार ने बताया कि 16 अगस्त तक पहले चरण के सभी 5 गांवों के मामले निपटा लिए जाएंगे। अभी तक सोहरखा , पर्थला खंजरपुर , बादौली बांगर और आगाहपुर गांवों के करीब 600 से अधिक लोगों की 5 पर्सेंट जमीन की लिस्ट तैयार कर ली गई है। 16 अगस्त तक सदरपुर का मामला निपटा लिया जाएगा। आबादी के मामलों के निपटारे के साथ ही लैंड रेकॉर्ड के आधार पर 5 पर्सेंट जमीन संबंधित किसानों को दी जाएगी। सेक्टर -116 के ज्यादातर इलाके को सोहरखा गांव के किसानों को 5 पर्सेंट स्कीम के तहत अलॉट किया जाएगा।

    -Navbharat times

    Originally Posted by rafa_nadal
    Guys, LB/LP are selling like hot cakes at rs 5000 psf all incl. our sunshine is selling at 3500 psf all incl. what say guys, after 3 years, how much will be the difference in price between LB/LP and helios?
  • common problem with everyone..even in 7X too

    Expressway relief start fresh problems for homebuyers: Readers Write in

    The news of Noida Expressway farmers agreeing with the authorities for the time being – three months, to be precise – has brought much relief to thousands of investors and homebuyers. At the same time, however, another problem is rearing its head: now that the developers know farmers won’t harass them for at least three months, they want homebuyers to start paying their balance intallments. Like in my case, I booked a flat at a project on Expressway after paying a lakh. I was supposed to pay 10% of the flat money within a month. But when the land acquisition problems started, I didn’t make the payment within the stipulated time. I’m still in two minds because no one can really believe the farmers at this juncture as they change their statements almost daily. But if I decide not to make the payment now, I run the risk of being branded a defaulter, thus inviting 18% interest. Since the land on Expressway is safe as per the authorities and farmers, the law would favour the builder. According to the Builder-Buyer Agreement also, the developer has the right to demand the money from the homebuyer at completion of a certain portion of the building, like excavation, casting of first floor slab etc. But unless I’m sure that there won’t be further problems with the farmers, how can I put in more money and get stuck forever? I’m a salaried person and the sole earning member in the family. I can’t afford to lose money at a time when I had to plan my children’s future as well. Kindly advice as I’m caught between the devil and the deep sea. _ A. M. Rajagopal, Sector-34
  • SSH Village ?

    Any Idea which in which village Sunshine Helios Project falls???
  • Has anyone designed layout for 2050 sq. ft. ? If yes, please share.
  • Originally Posted by Akash1
    Any Idea which in which village Sunshine Helios Project falls???

    it falls under erstwhile land holding of sorkha vill

  • Went to the site. Status:

    8th slab in progress for B.

    7th and 8th on progress for C.

    Amusing to see that the one of the last projects to be launched in 7x area is one of the foremost in terms of construction status. Amrapali Silicon City is foremost (but was launched much earlier).

    An ambulance was present. Maybe some accident happened.

    The current rate in flexi (actual) would be around 3500. Still I think this is one of the, if not THE, most value for money projects in Noida. So is anyone thinking of upgrading flat size? If we do it on possession, we would probably have to pay around 5000 psf for extra area. Also mention if Sunshine is giving some discount for upgrading. and the availability scene for larger sizes.
  • Hi Sids69 et al,

    Any update on this..?what could be the worst situation in 78 / precisely in SSH when SSH management has shown us the search report.

    Originally Posted by sids69

    plz go through the above link or read other threads

    NA has already received notice from AHC on the petition fild by the farmers of SV wrt denotification of entire land of now called 7XXXXX sects. same has been confirmed by NA
  • 3cs Buyer has sent letter to 3cs..can SSH also respond to these issues..OR can we also unite and ask SSH to answer these questions.
    Dear 3C,

    This letter is on behalf of buyers (list attached) in your prestigious residential projects, Lotus Boulevard, Lotus Panache, and Lotus Zing.

    We all are very excited to have purchased an apartment in 3C’s projects and are looking forward to turn this apartment into our permanent homes. We all have strong belief/trust in your company and consider you as one of the best builder in Noida region in terms of quality, Customer Service and transparency, while dealing with end-users. Till date, 3C’s Customer Service has been more than satisfactory and has resolved most of our concerns.

    Since many of us are first-time buyers with no previous experience, we seek to clarify certain points, and trust you will consider the below points most positively. Given the recent land disputes in NOIDA and NE, we are naturally anxious and hence seek some clarity w.r.t land acquisition. You may find multiple questions in a single point but they are related, kindly reply to each question within each point made below.

