Hi All,
(being owner in logix BC)
As 3c's also having the height 9ft 1 inch as per their customercare information , i.g 4-5 inch less than usual height , is this have any relationship with energy saving or green house concept,
i tried to send the mail to IGBC , but delievery of mail was unscucessful , hence could not find
if somebody across the board v any information regarding the same , than can share his/her knowledge in this regard,
As logix and 3c's both heighlighting green concept , although many more projects v eco concept.
Also what are the benefits (pros and cons) of green igbc certification
Also HKR , DFA, EIGEN , en3 ,and rng consultants are associated in design of the project. i m trying to be in touch with them by some means of communication , if anybody also take initiative to v communication with them n lets ask why in their designed project height is relatviely less , ask them to justify , atleast they will justify on some technical ground or they will tell as per clients demand or they will not revert back as govt. agencies is doing rite now on ST issue ...
From Marketing team of logix expecting anything is expecting against the hope.

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