Hi All,

As 3C has officially launched Lotus Zing, Can we discuss pros and cons of this project and location.

Floor plans and site layout is out on 3C's website.

What is your say on location of the project,

I would appreciate if senior members can comment on this.

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  • We need to wake up now from a long slumber, lotus zing will not come so easily, cosntruction is at its lowest pace,

    we don't know much about the RWA and also how RWA could be manged by the builder itself. None of old promised made wih the RWA has come to any effect till now and its getting further delayed and lot of money due to noida authorites

    same is the case with gurgaon project and also panache and boulevard

    may i request all of us genuine buyers to lets chalk out a plan

    lets give some time to this future known problem

    together we could do something or we get stuck with our money forever

  • Ridge residency buyers have filed FIR against the builder after which builder has promised to deliver the towers. Same needs to be done against this builder as they are fleeting the buyers and no action is being done on ground. Association is hopeless which is just colluded with the builder.
    • kpuri2 years ago
      I agree. I appreciate work has been done in last 10 months or so but it's still no where near completion. We should also file FIR. Can we approach RERA for help?
  • For the benefit of buyers in tower 12A, it is to mention that it will take minimum 6 months of full swing progress to complete the tower. However, no progress is going on in that tower and progress of other towers is also pathetic from the last 2 months. So get ready for more delay. October 2017 timeline to complete tower 12A as per builder can easily go to October 2018.

    As for RERA, builder has given timeline up to 2019-20 to complete the project. However, one can go to RERA for delay penalty but it will be more feasible if collectively all buyers go to RERA or filing of FIR as it creates more visibility.
    • suz12342 years ago
      Hi, I also have a flat in this tower. I dont seem to have am option of PM. Could you please let me know how to contact? I would like to connect and plan the next course of action.
  • Can anyone confirm what will be the change in final installment considering change in flat size by builder, delay penalty if any or some surprise charges by builder. Buyers who have got their flats may be in better position to answer this.
  • Does anyone have any updates regarding the construction? Last what I knew was that construction was stopped as contractors and wagers were not paid their dues for the last 4-5 months. Any further update? This forum has gone silent.
    • ramana012 years ago
      I think ppl have given up all hopes on 3C.
  • Is there anybody who has a flat in Tower 10? The last two (9, 10) 1 BHK towers are the most neglected ones. Not even a single movement in these towers for years!!
  • Zing to be built by new contractor

    NOIDA: Straight Edge Contracts Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of Gulshan Homz, has confirmed that it is working towards completion of the pending apartments of The 3C Company under the 'Lotus' brand name.

    Read more at:
  • Caveat in the above article, who will give huge amount of delayed payment to owners. Such issues have been deliberately taken out contract between Zing builder and the new builder. This is yet another gimmick by Mr Bharadawaj to squeeze more money from owners and that too without any delayed payment. Delayed payment will anyway would be adjusted with artificial increase in plinth . So Everybody just keep paying only

  • I sent email to LZ customer support for T3and below is their response:

    This has reference to your email below, we would like to inform you that we shall be able to handover tower number 3 within 2 months from now.

  • Agonised buyers or personal vendetta

    In an attempt to make their presence and voices heard, the home buyers and investors of The 3Cs Company have found a target - Nirmal Singh - one of the promoters of the company along with Surpreet Suri and Vidur Bharadwaj. What seems like a legitimate manner of outcry following delays in deliveries and shortfall in commitments is actually seething with vindictiveness and deliberate attempt at persona maligning by the competition and the lobby in general.

    Is this really an attempt to make themselves heard? Or is someone in the disgruntled lobby of The 3Cs Company’s investors leading a pack of unsuspecting home buyers through the plans of the builder lobby of Noida to single out one person who chose to address the situation for them?

    If this is an outcry, why have the other promoters of The 3Cs Company been let off? Why is only one person been held accountable? Why is only Nirmal Singh finding protestors at his front gates?

    Moreover, the irony of the namesakes died multiple deaths when Lotus Greens - one of the most trusted developers in Noida was targeted from the same platform only because The 3Cs Company has projects that prefix with the word Lotus - Lotus Boulevard, Lotus Panache and the likes.
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  • https://www.cityspidey.com/news/5426/audit-finds-that-11-developers-in-noida-diverted-flatbuyer-money/

    lotus zing also in the list. Hope now the builder will expedite the progress of project.
  • The problem is that this builder has huge pending dues with NA and who is going to pay those dues? Without that, registry will not be allowed.
    • demon20132 years ago
      ramana01, Do you know how many have actually received 18% penalty? Something funny, but judgement is one thing and its implementation is other,
  • My cousin and her group of home-owners had won a similar case in Punjab High Court.
    • jollygood2 years ago
      I think the promoters have too many dues to pay and are looking to scoot. Any decisions will not help if they do not have the wherewithal to pay
  • Anyone has any updates? 3C hasn't responded to my mail. Could anyone please let me have their phone number? I have a flat in 12A and has zero updates on whats happening. I was told few people are already living there. Is this true?