I have a budget of 40 - 50 L and am trying to select one of the following two projects

1. ATS Hedges on Yamuna Expressway (YE) Vs
2. Mahagun MyWoods Phase 3 Noida Extension (NE)

Have been doing lot of reading but am not able to make my head around which one to go for

1. ATS hedges has the advantage of a renowned builder and adjacency to Allure which I believe is about to hit structural complete. Also, it has a CLP plan which means I will pay the amount over the next 3-4 years. However, from people's comments it looks like YE will take atleast 5-8 years to come up and that is also speculative

2. Mahagun MyWoods has advantage that Phase 1 and Phase 2 with good progress. Also, builder is giving some schemes like no transfer charges or parking charges. Also, Noida extension is expected to bring in large crowds but people's comments speak out that it can be over-crowded and quality of construction in that area is not good.

My objective is to use what I buy as a long term rental income for the future. I am totally confused on which one to go for. Can the experts please help
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  • Go for Noida Extension. Yamuna Expressway development is far behind. And till take 10 years almost to see any development. The in habitation is far ahead.

    Simple rule, the place which is more near to NCR or more habitation will be more livable and for Investment.

    ATS Allure is good project. But after long period of time also price remain stagnant there. Noida Expressway is having soo much flats empty and new projects are coming there.

    For your Budget go for Noida Extension.
  • Bhai... Collect your Money as much as you can and put it into a recurring deposit... Keep on collecting for next 5 years or so... Continue living as of now wherever you are... Many more projects are going to be launched everywhere.... Don't jump to buying first... Buy rtm ... Your deposit of 50 lakh will reach 1 Cr in 5 years... Even if you start with 20 lakhs today and collect 3 5 lakh every year ...even then you will have a good amount.... You will also realise whether you can live on rent and save enough for emi ( future loan if you buy now )... Don't jump into buying right now... There is a mismatch between your need and budget... Please don't fall for age old dreams ... Look all around in this forum ... 1000 people are living on rent and paying emi also because builder has not delivered flat... Learn from others mistakes
  • And just to keep things in an economic perspective... Rental income in Noida is around 2 % ... Market Value appreciation each year on year is around -5% to 3% ( yes in majority cases house value has decreased by 10 20 % in last 3 years) ... Deposits range from 7.5% to 9% ( senior citizens.. put it on your mom's name )... Income is higher in deposits.... Above all there is peace of mind
  • Thanks, looks like I should just defer and do nothing now except age old FD!
  • Haan Bhai... Emi aur loan is chakkar mein mat padna bas
  • ATS township may be a good investment if you can wait for 10-20years.

    ​​​​​​It depends on airport coming in jewar and then companies setting shops.

    Overall there are enough options to rent in Noida and greater Noida, so pressure on rent yields will be there.

    Also, given huge amount of unsold inventory at 3k-5k/sqft....do not expect appreciation in next 5 years
  • Yamuna expressway has lots of plots available. There is Gaur township which has gated plots available at ~25000/sq yard.

    For investment purposes, you may also consider plots.