Dear All,
Please share what is height of the room in your project
myself in logix
they are giving floor to floor 9 ft 3inch but actual room size would be soewhere 8ft 7 inch approx
please let us know what in ur project
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  • Dear Friend

    Untill unless the builder has made the skeleton cant say anything.
    These builders will play around as much as possible

    - Upon possesion you super area will increase...but never the carpet area
    - ceilings will be altered
    - many facilities like tennis courts, etc etc will be left
    - extra floors or extra towers willl come up
    - jaguar or equivalent fittings will be chinese fittings
    - BEWARE of future developement plans next to ur will have labour movement, dust and pollution for the whole openness will vanish

    These questions can be asked after 2 years ...not now...the gentleman who offers you coffee and makes promises will not recognise you when you come fuming....These are standard practices of builders.

    A builder like Unitech, Parasvnath who Gulped millions of hard earned money..are still on stock exchange...they are still having govt.contracts...but their incomplete projects are still incomplete.

    the govt. and law in this country is so poor that such open cheaters are roaming in their Mercedes..whereas they should have been arrested and thrown in jail..assets sold to return the poor customers.

    Its all luck...with these builders....all luck....

    It would be interesting to see these posts after 3 years..when people will have complaints against the same builders....whom they are promoting like brothers here.....