Hi All,

As 3C has officially launched Lotus Zing, Can we discuss pros and cons of this project and location.

Floor plans and site layout is out on 3C's website.

What is your say on location of the project,

I would appreciate if senior members can comment on this.

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  • I am looking to buy a resale unit of 3BHK, what are the current resale prevailing rates and if anyone interested in selling, please send me message.
  • Livelive, what is the prevailing rate?
  • Hi Folks,

    Some one posted photograph or Metro track infront of LZ, infron of Advent, are you serious that metro will be soo closed to our premises. If you any idea how far sec-144 or sec-137 metro station would be. I may juggel with station but question is how far will be the nearest station.
  • Is this project really worth it? Is it worth waiting as an investor? Any suggestions/views/words of wisdom?
  • if u r existing investor..and picked up at sub 3200 levels then...yes
    by end of this year...rates are expected to be around 5600 - 5700 bsp for Good Units which will be offered possession
    - few towers willl near possession
    - location is THE Best amongst new sectors
    - relatively less density, sector doesnt make u feel claustrophobic like 78, etc
    - MNC hub of.noida is very close
    - metro drama will be visible opposite the site (just metro boards are enuf to uplift sentiments)
    as investor...make an exit before registry....
    PS- my suggestion above is STRICTLY for investor
  • very good suggestion.
  • 3C ZING, Sec 168, Noida Expressway

    Many thanks Zohaib. I have the flat on 1st floor and picked up under 3200. The bad part is the possession is nowhere in this year even though they have taken 80% of the money.
  • mr.chugh....ideal time to exit was 2yrs back...I had myself made NO secret abt it and suggested investor people to exit all over noida back then...but alas that time is Gone

    for lz...this is not the ideal time to sell...for investor..for reasons I mentioned above

    from info I have...2016 is when first possessions will start in LZ

    and proximity to MNC hub , bang on expressway, excellent school at entry will make it a top choice for MNC junta wanting to buy flat for end use walking steps from office

    the sizes are ideal for MIG, this societt is not khichdi has excellent site plan and ideal sizes for mig buyer

    if u exit at 5200-5300 bsp levels now and put in fd...account for broker charges, etc etc....ur return will.be approax 7% for next 12 months

    and i expectI expect this society to be 5800 bsp when possession starts...

    its ur call .. but as I said....let metro boards come....then decide....whether metro comes or not is a diff. story....let the boards come ...investor needs positive signs.to pitch sales..and that will ve a positive :)
  • Thanks Zohaib, much appreciated. Many thanks for your suggestions and advice. It's been of great help.
  • Can someone who visited LZ recently confirm whether work started or not? Slowly slowly it is turning into nightmare. :(
  • experts...I am really worried about tower 7...farmers filed case and no progress on this tower..I am out of india and received court papers from 3C in reply to my email....mentioning the progress on court case :(

    also received below email in dec 2014...from 3C


    Naveen Mann


    to Lotus


    Greetings fromthe 3C Company!

    At the onsetplease accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to the delay in handing over of possession of your residencies in our prestigious project Lotus Zing.

    I understand that there have been some concerns regarding tower 7 & 8 in Lotus Zing which I would like to share with you having reasonable substance .However , you will be happy to know that after multiple meetings and negotiations with the concerned farmers we seemed to have come to a common platform to commence the work at site shortly.

    At the same time the high court order in the said matter has immensely helped us in pushing the farmers to the conclusion . The final meeting with them would be in 2nd week of this month which should be conclusive to pave the way for commencement of construction .

    I want to personally thank for your patience and support but as you know that this has not been under our control or fault.


    Naveen Mann
    (On Behalf of Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj)


    Really appreciate if expert in this group...can provide any update if they have.
  • 7 and 8 Tower issue.

    This letter is old now. Nothing progressed since then, matter is still in court. Farmer case is very week, he knows he will not win but he is using classic india judiciary system as advantage to negotiate for as much as he can.

    There is group 3c-lotus-zing-buyers google groups com (remove space) with 70+ members, majority i believe belongs to 7 & 8.
    There is lot of talk for going legal forming association and doing this and that, but I doubt that will happen.
    The reason I doubt as most of the 7 & 8 owner members want all Zing member to contribute to there cause. They are thinking of forming associations and using membership fees(around 10,000) to fight the case.
    Which is never going to work out. All owner can contribute some amount(again not forced, most them will) but this fight has to at-least started by 7 & 8 owner, unless they get this in there head there will be only talk and talks.Just 50k is enough to start the legal process.
  • Dear All i have received Demand Note for my 2nd last installment. I hope work has started.

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Greetings !!

    This is to inform you that the Demand Note “ on completion of plumbing work ” of your booked Apartment in Lotus Zing Tower 1 has been sent at your mailing address and due date for same is XXrd March 2015. You are requested to kindly clear your dues on or before due date.

    Demand Note is attached for your reference .

    Team 3C
  • Anyone thinking of joining the whatsapp group, don't bother. It's an absolute waste of time and efforts.
  • tower 16 mid floor park facing...2bhk

    deal closed yesterday
    5320 bsp

    all white deal...