    1. Per our understanding, NOIDA Authority has given flexibility to all builders in NOIDA region to pay the premium of allotted plot(s) over a period of 8-10 years. For LB, this period is until 2016, for LP same is 2019 & for LZ it is 2020 respectively. However, the construction of all projects is scheduled to be completed by 2013-2015. While we deem as 3C is financially very strong company, will pay 100% premium of these lands to NOIDA Authority by 2013-2015 (i.e; at completion of respective project) and no dues shall remain further to be paid, please clarify if our understanding is in line with yours on issues of premium payment to NOIDA.

    2. We believe that 3C must have cleared (with NOIDA Authority) about the conditions/clauses/terms under which the flats shall have sub-lease deed during project planning phase. We therefore request you to please share these conditions/clauses/terms ASAP.

    3. We also request to you provide the formats of TPA cum Sub-lease deed for these projects to respective buyers.

    4. Hypothetically, if a buyer is paying 100% payment to 3C through self-funding (no loan), can the buyer after possession put his flat on mortgage? Will this require an NOC from NOIDA Authority or any financial institution if the land for the project is already mortgaged?

    5. Please also clarify the difference between “Standard Registration” (as is done in most of the clear cases) & “Registration of Sub-lease deed”. While carrying out the “Registration of Sub-lease deed”, what would be the charges? Will these be calculated based on circle rates (Stamp Duty + Registration Charges ~11-14% of BSP) or will these be some nominal amount as in Notary?

    6. We also request to you clarify the clauses/conditions/terms under which land of these projects have been (or will be) mortgaged to some banks / financial institutions. In case there's a payment default, will the buyers of flat still have ownership over their respective flat in these projects?

    7. Please clarify the difference between ‘one time lease rent’ and ‘Lease rent every 10 years with an increase of 50% on the then lease rent’? If 3C has opted for later, who is going to pay the lease rent once first 10 years get completed? If there is going to be a burden of lease rent over the apartment owners after every 10 years, how’ll that be calculated for each flat? If 3C has opted for second option, please point us to the clause in the Builder-Buyer-Agreement wherein the same is mentioned?

    8. Last, in a worst-case hypothetical scenario, if 3C defaults/fails to pay back to NOIDA Authority, who’ll have hold over the plots (along with the apartments built over them) of these projects? Will the buyers of flat still have ownership over their respective flat in these projects (given the registry in place for individual units) OR will NOIDA have the legal possession rights over all the apartments? Will this amount to the individual owners end up paying the balance premium due to NOIDA, which actually was to be paid by 3C?

    Please give this matter your preferential attention. We have immense confidence in 3C and your prompt & comprehensive response will further cement our trust in you.

    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail.


    With trust in 3C,

    Buyers in 3C’s Projects (LB, LP & LZ)
  • dear mrindianoida

    reply 2 ur queries are as under

    Worst Situation
    1. Situation One project gets shelved due to high court denotifying the land acquisition by
    (a) implications.
    NA obtains stay & goes in 4 appeal to SC. Situation of uncertainity.
    builder goes on with the project and keeps demanding money as per
    the progress of the project. some people do not pay up and project
    starts slowing down. subsequently SC upholds ruling of HC. Project
    gets shelved. builder is unable to refund the amount as he has
    expended the collected amount on the project. all buyers of NOIDA
    7XXX sects form an association and file a suit against NA and the
    developer. case lingers on till we all become grandparents.
    (b) likelihood. Quite low because of legal position of NA on
    the issue. similar case have already been ruled against the
    petitioners(farmers) in other sects of Noida.

    2. Situation I. Majority of farmers take all benefits except
    higher compensation (not agreed by NA) while cleverly a smaller group of farmers approvals the courts for higher compensation/ denotifying the land acquisition. the HC rules against them . they apch the SC . case lingers on. the project is completed and we move in . difficult to mov out people who are already residing in the sects. Some higher compensation is given by NA to settle the case.
    (a) Likelihood. High
    Qs on the Line of 3C buyers.
    3. All are pertinent Qs and need to b addsd by SSH auths.
    4. First w have to form some sort of a group with a group site to frame and ask Qs from the SSH people. Interested people can opine on the suggestion


    3. All are pertinent Qs and need to b addsd by SSH auths.
    4. First w have to form some sort of a group with a group site to frame and ask Qs from the SSH people. Interested people can opine on the suggestion


  • seems SSH was a hero among the 7X projects until 6 month back and not it is turning out to be another zero. well thats scary
  • that's the risk of UC projects and because of the risk factors they r cheaper- u have 2 mak a choice depending upon the depth of ur pocket and ur risk taking ability
    however i still feel that SSH is better than other projs in vicinity