Hi All,

As 3C has officially launched Lotus Zing, Can we discuss pros and cons of this project and location.

Floor plans and site layout is out on 3C's website.

What is your say on location of the project,

I would appreciate if senior members can comment on this.

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  • Thakur Ji have you paid the final amount in advance as asked by 3c champs
  • They didn't responded to the query on email .....nor on telephone......so not given........If they had responded to the email and phone calls...I would have given the consent...
  • Originally Posted by s thakur
    They didn't responded to the query on email .....nor on telephone......so not given........If they had responded to the email and phone calls...I would have given the consent...

    I have given consent (by responding the mail) but nothing after that. Still trying to get in touch with them
  • friends any update yet
  • Anyone passing by sector 168....pl update on construction status of Lotus Zing....Is work in progress?..........any input on Zing arcade?
  • Any input.......anyone
  • So no updates?

  • Did anyone notice that the agreement mentions that the Delay penalty is to be paid only from the period the buyers asked for it.
    Agreement point 5.5

  • Complete silence on Thread... Let me share some updates:

    1) I have a 2BHK Unit in Tower 16 & mailed them about consent on the Scheme to see what exactly is going on.

    2) On 26th Oct, I received Demand Letter with calculations as below:
    a) Super Area Increase by 8% (From 915 to 988)
    b) Delay Penalty adjusted for entire period of delay (-) minus 9 months without any grace period (generally of 6 months)
    c) Since I had no delay in Payments, Penalty given 100%
    d) Total Due divided in 2 Parts, payable on 15th Nov & 15 Dec
    e) Parking slot allotted (Lower Half Floors allotted in Lower Basement & Upper Half Floors in Upper Basement)
    f) Mobile Number of 4 Customer Care Members provided who also respond (God knows whether they'll respond after Payment of not)

    3) I decided to visit their Office & understand things more clearly & get a feel of it. Visit was quite satisfactory. Additional information based on visit:

    a) Delay Penalty calculated at NEW Super Area (988 in my case)
    b) Location of Parking Slot provided near the location of Unit
    c) Additional Car Parking still available (but too expensive as Back to Back is around 3.25)
    d) OC still NOT received & expected in Feb/Mar (Can't trust that)
    e) Maintenance Charges @ 2.25 psf of NEW Super Area

    Considering all above, I was decently satisfied & to avoid another visit, gave them Cheque for half the Demand (payable on 15th Nov.)

    Since they are issuing the Demand Letters (to people having given consent) Tower wise, others (depending upon Tower) will get the same shortly...
  • Thx for sharing updates
  • I still don't get any communication from them. I have replied since long about the consent to go with advance payment. But looks like they are not interested in getting more people in
  • I have written few emails to 3C in the past 3 weeks and they have been responding back. Finally I have a bit of confidence in my communication with 3C.
  • Too much cash becomes black money and black money now becomes illegal. Is this going to affect the construction, considering builders generally make payments to their contractors through cash only?
  • Why builders make payments to contractors only in cash especially when the amount is large? Construction should not get impacted as builders can pay the same contractor through cheque, NEFT or RTGS.
    • Ronsmaqe3 years ago
      this is because a huge amount of money lying with the builders is usually in cash. many big investors usually have a lot of black money and they purchase a number of inventories by paying the cash to the developer. the builder may use these funds in cash to carry out the construction by paying to contractors. This is just a possibility (as i have often heard about such things) and i am only speculating. By no means am i saying that this is the case with 3C. Thats why i am only asking for opinions from senior members.
  • Can someone post photographs of the work presently going on in Zing......