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I am plannig to buy a flat in Kensington Apartment in Jaypee Greens Noida. It is a small unit 2790. The apartment I am booking is part of Phase I. I wanted to know the opinion of experts in terms of whether it is a good buy for investment /living purpose for a 3 year horizon. Also, any comment on the project itself would be useful. Thanks
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  • Jaypee will take time to complete its project..moreover..he is developing acres and acres of land...so its Not only about making one project complete..but comlpete township....i say 5 years to be liveable
  • Thanks Zohaib. I know that is my worry too. Wat do other boarders think? How is Kensington Aprtment Vis a vis Kensington Boulervard? What are the differences other than the location inside Jaypee