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Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida


Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

Last updated: February 15 2019
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  • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

    tower D

    tower E

    main balcony

    sikka karmic greens view
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    • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida


      1. 1575 size flat felt smaller than expected . I know before finishing it usually feels so, but still...

      2. balconies are very specious.

      3. balcony outside kitchen is almost like a store room, 80% covered.

      4. lobby area a spacious, inspite of less loading.

      5. internal park always felt small to me; but looking from 1 st floor flat, it felt of very goof size. this, along with point 1, is tempting me to go for 2050 size!

      6. talked to a guard, he confirmed that a free school is indeed there for labourers' children. this helps in two ways, children get educated, and parents can concentrate on work.

      7. an ambulance, probably owned by sunshine (as their name is written on it) is present 24 hours.

      8. In a very sad incident, A worker fell from the 9th floor of tower B on the 9th of this month, and lost his life.

      9. i was worried that no work was in progress at site, then the guard told that workers have a holiday due to vishwakarma jayanti.


      • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

        Forgot to add...

        I know you will give many positives about the builder....but i being a neutral party would like to know what negatives (about the builder...not the project...) have u experienced.

        In my many years in RE i have never come across a builder who doesnt have a kindly let me know that also....

        will help my friend in deciding if he should go for a new builder or not..

        And LASTLY.....i assume u cancelled the booking in a project by IITL....

        My friend is somehoe interested in it also...god knows why...but ur experience can help me tell him....what options can be sidelines

        many thanks
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        • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

          Where is my first post ????????


          This is for mr. Pravin

          Kindly tell abiut the experience with the builder...his cutomer relation...transperancy and over all experience

          Since u have visited sites often...what is the pace and quality of construction

          How much he has abide by his commitments to u and followed up

          My friend is interetsed in its upcoming project on noida expressway....he wants to have a fresh booking flat probably due lack of funds to pay 30-40 percent and premium

          Mid ticket entrant...and someone known to him is advising him IITL..and claiming to get best rates...i did tell him to cancel that builder...but more personal expereince from someone are of more help.

          Do give ur inputs...thanks in advance


          • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

            1. Experience with the builder: very good,till date. Have experience with Gardenia first and IITL-Nimbus second. There is not comparison whatsoever.

            2. Transparency: I found this the only project which posted TO THE SCALE layout. also posted super area/usable area calculations on website. they provided all the land deal docs and also the BBA even before booking. one of the the promoters, Mr Daw, is very approachable. he clearly admitted that if input costs rise, we would have to cut costs, but we would do so only for cosmetic things, like tiles, paint etc, and never in cement, steel etc. BBA mentions that super area wont change unless built-up area also does.

            So I found them very transparent.

            3. Pace of construction is the best in 7x area - was launched in Aug 10, and has 9-10 floors ready. But 3C is much faster, as it is said to add 3 floors in 1 month in LP. Quality, as of now, looks good. The thickness of saria and columns is one of the best. but too early to say.

            4. abiding by commitments: main commitment in possession in June 13, without any grace period. at present, they seem to be laging by 2-3 months to achieve that. there was a delay of some months due to them and some due to my job change, total 6 months, in my loand sanction. they reduced my interest portion considerably, as the delay was on their part also.

            They are not telling anything about the upcoming project, despite me insisting. That is very surprising. the project would be probably in sec 79 or 143, size 10+ acres.

            IITL: avoid at all costs. the owner is cash rich as hell, and still see the progress in Hyde Park: 1-2 floors casted after 1.5 years. similar is the case of their greater noida project : express park view, u probably know better.

            Now your second post:

            rest assured, although I have bought, my view is always as neutral as possible. if i found only +ves in my purchase, i wouldnt have changes 2 projects. And I am a fu**ing demanding customer. After 4 months from my purchase, due to satisfaction, i made my bro in law book a bigger unit.


            2. The builder is a first timer. the promoters include harender and vipin yadav, which are also involved in Antriksh, which is very infamous for its Antriksh Greeens. sec 50 and Antriksh Nature, sec 52 prokects. we were also very concerned abt this.

            3. prices are not firm, depends a lot on negotiation. (but best deal is always from builder, not a broker. in fact, they have no channel partner and sell mostly themselves.). This also makes resale difficult, as brokers are not of much help.

            4. resale allowed only after 50% payment, and transfer not free (25 psf)

            No other -ves abt the builder till date. some -ves abt the project are mentioned in this thread, but since you repeat so much to help other, I would repeat here for you:

            One more.. the distances to key locations mentioned by the builder are less than actual figures. like theyu have written 2.5 km from EWay, but actual is at least 4 km.

            5. project, and my flat, would face the drain.

            6. high tension wire.

            7. 7-8 km away from both job hubs: sector 6x and sec 137 area. hence rent would be lower than projects at job hubs.

            8. metro scrapped.

            Regarding IITL: they are total novices. their main brokers - The Triangle, told following while lies (must be propagated by the builder):

            1. IITL has the largest land bank in India.

            2. doesnt lauch a project unless the previous one is 60% done.

            3. was partner in building the pearl gateway tower.

            they also claimed possession in March 10, then in BBA it became Dec 13, with 6 month grace period, meaning June 14. Clear 1 year delay even before starting construction.

            One striking difference: By the time Sunshine's sample flat was ready, construction had reached ground floor slab. In Hyde Park, construction commenced after the sample flat was ready!

            But for the new project of Sunshine, given the big sizes that they like, I am afraid how well would they be able to sell at this point of time.

            Any -VES found afterwards, I would post here ASAP.


            • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

              Thanks for a clear cut reply.

              As i said friend would only be going for expressway prop.

              His list includes zing, IITL and paras tierra....and someone told him about sunshine i thought of checking here

              IITL...i knew..but he probably is blinded by the 'exclusive' discount he is getting...anyhow...i will convince him more

              From ur input...sunshine seems good..and if his info is correct...the project is opposite sect 143.....

              He is gng to buy in next 1;2 lets see.....I can only tell him about the each one to their own..

              Thanks for the info....all the best


              • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

                one key is size, if he is looking fior 2 bhk, most probably he wont find them. as helios has min size 1575. even if they lower it to 1300 in the new one, it will be a 3 bhk.


                • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

                  He has a decent budget of apporx 50-55 lakhs ...and i didnt ask his preferences.... And he may use it for end use...may...So let see.....thanks


                  • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

                    Farmers planning to stop work in 7x sectors from 21st



                    • Re : Helios by Sunshine Developers in Sector 78, Noida

                      Why would anyone in their proper senses even consider buying any of antriksh projects or sunshine helios projects?
                      Anywhere Harender Yadav, Vipin or Rakesh Yadav are involved it is complete disaster, look at sector 50 Antriksh greens even after 5 years of project launch it is nowhere near complete.
                      List of uncompleted items in the above project:
                      1. Lobby area- 5- star quality nowhere complete, I would be happy with 1/2 star
                      2. Water softening
                      3, Flat interiors..extremely poor finish, seepage all over, bent walls, sh0rt circuited electricity
                      4. non functional lifts- evry day, every hour people are stuck.
                      5. Fire fighting
                      6. Dangerous laborers living on-site.
                      7. No system of garbage disposal
                      8. Basement parking- Now they are giving 40% less area than specified norms..Greedy but not complete yet.
                      9. Clubhouse, swimming pool--complete disaster.. harender said 2 months five months back..
                      List goes on..
                      BTW, I stopped my car last saturday on one of these roadside sales tents on sec-50, the sales man was pleading...pls buy a flat for Rs. 2600 / sq,ft unfinished (w/wo woodwork)


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