Hi All,

I am a newbie here and in the real estate world in general.
I am looking for my first ever investment in property.
Can you please share your thoughts on Gardenia Golf City that's coming up in sector 75, Noida?

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  • Hello to all sufferers who've booked their flats in Sec.75 Noida (AIMS-MAX-GARDENIA)....

    In order to review the progress and to put pressure on the management of the builder(s), a group of all such sufferers of Sec.75 Noida are organising a meeting at 11 AM on 21.8.11 (Sunday) at the project site at Sec.75.

    The top management of AIMS-MAX-GARDENIA has also given assurance to be present in this meeting.

    Dear Frendz, let's join together, take this opportunity and show our strength. We have to collectively ask the builders’ management (AIMS-MAX-GARDENIA), why there is NO progress in construction in this particular project…?? why AIMS – MAX – Gardenia management has created a BIG MESS (rather Khichri) of this project ….?, why only fake promises are being given since last one and half years….?? Why they have given the wrong information to the flat buyers about the registry and possession of the land….? why only this particular project is lacking behind a lot, whereas all surrounding projects (in sec. 74, 76, 77, 78) have a tangible progress….? why shouldn’t ALL of us put up a joint cancellation application to AIMS – MAX – Gardenia management….?

    Once again, it’s a sincere request to all the sufferers who’ve booked their flats in SECTOR-75 to show unity and attend the meeting….

    Pl give wide publicity of this message to all the flat allotees so that maxm number of people attend the meeting and pressurize AIMS – MAX – Gardenia management to speed up the work.
  • Gardenia took money on interest from many people and has refused to pay back. All the investors seem disappointed.
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