Hi All,

As 3C has officially launched Lotus Zing, Can we discuss pros and cons of this project and location.

Floor plans and site layout is out on 3C's website.

What is your say on location of the project,

I would appreciate if senior members can comment on this.

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  • how come people already started living without OC?
  • @CA Rajeev ...can you give details about the progress of work going on and till what time the place will be habitable..what is the status of club and green area..really appreciate your comments
  • Today I noticed this on Facebook. Hope veterans will have more ideas about it and put more light about it. I am still not lucky.
    • suz12342 years ago
      Thanks for posting. Which FB group? Could you please send the link? Thanks.
  • Anyone has any idea of all inclusive rates for flat ready for FIT OUTS in Zing....... Rates will move upward after the builder received the OC....... Is this the right time to buy?
  • @s thakur You are assuming rates will move upward after OC. In such a small plot, they are not going to get OC tower by tower. Zing project had its own problems and now the construction is going on based on "Advanced Payment" received. It is better to wait till the completion & OC unless you want to risk your money.
  • I believe Noida Authority giving OC tower by tower based on the amount against land cost deposited by builder with authority.....
  • Update : People have started moving in...
  • To get tower by tower OC, you need to cordon off area from the other construction work. In a project like zing, it is difficult to do that.
  • Originally Posted by rareal
    To get tower by tower OC, you need to cordon off area from the other construction work. In a project like zing, it is difficult to do that.

    I visited Zing yesterday. 4 towers (T1, T2, T15 & T16) are very well cordoned off from rest of the project like how they are doing at LP or any other project. Also witnessed work is happening in full pace in T3 & T4. In T5 & T6 work is happening but I think pace is slow in comparison to other two but overall progress of the project is visible. When asked Security Guards, they shared 20 odd families shifted in first four towers and by end of month this count will increase.
  • Apart from legality of living without OC, Tower 1, 2, 15 & 16 are very livable. Some people have actually shifted there... Temporary small Play Area for Kids (Swings etc.) and Tennis Court are ready. Builder informed of providing Electricity though DG Sets & informed Water being available as well...

    But the problem is that you cannot live there with peace of mind... Can't even lodge a complaint if something wrong happens as u are living there illegally. Affidavit to be submitted for taking possession clearly states that the Owner has taken possession ONLY for Fitouts & will not use the Flat for any other purposes... You can't rent it out (except on Notarized Agreement) as you are not lawful owner of Property (in absence of Registry)...

    Thinking logically, if Builder's responsibility is actually over, why will he provide Free Electricity (through DG sets) without Maintenance Charges till OC is received? He is under obligation to pay Delay Penalty till OC is received. But he knows cost of maintenance of Project is much lower than Delay Penalty (Rs.10 per sq. ft.) & wants as many people to take possession as possible...

    I will not take possession without OC & will keep pushing Builder to agree to pay Delay Penalty till receipt of OC... (Remember earlier Builder was taking about charging Maintenance Charges also immediately but changed the stand later)... Keep pushing for what is right & he has to agree... Overall, its not as difficult to push Builder as it was, say, couple of years ago...
  • Just sharing email from Zing support team.....

    Dear Lotus Zing Flat Owner,

    Thank for your great support and cooperation, who participated in collaborative Scheme. We are pleased to inform you that already 4 towers ( 1,2,15 & 16) are delivered to them, who has taken handover the flats for fit-out with the support of Association (LoZiFOWelA) under collaborative Scheme.

    We have asked for participate in collaborative Scheme in the past (mail trail) and giving one more chance for participation. After taking part in collaborative Scheme, your Flat delivery will be on priority with benefits of collaborative scheme.

    you wish to join the may send your consent on mail ZingCRM at the3c.in on phone 8882450000 ( dial 2 for Zing customer care) or association at teamlzrwa

    We will confirm your participation in scheme (flat priority) and send Fit-out letter to interested Zing Owners only.

    If any query regarding scheme you may get in touch with us or association.
  • Has anyone visited the site recently...How is the progress going..Is the work started for common area and club.
  • I visited the site last week. I have a flat in tower 3 and I don't think it can be in ready state by 1 June, as committed by 3C for multiple reasons. There is definitely work going on but on what pace, it was difficult to tell.
  • Kpuri.....I also have a flat in Tower 3........can you please elaborate as what kind of work is going on........I mean about external paint ..lift lobby.....internal work.....Under ground parking....area around tower 3 etc......I will be grateful. ..
  • all work are going in parallel. It should deliver on time ..